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what can you get at residence for a urinary tract infection, besides cranberry juice???????

November 13th, 2013 7 comments

Question by jana k: what can you get at home for a urinary tract infection, apart from cranberry juice???????

The doctor can not see me for a couplel hours but i am in ache!!!!

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Answer by wild’s
Acutally, I have the ideal solution. PICKLE JUICE!!!
You drink a ton of it. It works wonders. Guarantee.

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Do I have a kidney stone, UTI, bladder infection, or what?

August 28th, 2013 Comments off

Question by Donovan: Do I have a kidney stone, UTI, bladder infection, or what?

Okay im sixteen. When i woke up this morning i went to pee and it was flawlessly fine, but then i felt like i still had to pee so i went to finish and it burned. Because then ive felt like i need to pee but its hard to get any to come out and when it does it burns. Other than that i have no soreness in my kidneys or anywhere else. Note: ive had NO sexual activity lately. Oh and there is no blood in my pee, its rather typical colored.

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Response by Dr.Qutub
Really when a tiny stone is present in ureter, it offers discomfort ” ureteric colic ” and you get the above confusion signs and symptoms. Consult your doctor, and drink lot of water.

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How to inform if I have a kidney infection?

July 27th, 2013 2 comments

Question by jana: How to tell if I have a kidney infection?

The doctor says that there was practically nothing wrong but I know there is… PLEASE Support IN Discomfort!!!!!

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Answer by KansasPrincess015
Im going through the very same issue appropriate now.. i have had like three kidney infections and the dr often says dont be concerned nothings wrong… i would go to a ER or if they have 1 like an soon after hours clinic go. they can be actually negative.

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Q&A: Have had a uti for three months do I threat kidney infection?

April 24th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Katie: Have had a uti for 3 months do I chance kidney infection?

I went to the medical professionals when I initial noticed the signs and he told me I had a uti and gave me antibiotics. (Macrobid) for a week. It felt greater but not completely so I went back and he gave the identical antibiotics just for 10 days and it nonetheless has not left. Does this imply I have a likelihood of a kidney infection?

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Answer by Lucas
you most likely have the clap

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Can a kidney infection go undetected for a couple of many years?

October 12th, 2012 4 comments

Query by missprissme: Can a kidney infection go undetected for a couple of many years?

I was just treated for a kidney infection. I presented with extremely sore joints and swollen feet. Could not even stroll upon initial arising in the morning w/o placing athletic footwear on for safety. I went to the dr and she examined for every thing such as rheumatoid ar. Tests came back with a kid inf. I was place on antibiotics and prednisone. Inside of two days it was like a miracle ALL joint and soft tissue ache was gone. In hindsight nonetheless, I had soft tissue pain (ten or higher) all in excess of my physique for months if not above a yr. I stored telling men and women that my physique felt like a bruise. I was quite suspicious of fibromyalgia. I actually could not be touched. When I received pedi I usually declined the massage and informed them not to touch me it harm so poor. I got a new mattress bc I imagined it was that. I bought quite costly shoe inserts to aid in my foot discomfort, I prevented stairs at all expenses, migraines had gotten worse, anxiety, heart palpitations improved (I have mitral valve prolapse but was mainly asymptomatic), I had a stretch where I was plagued with gum difficulties and dental operate. I had so numerous signs and symptoms that I was relating to hypothyroidism, aging and or menopause. It wasn’t until finally the inflammation and discomfort “flared”, received worse and went into my joints that sent me to the dr. Then they identified and treated the kidney infection. After I was cured ALL of these other signs have been completely gone. So now I am thinking that I had this kidney infection for a year or far better. It was like evening and day. And like I mentioned in hindsight it manufactured me think that possibly all this time I had a kidney infection and did not know it. That was in which my query comes in can somebody have a kidney infection for a couple of years and not know it? Must I be worried that I had some kidney damage. I was handled and sense great no adverse or symptoms. Even my gums really feel like they have gone back to standard which is weird bc I was continuously working to the dentist for treatment method for a although there. I was taking up to eight soreness capsules a day too. Could not even get by way of the day without having it. Following remedy not a single aspirin is required. I am just mystified as to how I did not know that I had a kidney infection. Also I had been to the dr three other occasions for unrelated concerns getting my thyroid ranges checked, meno and so forth but everytime while there I would mention this complete body soft tissue ache (she didn’t seem into it even more bc I was in there for unrelated factors) I would tell her my body feels like a bruise. I looked up fibro and I did not fit the profile other than the total entire body delicate tissue discomfort.

