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Actual heart pains induced by acid reflux? Are medical doctors scamming individuals?

April 18th, 2013 6 comments

Query by Memetics: Real heart pains triggered by acid reflux? Are physicians scamming individuals?

I went in the emergency area right now due to the fact I have been obtaining chest pains for the last three days.

Soon after tests had been accomplished I was told its just acid reflux, but I hardly ever get heartburn.

Nonetheless, following a fatty meal I do get sharp stabbing pains in my heart (left side of chest).

How can a physician equivicate heartburn, which is a burning sensation, with sharp stabbing pains like heart attack signs. My left arm has been hurting also.

All this and Im only 21.
Whats weird is that it has lasted for 3 days. How can acid reflux be leading to continual discomfort for 3 days when I have no signs and symptoms of normal heartburn (i.e. burning sensation)?

They did blood exams, the Electrocardiogram, they did chest xray, and ultrasound on my gallbladder and liver. But they did not locate anything at all abnormal.

The ache even now persists, when I get a deep breath I get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my heart. Its as although I have a clogged artery and when my lungs increase with air it puts better strain on my heart area causing the discomfort in the heart. Thanks for the help so far, these answers have been valuable.

Best solution:

Solution by firemedicgm
Acid reflux or other digestive problems can mimic cardiac chest soreness. There are a lot more conclusive methods to establish if your soreness is cardiac in nature.

Initial of all, did the physician give you a nitroglycerin tablet in the ER? If he did, did it help? If the pain is resolved with nitro, that’s a great indication that it may possibly be cardiac.

Second, did he do an EKG? This would indicate any feasible cardiac occasions. If absolutely nothing showed up on the EKG, then issues are pointing much more toward a gastrointestinal issue.

Third, did they draw blood samples? The lab can verify different enzymes in the blood (troponin I & CKMB) that turn into elevated following injury to the heart. If these enzymes are not elevated, then there apparently wasn’t an occasion that triggered any damage to the heart.

Fourth, did they give you a “GI Cocktail” (at times named a “green lady”) to drink? If so, did it resolve the ache? This drink is produced of an anesthetic agent, and antispasmodic, and an acid neutralizer. If you get relief from this drink, which is a genuinely excellent indication that it was heartburn.

Let me know what you uncover out.

P.S. – Just re-go through your publish. You describe the soreness as “sharp, stabbing soreness”. That’s not typical of a cardiac issue. Of course, there are no one hundred%’s in medicine, but normally, cardiac chest discomfort feels more boring, or probably not even agonizing, but rather “stress”.

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Can a pericardial cyst induced epigastric pain?

December 18th, 2012 Comments off

Query by AnnieH: Can a pericardial cyst induced epigastric soreness?

I have been diagnosed with a pericardial cyst. Before I knew about it I was possessing regular pressure in my chest. I have also started out possessing this horrible epigastric pain. My medical doctor is sending me for a EGD, but I was questioning if this is related to the pericardial cyst?

Best reply:

Answer by Dr.Qutub
Yes, in health care terminology it is known as “referred discomfort”.

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What is a “bulging disc?” and was it induced?

January 29th, 2012 Comments off

Query by djc1175: What is a “bulging disc?” and was it brought on?

By a fall I had a few weeks ago on the ice? When coming out of an workplace a number of weeks ago I slipped on black ice and landed flat on my back. The other day I had an MRI and it showed I had a bulging disc..did the fall result in that to happen?
At rimes I have some discomfort, but nothing I cannot reside with, now my Dr wishes me to go for discomfort management..and I don’t know if that’s needed.

Very best solution:

Answer by MisMischievous
Amongst each and every bone in your spinal column is a disc that cushions those bones. You can envision people disc as some thing like a jelly donut with the bread component on the outside and the jelly portion on the inside. As extended as the disc stay in tact every thing is fine, but when 1 bulges or ruptures, the nerves surrounding the spine can have stress place on them and result in ache. Appropriate now your MRI showed that 1 of the disc in your back is bulging like the side of the donut becoming squashed a bit on one particular side and sticking out more than it should. Depending on exactly in which that bulge is will rely on no matter whether or not discomfort is brought on. And yes, that fall could have triggered that to come about. Additionally, I know from knowledge, with such a disc like this, a quite difficult fall on your rear could rupture that disc, and trust me….you undoubtedly never want that. Be extremely careful.

As to the ache management, it may well be a good concept to go just once to see exactly what they had in thoughts. Discomfort management is not just narcotics if that is what you are contemplating, but a assortment of strategies of helping you offer with discomfort. The principal point of it is that it is dealing with persistent ache and that is what your medical professional was attempting to tell you. What you now think about one thing you can reside with, could effectively get worse over time as you have now entered the group of millions of folks who now have persistent back troubles. Welcome. Hope your journey is not that negative.

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