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Inner ear soreness when I swallow. been sick for previous handful of days, with cold/flu like symptoms. had sore thoat ahead of

February 8th, 2014 3 comments

Query by Taylor M: Inner ear ache when I swallow. been sick for previous handful of days, with cold/flu like signs and symptoms. had sore thoat prior to

I will not know what could be leading to this pain…its kinda sharp when I swallow, I had the flu/cold like symptoms for three days before, exactly where I also had entire body aches and sinus headache, but those are gone now… I’m currous about what this inner ear pain is?
I’ve already have had my wisdom teeth tooken out…

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Response by U dont want two know
It genuinely sounds like sinusitis, it implies irritation of the sinuses. This can result in earaches also. Go to the dr. it may be something contagious

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Spiritually, is dealing with chaos without having dread the appropriate path to healing one’s inner pains?

December 5th, 2012 5 comments

Question by Gone Fishing: Spiritually, is dealing with chaos with no fear the suitable path to healing one’s internal pains?

I ask this simply because it has become normal in our society for a man or woman to numb their pains by way of medicine or to just emphasis on anything else. Although this may ease the signs and symptoms, it does not deal with the problem. If reality set’s a individual cost-free, isn’t it much better to face the soreness of ones inner kid, head on and without dread, in order to free ones self?

“it is via chaos, that order is accomplished.”

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Response by Sassymama
Without having dilemmas we would be zombies. Ache is the pathway to inner reality and outer extremities. Like a flu shot can help create our immune system ache prepares us for the power that is within us all. Only in defeat can we discover the courage to truly feel powerful and the will to help other folks go by way of hardships.

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inner knee pain — ankle/running connected?

June 3rd, 2012 2 comments

Question by 3lions-hearted: inner knee pain — ankle/running associated?

I am recovering from ~8 weeks out with strained/torn ankle ligaments on the outdoors of my foot. I began fitness back 1.five-2 weeks back, and am a soccer player. I have noticed on the inner element of my right knee (the identical leg w/ the ligament problem) and even occasionally on my left knee, that there is this type of ache. However, it is not truly “ache” however per se, instead an unpleasant niggle that I am pretty worried about. Is it ankle related? Acquiring back in form right after lack of running leading to this? Is it strained? I guess I am worried that it really is my MCL, ACL, and so forth. or even meniscus. I am dying to get back to playing, and this is KILLING me to have to deal with it. Extremely mentally draining. B/C of the left issue, I am just asking yourself. I can extend and walk fine, just often when I phase/push up I can really feel it. Thoughts/expertise/support? Thanks so significantly!

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Solution by pescado534
Most likely due to inactivity following injury recuperation.

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My novel. Inner Darkness. please aid me out?

December 23rd, 2011 1 comment

Query by : My novel. Inner Darkness. please support me out?

(i need to have to know what to repair and if u like it and want to read the rest of chapter one and the chapters i have so far email me at: =)
Chapter 1

