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Q&A: How do you really feel about individuals hunting for methods to be disrespected?

May 14th, 2013 1 comment

Question by Previous Mister Satisfied: How do you feel about folks hunting for approaches to be disrespected?

It appears in this forum there are a lot of. Should they be referred to as on that? Or is just getting gullible and going along with the gag the way to go i.e., “oh my bad, bad dear, I truly feel your soreness”.
Lastly, yes, I do know we can disregard that question and go on to another but it often appears irresistible not to contact out some of these whiny wannabe martyrs?

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Response by nobodystboobs
I will not genuinely care about them at all. I imply, they are okay but I’m not going to marry them or anything.

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Actual heart pains induced by acid reflux? Are medical doctors scamming individuals?

April 18th, 2013 6 comments

Query by Memetics: Real heart pains triggered by acid reflux? Are physicians scamming individuals?

I went in the emergency area right now due to the fact I have been obtaining chest pains for the last three days.

Soon after tests had been accomplished I was told its just acid reflux, but I hardly ever get heartburn.

Nonetheless, following a fatty meal I do get sharp stabbing pains in my heart (left side of chest).

How can a physician equivicate heartburn, which is a burning sensation, with sharp stabbing pains like heart attack signs. My left arm has been hurting also.

All this and Im only 21.
Whats weird is that it has lasted for 3 days. How can acid reflux be leading to continual discomfort for 3 days when I have no signs and symptoms of normal heartburn (i.e. burning sensation)?

They did blood exams, the Electrocardiogram, they did chest xray, and ultrasound on my gallbladder and liver. But they did not locate anything at all abnormal.

The ache even now persists, when I get a deep breath I get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my heart. Its as although I have a clogged artery and when my lungs increase with air it puts better strain on my heart area causing the discomfort in the heart. Thanks for the help so far, these answers have been valuable.

Best solution:

Solution by firemedicgm
Acid reflux or other digestive problems can mimic cardiac chest soreness. There are a lot more conclusive methods to establish if your soreness is cardiac in nature.

Initial of all, did the physician give you a nitroglycerin tablet in the ER? If he did, did it help? If the pain is resolved with nitro, that’s a great indication that it may possibly be cardiac.

Second, did he do an EKG? This would indicate any feasible cardiac occasions. If absolutely nothing showed up on the EKG, then issues are pointing much more toward a gastrointestinal issue.

Third, did they draw blood samples? The lab can verify different enzymes in the blood (troponin I & CKMB) that turn into elevated following injury to the heart. If these enzymes are not elevated, then there apparently wasn’t an occasion that triggered any damage to the heart.

Fourth, did they give you a “GI Cocktail” (at times named a “green lady”) to drink? If so, did it resolve the ache? This drink is produced of an anesthetic agent, and antispasmodic, and an acid neutralizer. If you get relief from this drink, which is a genuinely excellent indication that it was heartburn.

Let me know what you uncover out.

P.S. – Just re-go through your publish. You describe the soreness as “sharp, stabbing soreness”. That’s not typical of a cardiac issue. Of course, there are no one hundred%’s in medicine, but normally, cardiac chest discomfort feels more boring, or probably not even agonizing, but rather “stress”.

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So individuals in 3rd planet countries can get free of charge US healthcare care but i cant?

July 5th, 2012 5 comments

Query by anotherone773: So individuals in 3rd world countries can get cost-free US health-related care but i cant?

So individuals in other nations can get Free of charge US healthcare care and …. WE Provide! But American citizens have the highest healthcare price in the world.

Example: my g/f son went to the ER for chest pain. It took him 30 minutes to get checked in. He sat in an ER area for 4 hours although the ER nurses and physicians played “Guess my Age” at the nurses stations. The ER area itself was billed at $ 140 an hr. Thats just to sit in the room. Right after 4 hours they came in his room and started out operating the different normal check on him…. blood, urine, xray. Then they explained ” we are going to check out to see if you had a heart assault”….. Um shouldn’t you of done that 4 one/two hrs ago when he came in with significant chest pains? Then on prime of that he received a Russian medical professional who did not comprehend basic english quite properly.( she known as urine “pee pee” ) and asked, “Nicely, how did you make it better final time?” If he knew how to make it far better what the hell does he want a doctor for?

An example of our fine profiteering healthcare system here in the US. Then i see this?

” The 894-foot (272-meter) white ship emblazoned with vivid red crosses carries far more than 600 personnel who will give free of charge surgical methods, pediatric and dental care, and eye treatment method to roughly 100,000 sufferers in 9 countries, mentioned U.S. Navy Capt. David K. Weiss, the ship’s commanding officer for healthcare treatment.”

I have a messed up ankle( truly never know whats wrong with it) and a slipped disc in my back that keeps slipping. I have done carpentry all my life( I didn’t get hurt at work even though it didn’t assist my ankle problem). I cant work due to the fact i cant afford to go to the medical professional to get fixed( the only trades i know are hard labor trades). I cant afford the doctor since i cant go operate. i never qualify for medical assist because i am a white male of operating age that is not at present disabled ( which is pretty considerably how they put it also) . i cant afford to learn a job that i could do with my existing ailments ( Not that i could sit down for an eight hour day either).

So i am caught in a catch 22 predicament until finally a thing adjustments. I cant get cost-free healthcare practically to save my lifestyle. But people in Central America can get totally free US healthcare, Individuals in Iraq got totally free US healthcare , Men and women in Afghanistan…. get Free US healthcare.

Why does absolutely everyone in the world get free of charge US wellness care but the folks that pay out taxes in this nation( Yes i genuinely do pay taxes… properly use to until i could not function anymore) that supply all this cost-free worldwide US healthcare cant get healthcare and when they do it cost more than their automobile for even a easy 45 minute out patient knee surgical treatment?

Following time you are at the physician spending your bill or paying your $ 1500 a month wellbeing insurance coverage premium don’t forget.. people in Jamaica got cost-free US healthcare on your dime.

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Answer by Stephen
it is 3rd price so why not

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Q&A: Is this the genuine explanation why individuals are racist?

February 28th, 2012 6 comments

Question by Bren: Is this the genuine reason why folks are racist?

Right here is a quote I read that can make ideal sense.

“I imagine one particular of the factors folks cling to their hates so stubbornly is since they sense, the moment hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with discomfort.” James Baldwin

I was watching Malcom in the Middle 1 day and the family members went out of town for vacation. They came back early to find the neighborhood was throwing a block get together because they had been gone. When the mom was finding ready to join the get together, a son asked why she she was going to go due to the fact the party was to celebrate that they were gone. She said “I know, they do this every single year. They don’t really know us, they just detest us due to the fact it helps them get along with every other greater due to the fact they have a person to blame rather of hunting at their very own faults.” Later when the neighborhood got to know them and located that they liked them, they started fighting every other. Up coming issue I saw the complete neightborhood was in 1, massive brawl.

Assume about it and inform me your thoughts.
wm.Depth…thank you so significantly for your contribution to my query. You are a prime example of what I’m talking about. You really should open the dictionary also my buddy and refresh your memory of what racism is. It is a fact of daily life but it is not okay and it is not acceptable. You are a fool and I really feel sorry for you.
Oh and The Master Race (which you are obviously not), if you do not contemplate by yourself racist, you may want to modify your title.

Greatest solution:

Solution by Urban_Cowboy
I don’t forget that episode it was awesome. I never truly believed of a attainable underlying message. Fantastic quote by the way.

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