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Carex lumbar cushion Lower Back Pain Relief Home Work Travel Car Posture

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Q&A: How a lot of instances must a physician try a spinal tap in lumbar place? twelve instances? And THEN other factors?

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Query by : How numerous occasions ought to a doctor attempt a spinal tap in lumbar area? twelve instances? And THEN other items?

Went to the county hospital in Alabama- headache, really slurred speech & particularly weak- Have a 4mm aneurysm in the ‘Circle of Willis’. Serious degenerative disk ailment nevertheless I am particularly limber. EDS perhaps? N E way, my neuro advised the hospital medical doctor to WAIT & that he was on his way. The doctor informed me he wasn’t in a position to get hold of the neuro. ?? He continued to complete the spinal tap. He Stored sticking me! I asked him when he finally finished if that was his record. He mentioned he had to poke me 5 times since the holes have been as well tiny to get through to the spinal membrane. All the disks are gone in my reduced back. An hour before this took place, a nurse came in & what I believed was a flushing of my IV, I looked down & saw a needle. I asked her what it was she was giving me- hoping it was a thing to make me much more at ease perhaps? As she was finishing injecting it she informed me it was STEROIDS. I wondered why they would do that. BTW, not After did they ever Seem at my armband! 2 of my close friends / neighbors had come in to see me. A male nurse walked in & stated “Ms. Doe” , not the name of what he said OR MINE for that matter, he informed me that he was going to consider me down for a “breathing therapy”. My friends freaked! They started out asking concerns, I knew THEN that another patient was supposed to get that STEROID injection.
A couple of days later on the headaches began really negative. When I went to my neuro for a stick to up, I pointed out the STEROID & he also informed me that the attending nurse wrote down that I was stuck 12 times!! Now that component of my spine is killing me & the spinal injections I get, ‘marcaine-depo’, does not touch the pain there. My doc mentioned he was glad it wasn’t insulin, and so on.! AND we informed him that immediately after the tap, the steroids manufactured me restless. I cleaned up in the hospital area, curiousity received me as to what the ‘tap kit’ looked like & what gauge needle. It was a 22 gauge AND the kit EXPIRED 6 months earlier! He asked how I knew, I Kept the cover of the kit! So? ANY feedback, suggestions? Glad I am even right here to inquire this question! Oh yeah! The hospital physician was a cardio-pulmonary & family members practice physician! Does NOT know how undesirable my spine is! THAT is why my neuro advised him to WAIT on him. He flat out lied to me about how several instances he stuck me & about my neuro’s ‘where-abouts’. This has been down proper scary & I am Nevertheless suffering… 🙁 Aid please? Thanks!!

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Answer by Oblivion Firebright
I’d sue. Massive time.

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Lumbar lesions – Pathogenenesis & Treatment of low back pain and sciatica

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Q&A: Test results from xray were abnormal of lumbar spine?

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Question by emilbus33: Test results from xray were abnormal of lumbar spine?

I had blood work and xrays done last week for back pain. Blood came back fine and xray came back “abnormal of lumbar spine” It said to please call to make an appointment to discuss findings which I will do tomorrow, but until then…

I am a 28y female, no back injuries, just back pain on lower left side for 3 months now, ranging from moderate to severe depending on the day.

Anybody have any idea what it may be?

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Answer by fusepark
Lots of folks have strange lumbar anatomy. Evolution left us with some issues as we lost our tails. In some instances the problems are related to the same neural tube defects that cause spina bifida and just weren’t serious enough to cause deficits or be noticed at birth. I find the advantage is that doctors will then believe that you have back pain, even if it’s unrelated to the abnormality. So many folks have terrible pain in the context of normal anatomy and have doctors who think they’re malingering.

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