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Does anyone have any other suggestions why i could have this ache? Or what i should do? Or even what medical professional to see?

January 24th, 2014 7 comments

Query by Puglover00: Does anybody have any other suggestions why i could have this discomfort? Or what i ought to do? Or even what doctor to see?

I have had abdominal pain considering that I was 13, and I am now about to be 20. When i was 13, the doctors mentioned the discomfort was due to ovarian cysts, and I was put on birth handle. Following they mentioned they were gone, I quit going to the medical professional till I was 18, but was usually sensitive on my proper reduced side (even with kidney but in front not back). Well, I went back at 18, had to get a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. Discomfort went away for two months, then came back worse. I have been unable to take bc’s considering that (mood troubles). But have been assure my much more then one doc that endometriosis is not the lead to anymore. I have been in and out of the ER on morphine, the very first couple of “diagnosis” was kidney infection/bladder infection..then I started obtaining GI problems as properly. Following going to a GI doc, they wished to do a colonoscopy, but I could not hold down the prep kit, and I have not gone back nevertheless. They place me on methscopolamine bromide (sp) and everything appeared very good…
although I even now had decrease back and side soreness soon after strolling or swimming. Then I my ovaries quit functioning, and i was provided a hormone pill, then ended back up in the ER for ruptured ovarian cyst. That was about 3 weeks ago, I have been on a new bc for a week, but my lower back continues to harm as nicely as sharp pains in my side. I have my gallbladder,appenix,blah blah all of it checked, several blood perform, several ultrasounds, pelvic and stomach. I just have no idea what to do any longer, i dont want to be on pain med forever, and I have no notion the place to turn anymore…it would seem like no doctor offers a crap about me, and just act like im making every thing up…I never request for soreness med both. I just never comprehend any of this any longer…
I am presently only on one particular med…the bc and I experimented with the chiropracter, and it created items…I do not really feel comfy going back…

Ideal response:

Response by enomis225
Would seem like you are taking a whole lot of meds. Have you ever experimented with the natural method? Ever been to a chiropractor? A simple adjustment might alleviate some of your issues a subluxation of your vertebrae could be causing interference to the nerves that innervate some of people locations you are getting troubles with. x-rays and a couple of chiropractic changes couldn’t hurt. I’ve seen chiropractic operate miracles.

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Q&A: Boring ache in the testicles medical professionals have no concept?

December 6th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Nobody: Boring ache in the testicles medical doctors have no idea?

I went to the medical doctors and they did a blood check and urine test. The only abnormality they located was a small volume of microscopic blood in the urine? That could be from something. The only other point left to do is A. get an ultrasound or B. get ciprofloxacin antibiotics for 21 days for one thing that might or might not be an infection. I will not have any other symptoms besides a dull ache in my testicles and sometimes a very benign stingy ache down my leg. I ejaculated a couple days in the past right after not ejaculating for months and my semen was a gold shade? I never know if that means something. What ought to I do the pricey ultrasound or suffer on the toilet for a month taking antibiotics? Or ignore the ache and dwell with it? By the way I’m 22.

Greatest answer:

Answer by JockPain
You plainly have blood coming into the system in between your testicles and the prostate. If you ride a bike that can be a contributing factor, and if so publish me with the address in my profile.

The “stingy discomfort” down your leg is quite curious. The nerves that feed the genitals do not go down into the legs directly.

I am an athletic training and I have seen males with testicle soreness who trip bikes with a bad saddle, or do bodyweight lifting in accurately. The “gold shade” semen tells me plainly that you have some blood someplace. I would suggest you ejaculate two days in a row and see if the shade adjustments, or you see absolutely nothing.

I hope you will write me so we can discuss this in detail.

I hope this aids.

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Want a medical professional or a person who knows alot about health care things to study this!?

November 16th, 2013 2 comments

Query by Sean: Need to have a doctor or an individual who is aware of alot about health-related stuff to study this!?

I am possessing some sort of wierd feelings in the back of my head. I have been to the doctor and talked about this but they stated it was just allergies. I have these feeling about this time and around spring and middle of summer season. Is it feasible of it being a tumor or just allergy symptoms. I am also 13 many years outdated and possibly its just my brain increasing or just puberty. Could please please support me out right here!!

