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i am 1 one/two wks post ovulation and have had only symp of reduce abd cramping (for the last wk) could i be preg?

January 23rd, 2014 1 comment

Query by lucky # 27: i am 1 1/2 wks post ovulation and have had only symp of lower abd cramping (for the final wk) could i be preg?

i lately had two surgeries for a tubal pregnancy about two-1/2 months ago, had a regular time period the 1st month, three days of spotting followed by truly poor, hefty, and unpleasant period the 2nd month (it felt like a miscarriage) and am now striving to get pregnant… the issue is that i am 1 one/2 wks publish ovulation and have had only signs of reduced stomach cramping (for the last wk). i guess you could say i have the other symptoms of fatigue and occ constipation/gasoline/nausea, but the cramping is the only “new” symptom for me…. it would seem to be lasting longer than my typical “ovulation pains”. what do you believe, could i be pregnant? i heard that soon after a d&c, obtaining pregnant is a great deal less complicated…

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Solution by dm kiss
Go to the hospital ASAP!!! Good luck

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Q&A: I tried to kill myself last evening?

November 10th, 2013 8 comments

Question by Black Belt: I experimented with to destroy myself last night?

I have psychosis symptoms, I am seeing a therapist, I’m on tons of drugs and I lower and I experimented with to destroy myself last evening. What do I do?

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Response by Buddy
Tell Your therapist and DO NOT Try IT Once more. please dont

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How prolonged does reduce back soreness last?

September 11th, 2013 21 comments

Question by Sunshine: How long does decrease back ache last?

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Solution by ~*!ME!*~

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What triggers emotional numbness? how long does it last? I feel like I am going crazy?

July 25th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Bring Me To Euphoria: What leads to emotional numbness? how extended does it last? I feel like I am going crazy?

I litterally just don’t care any longer. I’ve had absolutely nothing but difficulty soon after issue in my existence. I know I deliver a great deal of it on myself, but even when I try to be a very good person, it all backfires on me and men and women walk all more than me. I litterally have commenced to feel numb and when I don’t feel numb I truly feel anxious. I cannot rest, but I’m usually tired and I can barely eat till I’m starving or I truly feel like I am forcing myself to consume.
I will rather considerably be sitting there out of it, forcing myself to show emotion to other folks or shaking and breathing hard. This has been going on for 2 days now.
For the last week when I come to feel like I want to cry, I cannot and it truly is not even a lump in my throat or feeling unhappy
It really is virtually like a faded believed of “Oh, you must almost certainly cry.”
Nothing at all transpires although.
What’s going on? Has any individual else gone by way of this??
I do not care about life or those around me anymore. I do not care about anything. I’m like a robot.

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Reply by sakura
“Emotional numbness is the inability to really feel considerably of anything. Items that utilised to make us feel pleased or elicit a smile create a weak response or nothing at all. Likewise items that should provoke us to anger or even tears consequence in an apathetic response. It is a lack of emotion in which there once was emotion. One particular of the leads to can definitely be depression. I come to feel that this symptom final results from feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by life’s issues to the level exactly where you just can’t come to feel any longer. You are as well exhausted and weary to emote. It can also be a protection against feeling too significantly as in right after a trauma. It can be the process of shock where we simply can not take in the emotional reality of what is going on. The mind is safeguarding itself from as well a lot pain.”

I was worse two many years ago. I felt like there’s a massive hole in my chest and was so depressed simply because I couldn’t realize why I was like this. Am I heartless? Am I not capable of really like anymore? I never ever allow any person know and have been faking that I am happy and all till I told a friend of mine and I imagined possibly it really is my loved ones issues that cause this. I do know a single thing that makes me content even though it really is just a small spark. Chatting and investing time with friends. At times, I force myself to do so due to the fact I will feel unmotivated. But, gradually, I feel greater despite the fact that I am still obtaining problems to truly feel, but it was a fantastic achievement to me.

Study the internet sites beneath and attempt it out. You will by no means know unless of course you consider. But I highly recommend speaking about your issue to an individual you believe in and devote time with pals or take element in any social situations. Or possibly you could try out reading a lot more about emotional numbness to recognize how it performs, what brings about these. In a way, it does help you really feel far better if you know a lot more about what’s going on about you. I hope you can get much better soon.

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What could b the result in of nausea, headache and stomach aches that last pretty considerably all day extended? ?

November 22nd, 2012 2 comments

Query by Chelsea: What could b the lead to of nausea, headache and stomach aches that last rather a lot all day lengthy? ?

effectively see i have search some and every little thing prospects to pregnet im on birth control but i took some antibiotics that messed with it and I had a period but it was so light I didnt even have to put on a panty liner and only lasted 3days… I’m quite puzzled and dont kno considerably bout this stuff so is there anything eles it could potentially b?? Help!

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Answer by Due Could 2011 with a boy!
I would say wait and see if you miss your next period. Or consider a hpt now but if you are taking meds that mess with your BC you must almost certainly deliver that up to your medical professional so you can get onto some thing that does not affect it.

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