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Q&A: Hard time breathing often and coughing on and off. What is incorrect with me please aid.?

February 15th, 2014 1 comment

Question by 1millionMade: Challenging time breathing occasionally and coughing on and off. What is incorrect with me please assist.?

Occasionally my chest feels a bodyweight Sometimes and I cough alot some days like yesterday but nowadays I did not cough a lot anyways this problem has been occurring for the past five months. Sometimes I truly feel like my nose is clogged and its challenging to breathe when I breathe I only get a small air. Anyone know what it is? My mom says it may well be heart attack because I tension. But yes will not be able going to medical professional since parents have function.. :/ and when I breathe often I just cough and this takes place when I lay down or anything at all. I hope somebody understands thanks.

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Response by Jenny Quigley
It could be Asthma

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Q&A: Can someone pls aid? My wellbeing is off. :(?

April 6th, 2012 1 comment

Question by : Can a person pls assist? My wellbeing is off. :(?

I’ve been feeling physically ill for the past week. It really is not just one point, it is a couple of things. 1. I had pleural effusion about 2 years ago. It commenced off as a very sharp ache on my proper side subsequent to my breast. It carried on for 2 weeks and finally they discovered it. I feel I’m starting up to get the very same discomfort on my left side and I’m experiencing problems breathing. two. My muscles in my whole physique harm. I have not been exercising at all. The muscle tissues that truly bother me are all in my back. My shoulder blades and my upper, middle and decrease back – everytime the pain “shoots” by means of one of the over and I wince. three. I have a normal 7 day time period, I expertise ache in the first two days and thereafter I sort of overlook I am on as there’s small to no discomfort or discomfort. I’m on my 7th day today and I even now feel ache. It feels as though there’s a raw open wound in my uterus. I have by no means felt this ache prior to. Usually I bleed heavily on the first two nights and following that I only have to use tampons through the day. Last evening (6th evening) was the very first night I could go without having utilizing a tampon. Nothing at all is normal about this month’s period (it also began three days late). four. When I turn my head to the left to look that way, a throbbing pain shoots by way of the left side of my head. When I bend down and my head is on a reduce level than my shoulders, I get this discomfort as well. I honestly never know what to do. Any suggestions will be tremendously appreciated. I have not been to the physician due to the fact none of these signs seem to be to be connected and I wouldn’t know exactly where to commence or what to say to make them comprehend. 🙁

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Reply by Idk
you really should go to the medical doctor anyway, wether they are linked to some thing or not.

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