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What is causing my extreme lower back pain?

December 30th, 2008 5 comments
natalie c asked:

my lower back pain came on very suddenly yesterday and no matter what kind of move i make, even just laughing, sends a sharp pain all over the left side of my back. i’ve taken ibuprofen, excedrin, and advil but nothing dulls my pain even in the slightest. any ideas??


What are some ways I can relieve major back pain?

October 4th, 2007 2 comments
cunfuzzled_1 asked:

Last night, I went for a mile jog. About a half an hour after coming back home, I felt some pain in my lower left back. I put ice on it and took some Ibuprofen, but I woke up this morning and it hurt even more. I took more Ibuprofen, but nothing seems to be relieving the pain. I have an appointment with my chiropractor already set up for next week. Are there any other ways I can relieve the pain until then?

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How can I find pain relief for an arthritic lower back?

August 6th, 2007 3 comments
rogelito22 asked:

I’ve been diagnosed with an arthritic lower back. I take Ibuprofen 3 times daily and still have pain that has me bending forward. I’ve tried physical therapy and accupunture that doesn’t help for long. I’ve tried stretching but sometimes is very painful. What next?