Demons, blood, exhaustion, pain was all I believed as I ran down the corridor of an old house the colors of the depressing location filled the air. Blood splayed across my bruised face, but I nonetheless ran as quickly as I could. I heard a scream from down the hall as I stopped to catch a brief gasp of air. I ran towards the noise, the hallway had the scent of blood and dirt and the scent grew more powerful and stronger with each and every pace I produced towards a door with light pouring into the hall.
Bursting in the space, I caught a glimpse of a dark figure bent over in the corner with two dead bodies in front of it . The creature turned to me its face was a dark shade of black and it didn’t have a nose or eyes. It opened its ungodly mouth, the sound it created was like a buzzer–I jumped up gasping for breath my long light brown hair was stuck to my sweaty neck. I hit the alarm clock as I fell back on my bed and looked at the ceiling. “Not that dream once again” I thought to myself, “over and over I have that dream, of my dad and mom being murdered.” I swung my legs over my lumpy bed to see that my roommate, Rayne, was currently up.
I turned to appear at the depressing dorm one last time. On Rayne’s side of the area it was clean, the walls in which colored with light blue with white spots here and there to express clouds. However on my side the walls in which a depressing shade of dark gray, and nothing at all far more. I got out of bed and walked to the closet, the doors creaked as I opened them. “black, or gray?” I asked myself, and grabbed the 1st black tank best I saw, and a pair of jeans. I slipped my outfit on and went to my mirror, combed by way of my hair a tiny bit and yanked it up into a ponytail. Then put dark eyeliner on, and a tiny lip gloss to cover my pale lips. I shot a glance over at the clock, then grabbed my black leather jacket and slipped on my boots.
“Come on Lexie, we’re going to be late for 1st!” yelled my room mate from across the room. I sighed as she yanked my arm, towards our first period. She ultimately let go when she saw her close friends, then left to go hang out with them.
I walked into my 1st period and sat down on 1 of the back desks. The class space was a light brown colour and had patterns of what we call demon circles. Demon circles are shapes mostly in a circle that shield everyone who is by or in one from demons. A loud ring broke my train of thought. Absolutely everyone piled in class, and sat down currently being as completely loud as god produced doable.
“quiet down class” mentioned Mrs. Joe setting her books down on her desk. She was wearing a black skirt and a red turtle neck top rated, her extended red hair was up in a messed up bun. “get out your books and open to chapter seven then commence studying and answering the questions.” all the youngsters sat down and got out their books. i reached beneath my desk when i sudden chill ran down my spine,”demon.” i thought silently to myself, Mrs. Joe walked up to me and crossed her arms, “is there a particular purpose your not undertaking your work, Ms. Nash?” I looked up to her and stated
“Um, nicely truly yes” i stated considering on my feet, “I’d rather not waste my individual time performing operate on a ideal day like this, for the teacher I hate the most” I stated not modifying my facial expression,
“leave my classroom now” she stated and absolutely everyone turned to see her pointing to the door.
“my pleasure” I mentioned standing up leaving the class I dropped my hands into my pockets and began walking down the hall. i took off out the front door and into the woods by the school.
Just then I heard something in the distance, It came from more than by a huge tree, one particular of numerous. A boy with spiky black hair wearing a black button down shirt and black pants stumbled out of the brush. “Demon!” I believed hitting the button on my Detentur Xabla, making my sword appear. A Detentur Xabla indicates sword holder in Maltese, most demon slayers have them so we do not have to carry around a large sword all the time, my Detentur Xabla is in my bracelet.
I lunged toward him and stopped to see that my sword had disappeared. I looked back to the boy and stumbled back to see that he was now proper in front of me. I attempted to kick him but he vanished, I looked close to for a short 2nd and saw a glimpse of him behind me I threw my elbow back hoping to hit his face, but he grabbed it, I attempted once more with my other hand but he grabbed it as nicely.
“I like ’em feisty” he mentioned in a deep voice, moving his lips proper by my ear.
“then your going to enjoy me” I stated throwing a leg up to hit him between his legs, but he vanished yet again and this time in front of me I attempted to punch him but he grabbed my arm but once more. I moved my in a position arm to punch his abdomen but once again he grabbed it.
“what’s a fairly tiny girl like

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Solution by Antoinette Ouellette
Not poor at all tends to make me think of Buffy, Preserve on writing

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Red spot/ring on inner portion of proper eye cornea? Came back soon after “remedy”?

November 21st, 2011 1 comment

Query by bennyboytx: Red spot/ring on inner portion of right eye cornea? Came back after “treatment”?

I had a couple weekend nights in which i was essential to be up late and had my contacts in way as well long. This was a month ago. A week after those nights, my appropriate eye was constantly feeling irritated and stratchy/itchy when i had my contacts in. If i wore them for as well prolonged, a red spot/ring would kind on what i feel is the side of my cornea closer to my nose. Soon after wearing contacts that week, the pain was unbearable and had to see a doctor. He told me i had some infiltrates and to cease wearing contacts for the next 3 weeks. Over that 3 weeks, I took lotemax, a distilled steroid eye drop, 3 occasions a day. Came back, he mentioned infiltrates were gone, and all i had was some dry eyes ( which he gave me some eye drops for) and sent me on my way.

These days! I place in a new pair of contacts, they felt fine. Around three o’clock my contacts started out feeling itchy/dry and just not comfy anymore. Came residence at 5 and took them out. My left eye feels fine, but the right eye exhibits a lot of indicators of irritation nevertheless. There was a redish ring close to the inner side of my correct cornea, along with a tiny red blotch branching off that semi-ring. The inner portion of the eye feels dry, raw, and puffy, and alot of other emotions i cannot describe. Point is it really is nonetheless uncomfortable. Whatever I had prior to is back, and I believe i was misdiagnosed. What do you believe it is?
I use Acuvue Oasys contacts and have been for the previous 5 many years. No issues ever. I purchased this 8-pack online from coastal contacts. Not confident if that is a feasible issue to blame (negative producer batch/source?)

Best solution:

Answer by David E
It is likely that you need to have to adjust manufacturers of contacts. You possibly even want to quit wearing silicon hydrogel lenses. I know we usually inform patients about how they are state of the art and give your eyes a lot more oxygen. They also cause signs and symptoms like yours in some individuals.

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