Like I said I am just curious. I have attempted to research about this but not a lot data out there.

Thanks for any enlightenment
I’m new to this… thanks for the Answers. Jared you are appropriate my ache on your scale prolly a 6. Also, I did have other unlisted symptoms I observed my urine was dark a couple of occasions but imagined I was dehydrated. Hunting back it can make sense but it didn’t increase flags right up until it went into joints and sent me to a dr. Thanks for all of the solutions.
I do not see a “reply” function so I will just add my comments to “add detail” Jared thank you so significantly for your answer. No I am not on lengthy term prednisone. And your factors offered for the dr missing the diagnosis tends to make sense. In simple fact that is precisely what occurred. I genuinely value your assist. Also, I never know how to do “very best solution” or I would have given you one particular.

Very best solution:

Reply by Alexandra
It truly is feasible but extremely unlikely. It truly is much more very likely the prednisone (which is an anti-inflammatory) killed the swelling and soreness. If you’ve had recurring kidney infections for 10 years, your kidneys would be scarred and possibly failing by now. Chronic kidney infections leave behind telltale indicators and if left untreated evolve into persistent kidney illness and even kidney failure.

It may possibly be a great thought to go in for total checkups. Prednisone is a temporary measure. If your kidneys had been not leading to the edema/swelling, the swelling will return. If your medical professional believes your kidneys have been the supply of your ache for the past ten years, s/he will most likely order a cat scan or ultrasound of your kidneys to confirm they are Ok.

Glad you happen to be feeling greater!

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I have all the signs of a systemic candida infection but my IgG IgM came back clean. What can it be?

July 7th, 2012 5 comments

Question by : I have all the signs and symptoms of a systemic candida infection but my IgG IgM came back clean. What can it be?

i am extremely sick and have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia
My signs and symptoms are as follows:
pain and swelling in my arms and joints of my arms and legs
head “soreness” in the left temporal part of my head
stress in my head and neck
changes in vision (mild)
IBS – persistent diarrhea for the previous 5 years
intestinal cramps
acid reflux (decreased but not cured by 2 Rx meds)
mental fogginess which gets worse at times
geographic tongue
rest that is not restful ( waking frequently, and sleeping every single opportunity I get with no improvement in tiredness)
regular and urgent urination
allergic reactions to meals with a rash on my face and neck with no clear source on an elimination diet plan
excess weight obtain
lack of energy
craving for carbs and sweets

I have been tested for:
rheumatoid arthritis
gluten allergy
food and environmental allergy symptoms

Present drugs:
cymbalta 30 mg 2 tablets qd
lyrica 75 mg 2 capsules qd
ativan prn
tylenol 3 prn for ache
zypan 2 tabs with meals
vit d 50,000 iu every day
vit c 2000 iu twice day-to-day
vit b complex
spirulina 3 tabs twice a day
omega three

Finest answer:

Answer by larry L
Fibromyalgia is a somatiform disorder, or conversion disorder. Charcot called it a “disturbance of perform.” In plain language, although, it is an intense psychological exaggeration of small aches and pains knowledgeable, but typically ignored, by most nutritious individuals. The best treatment method for it is psychoanalysis, but even items like biofeedback, acupuncture and hypnosis provide some relief. These final 3 are quite haphazard and short-term however. Believe it or not, fibromyalgia is a psychological defense mechanism–a kind of atonement and internalized aggression. It truly is finest to leave it alone, except if you are in a position to get genuinely high quality psychotherapy. Hopefully your insurance, or your local department of mental wellness, can provide you with that, but if I were you I would not fool with it any longer. If it goes away it may possibly be replaced by a thing worse, and hazardous, like an consuming disorder or migraines.

And if I had been you I would quit taking all that medication. It truly is negative for your abdomen and ineffective in the prolonged run.

Incidentally, Justmein says: “Real FMS is NOT somatoform/ is a defect with the neuro method.”

Of course she is aware of greater than the physicians. Even so, as lengthy as you resist the truth, the longer you will be cursed by it.

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