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Left side chest ache immediately after waking up in the morning?

June 19th, 2012 1 comment

Question by jeffreyking18: Left side chest pain immediately after waking up in the morning?

About me: I am 24yr old male. 5’9 toned -muscular. 150lbs. I’m quite active I hike and function out frequently

About 2 many years ago I was diagnosed with TB. I underwent treatment method for six months. Prior to I was diagnosed I was experiencing inner chest pains on my left side every single morning right after waking up from bed. It felt almost as if the pains have been within my chest below the muscle. Often they had been sturdy sufficient I could feel them through my back and even down to my upper left ab however they wouldn’t final extremely extended.

Immediately after being Diagnosed with TB and going via treatment method I figured that was the purpose I was experiencing these “chest pains” . 2 many years later on right here I am and I’m nonetheless possessing these chest pains on my left side immediately after waking up in the morning. Occasionally I won’t really feel anything at all and at times I really feel it every single morning for a week straight. I thought possibly this could be associated to my perform out regimen even so the discomfort I really feel is under the muscle.

So here I am once again puzzled. I am not sure if this could be associated to my heart. nonetheless, I do not have any difficulty breathing or anything at all of that nature.

I do drink a lot of coffee even so I will do a one particular month detox system from time to time. I am detoxing now as we talk.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you -J

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Answer by Lori
ongoing chest pains – especially given your prior pulmonary illness – always warrants a trip to the doc! Go see your primary care provider and I hope you really feel far better soon!

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SWOLLEN and in pain immediately after Laser Hair Removal.?

April 29th, 2012 2 comments

Query by NotSoAverage: SWOLLEN and in discomfort right after Laser Hair Elimination.?

I just got accomplished with my first of three-4 laser therapies about two hours ago on my neck area. I went into it expecting some swelling close to the follicles and perhaps a tiny pain. Possibly I just have delicate skin but there is extremely visible patches of swelling around my neck. I laugh at most websites saying you can carry on normal actions immediately after laser let alone going back to operate like this. I have read the horror stories of darker skin sorts currently being handled by inexperienced techs so I created certain I went to a location other than some random spa.

I got it done in an actual hospital (regrettably in the womens clinic He used the Lyra-i ND: Yag, which I have researched as becoming the safest/best for my skin type (I am somewhere in between IV-V). For the back story, I am a young black man who has been suffering with razor bumps (pfb) for years and am sick and tired of how significantly anxiety it has induced me. Wasting hundreds of dollars on other “therapy” methods to no avail. I study that even right after one therapy a great improvement in razor bumps can be observed. So I eventually saved the money and went for it.

Think it or not, I also have a occupation interview tomorrow and am questioning if I should reschedule for maybe next week? unless there is some thing I can put on this that will decrease swelling? If somebody with actual encounter could reply that would be excellent..
To third reply:
Electrolysis is absolutely not an solution. Not only would it consider years and expense way much more than laser. It is also significantly a lot more unpleasant I hear and for the quantity of hair I would require, it would nearly surely scar me/cause ingrowns. The laser that I went underneath is actually produced for darker skin kinds. Also, when he ran the laser above locations with very light/fine hair, there was very little ache at all so I know its not just zapping skin.

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Solution by ☮The joker*♥☮

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Ear pain immediately after molar root canal…feasible nerve injury…?

March 2nd, 2012 1 comment

Query by AH: Ear pain after molar root canal…attainable nerve harm…?

I got a root canal on my leading left molar appropriate next to my wisdom tooth (i wanna say #15 molar). A couple of days right after i started possessing a lot of ache in my left ear (inner ear and surround region), i wasn’t capable to near my jaw fully, i had a “strain” feeling among my ear and jaw, as nicely as a couple of other items. The dentist believed it was a achievable infection and prescribed me Ampicillin. I went back to him a couple of days later on for a adhere to up….almost everything seemed to be “fine” except for my symptons…he suggested me to finish the antibiotics and wait a handful of days and see how i feel. I completed the script and almost everything was “returning to standard” but nonetheless had trouble with my ears (imagine the pain of a “brain freeze” but shooting out of your inner ear). I went to see a normal physician to look at my ear and informed me i have no infection in my ear or mouth and most probably have some form of nerve damage from the root canal. He gave me Gabapentin for the “chronic nerve connected pain” as well as Percocets. He informed me to wait 1-two weeks due to the fact the nerves may grow back on their very own but if i have a steady pain i would most probably need to have to see a Neurologist to be able to see the full extent of the “injury”…if any.

Is this standard? is this something that goes away on its on? is this malpractice? do any dentist/medical doctors have any advice for me? do i wait 1-two weeks to see if its much better? really should i just go to a neurologist now? Aid Please!!! I never know what to do!!! Very Overwhelming!!!

Finest answer:

Solution by The mom
It’s not malpractice. It is a single of those odd items that can take place immediately after a root canal or other oral surgical procedure in that region of the jaw. The nerves all run closely collectively in that location, and if you had to have the root canal due to an infection of the tooth- that infection could also have set matters off. Nerves that are irritated can take numerous weeks to settle back down and fix themselves as effectively, and at the second the most wise factor to do is take your medicines and wait it out a bit lengthier. If there is not any improvement in 2 weeks, then a neurologist would be your best bet for extra assist. It isn’t precisely regular, clearly- but it’s not specifically unheard of to take place either. The encounter is just a difficult location to perform on, and it’s so effectively wired that it is straightforward to set off nerves in other components of the encounter. I had a related issue following getting perform carried out on one particular of my molars as well. It did settle down and quit right after about a month, and numerous trips to medical professional and dentist. All I can advise you to do at this point is take your medicines and be patient a small longer. Most of the time, it does settle back down.

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For the Marine Corps, my records had been erased immediately after three years. Do you consider they are erased for this other factor?

February 22nd, 2012 3 comments

Query by Da Austrian Oak: For the Marine Corps, my records had been erased right after 3 years. Do you consider they are erased for this other thing?

When I was 17, I attempted to get into the Marine Corps and was informed at MEPS immediately after seeing a civilian psychologist that I apparently failed one query about marijuana-usage, that I could come back in 6 months and get in. As an alternative, I went to college.

Now I am 29 and I went to the Army National Guard last year (2008) and pointed out I was now on medicine for anxiety and a mood disorder. I got a waiver for that from the Army medical doctors. When I had to fill out a type and check something that applied to me and I checked “herniated disc” (in my back), it took a quite long time to hear back and then I got the official “no” for a waiver from the Army physicians. I never even produced it to MEPS. Do you consider my data is erased now…because I want to take a stab at the Marines due to the fact I’ve been performing back workouts and have not had any pain since?

Finest answer:

Solution by jasonsalcido1
You ought to most likely get the official supply to anwer this. i do consider they retain individuals records on your herniated disc and it will show up. Why would you want to join the Marines at 29 anyway though? I say use that university degree and make modifications to your existence to make it the way you want.

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