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Q&A: Can mental illness like depression cause bodily pain?

November 17th, 2013 2 comments

Query by Zootles: Can mental sickness like depression result in physical discomfort?

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Solution by Elizabeth
Totally. Physical ache is a symptom of depression. It can be so bad you can’t get out of bed.

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How to deal when you have a unusual illness?

January 7th, 2013 Comments off

Question by bodmodangel: How to deal when you have a rare illness?

I was diagnosed with PVNS and have had 2 knee surgeries. I’m in pain 24/7 and my daily life seems to be absolutely nothing but pain pills and medical doctors appts. I am just sporting very thin from this way of life. I am exhausted. I just dont know how to hang on anymore. No one understands what I’m going via….. So how do you deal with a rare ailment?

Best answer:

Solution by Autumn
My existence is also 1 of numerous doctors, numerous diseases and issues, for a lot of years now. I thought I was the only a single nearing the end of my rope as far as getting to see medical professionals, take drugs and fundamentally, wait for my demise.
But I will tell you what keeps me fighting so I have not given up:

one. Regarding Soreness: I do not tolerate discomfort nicely. It is exhausing to battle, and can make me incredibly irritable.
I identified out that specified antidepressants (Celexa or Cymbalta) are prescribed for chronic soreness “off label”.
I am taking Celexa (the generic is known as Citalopram), and it has aided. It really is not a miracle remedy, but it aids alot.

two. I have one particular family members doctor and seven experts I have to see.
When they tell me “I’ll see you in a month”…often I request if I can stretch that to two months….or three or 4, dependent on what issue is being handled…so sometimes I get a week exactly where I don’t have to see any medical doctor. If you can do this without jeopardizing your existence, I suggest it.

3..Family members/Close friends: They may possibly not realize what you are going by means of at all (mine do not), but you have a function in their lives, even if it is just in “becoming”. It tends to make me want to carry on fighting to be with them.

four. My faith in God. I offer you up my sufferings to God. Some individuals share their joys and tiny happinesses to God. But I have suffering, frustrations and aloneness, so I offer them to . Him. I believe (was taught) that this practice brings spiritual blessing to myself and other people. He typically answers my prayers “yes” for every little thing I request for, except for overall health.

5. If I really begin feeing reduced, I meditate on those folks that have quadriplegia. They can’t move practically nothing but their heads. To me, it is the worst of all possible lives. It can make me truly feel that my burdens are not as heavy. But for you, yet another condition (years of blindness? deafness?) may work greater as a meditation. It is very personal.

6. I feel I have carried out all I can to try out to alleviate my chronic ailments. There came a point in time after getting every single issue that I had to accept it. The younger I was (polio at 2 years old, diabetes at 11) , the less difficult it was to accept the problem. The older I got, the acceptance of what I had to reside with took longer, and was harder to do. But it wasn’t extremely hard.

7. It Ok to gripe about your wellness circumstances each once in a while. (Even to God, who is the only one particular who understands your ache fully, aside from you ) So let it rip!

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