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Sharp pain in my correct ovary?

February 21st, 2014 7 comments

Query by BabyHopes TTC #one has given up…: Sharp pain in my appropriate ovary?

Hey, right now is CD 25 for me… For the previous week my boobs have been killing me… They dont harm ALL the time, but most the time they are just dull and achy, then often they harm so poor I just want to cry. But now for the last few days I have had a genuinely sharp pain in my right ovary. Often it feels like its in the middle, but it hurts the worse on my appropriate side. And I suggest, it really hurts. Not like PMS cramps, just a shooting discomfort. I have been so exhausted recently too. And nowadays when I went to the bathroom (sorry TMI) there was a ton of EWCM. I am on my 1st round of clomid and the clomid entirely “dried me up” so this is the 1st time I have had any CM.

Are all of these side results from the Clomid? Could I have gotten pregnant presently? Or is it possible I’m just now ovulating on CD 25?

Thanks girls!! I really need to have all the answers I can get! I went to the physician for bloodwork final Friday to see if I ovulated, but they havent acquired back to me but! 🙁

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Reply by sheesh youre all nuts
sounds like pms

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