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Q&A: Is it possible that i have numerous sclerosis?

February 16th, 2014 1 comment

Question by mary: Is it feasible that i have numerous sclerosis?

My grandmother has is, she’s had her symptoms since she was a minor child but did not get diagnosed right up until her early 20s. I have had difficulties considering that I was actually minor as well and they have only gotten worse and I have gotten more signs and symptoms more than the many years. My symptoms are fatigue, numbness, prickling, trouble with balance, dizziness, issues with bowels, depression, and problems with concentration and remembering.

I have gone to physicians just before but they have By no means carried out any tests and just shrugged it off as “increasing pains”, which is the exact same factor they told my grandmother when she was younger, just before she got diagnosed.

Very best reply:

Response by oscar m
get off all processed foods, sugar, fried,wheat soda pop. Eat raw veggies, dark leafy greens. get nutritional vitamins, eat eggs. MS is a guy produced condition in no way known till processed foods. If you believe you may well have symptoms you received to clean up your diet instantly.

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How numerous development spurts do girls have?

April 30th, 2013 Comments off

Question by Tay: How many growth spurts do ladies have?

I had my time period 2 months ahead of I turned 14, so basically I got my period at 14. I just turned 15 a month ago. Here is my progress:

12 many years previous: 5’4″
13 years previous: 5’6″
14 many years old: 5’7½”
15 many years old: 5’9″

I have been possessing “developing pains” in my knees lately, but I don’t believe I have increased in height.

How many development spurts do women have? Will I grow more? I want to be 5’10”, 5’11” optimum. Is this achievable? Thanks!

Best solution:

I in no way had a noticeable development spurt. 🙁 I’m short.
A friend of mine grew how you describe, I consider that just says all are different and different people expand at different rates. Some never have development spurts.

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How numerous weeks so i have to excerise to lost excess weight?

January 24th, 2013 4 comments

Question by Malina Kaui Gazel: How numerous weeks so i have to excerise to lost excess weight?

i bought an excerise ball yesterday, how several weeks do i have to excerise on it until finally i start off to shed weight around my hip region, abdomen region, arm region, and butt region?

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Solution by Unique K
You have to consume appropriately, and don’t view for the weight to come off, just do the proper factor, and sooner or later it will.

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