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Just a little support right here. Only great answers please!?

March 13th, 2014 3 comments

Question by angelwings2nite: Just a small help here. Only good answers please!? have much more detail. I charted myself on a ovulation calender and my fertile window was Sept 13th to the Sept 18th and The 18th was the day that i was supposed to have ovulated. I had unprotected sex on the 13th and 14th only. Quickly after the 18th I had discomfort in my reduce left side of my stomach my nipple was sore I am peeing more frequently than standard I got sick and threw up twice I also have decrease back ache and these signs has stopped except for the lower back pain but I am acquiring mild and sudden headaches and a tiny headed hear and there that do go away. Each and every given that this Sunday (September 21st) I noticed that my CM has been egg white but not that thick but variety of a watery variety but it has substance to it but it has covered most of my finger (sorry if its also considerably data) but my question is from the signs and symptoms and details that i offered does it sound like I could be pregnant or in the method of? But I cant test with an early response HPT till this approaching sunday…but I am quite anxious

Greatest answer:

Solution by MrsVincent
It sounds like you very properly could be pregnant. “] You had pain in your reduced abdomen which can sometimes be known as “Plantation Pains” and if your nipples are sore thats one more excellent sign, also the frequent urination. Excellent Luck and plenty of baby dust. “]

I love that each other person that answered this was a guy, cuz you know guys would know a womans entire body far better than a woman and all.. lol

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Just a question involving common sense?

October 14th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Junior: Just a query involving widespread sense?

is it attainable to be in a depression for so long you feel numb and no longer observe it.
come to feel totally free to make unesesary feedback.

Ideal response:

Reply by Dreamer
I think that is a symptom of depression. It’s your decision what you want to do about it. I felt like that right up until I stopped caring about what other individuals thought about me and did what created me content. I will not know you or your situation but daily life is only what you make it. It’s a difficult struggle but I guarantee you that if you at least try to see the great… then you will comprehend that daily life has some good to offer you 🙂

good luck

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Do I have some kind of depression or am I just going by means of a phase?

August 3rd, 2013 3 comments

Question by Sara: Do I have some variety of depression or am I just going by way of a phase?

I experimented with to kill myself on Christmas eve, but I didn’t realize success so I cannot have truly desired to. I believe about suicide practically every day even though I don’t believe I could carry myself to really carry out the deed, because I do not want to really feel any discomfort – if this stops me, I must not genuinely want to die.

I truly feel content sometimes, for illustration, when I am with my boyfriend, as he is a really loving particular person who treats me properly. When left alone, however, I truly feel like a zombie. I can not carry myself to go to class, even if I am currently awake and dressed. When I’m alone I feel about suicide a whole lot and the only times I will not feel like a zombie is when I uncover myself crying more than stupid issues like not becoming capable to uncover my keys or an individual not selecting up the mobile phone when I call.

In a second, my mood can soar and I can feel really good for a second, but it generally isn’t lengthy prior to I am back down yet again.

It is affecting my college and my lifestyle. Can an individual please tell me what is incorrect?
I am not a teenager.

Greatest answer:

Answer by DeAnne
If you’re a teen, keep in mind that the teen years are the absolute worst time of your daily life. I’m surprised any of us survive it. You are struggling with so a lot anxiety, pressures, alterations… Your physique and mind are striving to cope but … it really is challenging, dealing with unpredictable hormones and roller coaster feelings.

The brain is a very difficult and delicate point. It can get messed up and be unable to produce any or adequate serotonin. This is named a chemical imbalance which is easily handled, really typical and nothing at all to be ashamed of.

It can result in depression, anxiety, panic, obsession, self harm/self hatred, suicidal ideas, eating ailments, sleeping problems, aggression/rage, anger, phobias, fears, helplessness/hopelessness, hypochondria, ADHD, paranoia, OCD, headaches, lack of interest in things, lack of motivation/ emphasis and significantly a lot more.

Request a dr. for anti-depressants. Sertraline is a good 1 most people thrive on it and it has no side results. With antidepressants, you will be significantly better, happier, calmer, assured, safer and come to feel typical. What a big difference it makes!

Therapists are mainly a waste of time and income. They aren’t even allowed to prescribe suitable meds to help you get much better. Don’t end taking the meds after you commence to really feel greater. You require them, so remain on them.

But meds can do only so significantly. God is the ONLY 1 who knows what you are contemplating, how you have struggled and what you’re going thru. He loves you passionately and desires to be your BFF. He has a super-deluxe custom-manufactured strategy for your lifestyle that’s beyond something you ever dreamed of. BUT He waits for us to ask. Invite Him into your heart request Him to consider above your lifestyle and your issues.

Locate a massive, content church, attend some groups and have exciting. Speak with the pastor or youth pastor he most likely offers with this a whole lot and will have some great suggestions. God loves you a lot more than you can potentially envision!! 🙂

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Why these emotional pains only when I just fell asleep?

July 11th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Wisen Sensible: Why these emotional pains only when I just fell asleep?

Transpires only if I take a nap, not at night. It is so weird nevertheless true and quite scary. Happens 1 out of 5 instances that I lay down to consider a nap. Just when I am falling asleep, this sensation of “emotional ache” right in the center of my getting wakes me up, my heart racing, break out in sweat, the most horrible ideas get a hold of me to t he point exactly where I just want to hurt myself to both cease the ache or kill it forever. I do not wish this feeling to my worse enemy, I just want to die at that second. Lasts for about thirty seconds. If it lasts any longer, I would not be writing right here, for positive.

I am preparing on seeing a psychiatrist. Practically nothing else occurs any other time. I do have OCD which I have lived with all my life, no difficulty genuinely with that.

Very best solution:

Reply by B
Could be a negative situation of nervousness. Try out not to consider naps, if which is what triggers it. It sounds to me like you had been having seanxiety attacks, I get them all the time.

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Q&A: How do you know your appendix just burst and also can you die from it?

April 28th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Melissa: How do you know your appendix just burst and also can you die from it?

I was possessing ache like beneath my tummy and it hurted so poor at very first and know it just went away, right now. But I’m not sure if it’s my appendix due to the fact i was having the exact same ache for this total week it came and went away.I just wanna know just in case:D
Also, I had no signs, like some websites say. So i do not know what really has been happening to me. But it really is been happening comparable.

Ideal reply:

Answer by RMG09 Guardian
It will lead to intense pain in the reduce side abdomen for several days or much more that becomes unbearable. The discomfort does not go away until finally you get surgery to have your appendix eliminated.

Yes, you can die from it.

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How do imaintain my well being and seems as i have just entered the menopausestage?

April 15th, 2013 3 comments

Query by nina: How do imaintain my health and appears as i have just entered the menopausestage?

Ideal answer:

Reply by jenni_talls
The exact same way you have been for the previous number of decades of your existence. There is really no variation.

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