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I have been obtaining horrible stomach pains soon after eating protein. What could it be from?

August 22nd, 2013 1 comment

Question by Hayley P: I have been receiving horrible abdomen pains following eating protein. What could it be from?

Lately, I have been receiving horrible stomach aches minutes following eating proteins, this kind of as eggs and meat. It isn’t going to appear to come about following chicken. I am also 26 weeks pregnant and this did not occur to me prior to. Nonetheless, before I was pregnant, dairy items utilised to bother my stomach and now I can consume all the cheese I want and I am flawlessly fine.
Tofu and soy goods also lead to me to feel sick to my stomach. But nuts and nut butters are fine.

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Reply by Evil Angel
go vegetarian, our bodys are not ment to consume meat. Consider other sources of protien such as nuts, tofu, and soy.

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What is incorrect with me? I have been obtaining ache like I am going to commence my period but even worse but it is

July 5th, 2013 2 comments

Query by flower power: What is incorrect with me? I have been possessing pain like I am going to commence my period but even worse but it is

not time. It is kind of in the middle of my cycle. It happens each time for the last four or 5 months. I am afraid to request the medical professional because I am afraid there is anything incorrect with me. Is there? Does anybody else have this issue? What could be wrong with me? It transpires every month in the middle of my cycle.

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Solution by fishineasy
This happens to a lot of females. If you would really feel much better you require to be checked byou your medical professional and I think you must. But I think you have ovulation ache. What you are experiencing might be Mittelschmerz. Mittelschmerz is a German word which translated virtually implies “middle pain.” Other words you may hear include: ovulation discomfort, midcycle discomfort, menstrual, middle soreness, or cramps. Ovulation normally happens about two weeks right after the first day of your last time period. Mittelschmerz happens during ovulation when an egg is released by the ovaries into the fallopian tube. For about twenty % of ladies this brings about severe ache and cramps on one particular side of the lower abdomen. Though the pain could come to feel like anything critical is incorrect, midcycle soreness or cramps — Mittelschmerz is seldom serious. Occasionally, in addition to midcycle pain and cramping, some ladies may experience nausea, and/or light menstrual spotting. Mittelschmerz lasts for 6 to eight hours in most girls nonetheless, sometimes it can last as extended as twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

These are the items you can do to aid your self fell greater:
Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
Use a heating pad or consider warm baths to ease the soreness.
Use OTC anti-inflammatory medication this kind of as acetaminophen or naproxen sodium.
Verify your temperature several times a day to be positive you are not creating an infection.
Contact your physician is the discomfort is serious and these self-aid tips do not ease your midcylce discomfort.

If you knowledge midcycle ovulation pain that lasts longer than 2 or 3 days, encounter heavy bleeding, or have any uncommon vaginal discharge get in touch with your overall health care provider.

This is a extremely serious problem for some women. I hope this assisted you out.


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Do growing pains consequence in obtaining taller?

March 30th, 2013 1 comment

Query by Tha A-Lista: Do growing pains result in receiving taller?

I’m 19 and I haven’t grown an inch in a year or 2, (no increasing pains, both) but the last couple of days I have been having them again. Do they imply that you’re obtaining taller?

Greatest solution:

Reply by izzy
Unusual at 19, so known as developing pains typically influence children under 12 and one explanation is they might be triggered by strain on muscle tissue attached to bones.
Other theories include faulty posture, tiredness. Have you been performing anything distinct? Workout routines, sport?

Some males do continue expanding into their early 20s.

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Q&A: What are some techniques to aid prevent newborns from obtaining collic?

March 27th, 2013 2 comments

Query by Courtney S: What are some techniques to aid prevent newborns from obtaining collic?

What can I do?

Ideal answer:

Reply by Noah’s Mommy & Marine Wife.
You can’t stop it from happening. Generally if your newborn is going to get it then they’ll get it, no matter what you do.

There are techniques, however, of assisting them cope much better with it:

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How would obtaining an Eco-Terrorlst this kind of as Al Gore and Ralph Nader as president reward the world?

January 3rd, 2013 14 comments

Query by Lame Duck 0bama: How would getting an Eco-Terrorlst this kind of as Al Gore and Ralph Nader as president advantage the world?

I’m obtaining a french “paté en croute” (sort of miraculous corned beaf laying on a bed of puff pastry) with rabbit and duck terrine and with “trompette de la mort” (the finest mushroom obtainable on this sphere) and little pistachioes inside

all in one particular

and when I’m pondering about you suckers…

I’m having myself yet another piece…

Finest solution:

Answer by Gwillam
If the Supreme Court hadn’t purloined the election for W, we’d have had gore for eight many years and a continuation of the Clinton stock marketplace. There’d have been no 9/eleven. Your Breakfast (???) Sounds yummy, if a tad extravagant. I just had a warm Maine blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee on my deck.

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im obtaining muscle spasms and some difficulty challenging to explain with my lower back spine?

October 8th, 2011 4 comments

Query by FILIP DAJKOVICH: im acquiring muscle spasms and some issue hard to make clear with my reduce back spine?

i started hell week two weeks ago. on the second week i got in a undesirable habit of keeping my decrease back spine arched. i dont know why problaby to see ahead underwater i guess.. then it got “tensed up” in a painful way. the more i swam the far more it became painful. i try out to swim in a straight posture then naturally id forget and go back to my type but it nevertheless hurts. i hear its a possibility im developing to quick. or in my opinion its to a lot pressure on my decrease spine. then these days at the finish of my practice i had the feelling of when you have the flu, your middle back muscle are sore, effectively i had that soreness on my back. + i had a two day break and the lower spine “discomfort” was nevertheless there…… Idont know what to do… it bugs me simply because i cant train and get greater!

p.s. i only get the pain when i swim continously, i observed when i scrimmage (playing a practice game) it wasnt a lot painful probly cuz it wasnt continuoios swim..

Greatest answer:

Answer by Andre H
coughs “two “significantly” Mastur “coughs” bation

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