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Response by mcclurelamar
No about postive if occurs then extremely excellent indicator yes it allerges

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Q&A: what can you do if your Medical professional is not listening to you about your medicine?

May 9th, 2013 7 comments

Query by Bethany B: what can you do if your Doctor is not listening to you about your medicine?

I have a nephew and he takes a number of distinct prescription drugs. I looked on the web about these drugs and some of them are not suppose to be taken with each other. If they are taken collectively they can lead to his psychological disability, simply because they will counter-act with each other. I printed this info out. It was shown to the Medical professional and he nonetheless did nothing. My nephew looks to be obtaining worse as an alternative of far better. He keeps saying he wants to destroy himself. I normally know how to manage items like this, but I will not know exactly what to do about this? I need to have to know how to help my nephew and what to do about this Medical doctor!

Best response:

Reply by Sarah E
alright…very first of all you require to uncover him a new medical doctor…then make contact with a lawyer who can aid you simply because this medical doctor is not working his business appropriately…if your nephew goes any further in hurting himself…then definetly sue the medical professional.

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Actual heart pains induced by acid reflux? Are medical doctors scamming individuals?

April 18th, 2013 6 comments

Query by Memetics: Real heart pains triggered by acid reflux? Are physicians scamming individuals?

I went in the emergency area right now due to the fact I have been obtaining chest pains for the last three days.

Soon after tests had been accomplished I was told its just acid reflux, but I hardly ever get heartburn.

Nonetheless, following a fatty meal I do get sharp stabbing pains in my heart (left side of chest).

How can a physician equivicate heartburn, which is a burning sensation, with sharp stabbing pains like heart attack signs. My left arm has been hurting also.

All this and Im only 21.
Whats weird is that it has lasted for 3 days. How can acid reflux be leading to continual discomfort for 3 days when I have no signs and symptoms of normal heartburn (i.e. burning sensation)?

They did blood exams, the Electrocardiogram, they did chest xray, and ultrasound on my gallbladder and liver. But they did not locate anything at all abnormal.

The ache even now persists, when I get a deep breath I get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my heart. Its as although I have a clogged artery and when my lungs increase with air it puts better strain on my heart area causing the discomfort in the heart. Thanks for the help so far, these answers have been valuable.

Best solution:

Solution by firemedicgm
Acid reflux or other digestive problems can mimic cardiac chest soreness. There are a lot more conclusive methods to establish if your soreness is cardiac in nature.

Initial of all, did the physician give you a nitroglycerin tablet in the ER? If he did, did it help? If the pain is resolved with nitro, that’s a great indication that it may possibly be cardiac.

Second, did he do an EKG? This would indicate any feasible cardiac occasions. If absolutely nothing showed up on the EKG, then issues are pointing much more toward a gastrointestinal issue.

Third, did they draw blood samples? The lab can verify different enzymes in the blood (troponin I & CKMB) that turn into elevated following injury to the heart. If these enzymes are not elevated, then there apparently wasn’t an occasion that triggered any damage to the heart.

Fourth, did they give you a “GI Cocktail” (at times named a “green lady”) to drink? If so, did it resolve the ache? This drink is produced of an anesthetic agent, and antispasmodic, and an acid neutralizer. If you get relief from this drink, which is a genuinely excellent indication that it was heartburn.

Let me know what you uncover out.

P.S. – Just re-go through your publish. You describe the soreness as “sharp, stabbing soreness”. That’s not typical of a cardiac issue. Of course, there are no one hundred%’s in medicine, but normally, cardiac chest discomfort feels more boring, or probably not even agonizing, but rather “stress”.

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Need to i maintain running or go see a medical professional 1st?

December 16th, 2012 2 comments

Question by Gage: Must i keep running or go see a medical professional initial?

I weigh 240 and alot of individuals say that if you run at my weight you can injure your joints. It feels genuinely good even though i am working but i do get minor pains in my ankles sometimes mid-phase. Idk if i should see a physician or just maintain going to let my muscle tissues develop up a tiny a lot more and see if that makes a distinction.

Finest response:

Solution by Jessica Garcia
Go to the medical doctor !

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