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I am twenty years old and my bones hurt. Could it be expanding pains?

March 18th, 2014 6 comments

Question by allhaildeann: I am twenty years old and my bones harm. Could it be developing pains?

For the past couple weeks, I maintain getting random pains in my legs, arms, chest, ribs, and shoulders, and it just feels like the bones harm. It really is not the joints but just like the bones. Nowadays I have had them specifically badly. They typically only final a couple of minutes but today it really is lasted virtually all day. I have been a vegetarian for 8 many years, even though I do drink tons of milk and eat a lot of dairy, but I never know if it could have some thing to do with that.
Anyway, do you believe I could still be expanding/encountering growing pains at twenty many years previous? I am a woman by the way. If not what else could it be?

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Reply by LovinEcon
No, def not growing pains females create prior to males and males generally completely produce height-sensible close to 18-19.

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15 many years old and some thing on my entire body hurts all the time. My back has hurt , my knee, now my shoulder.?

November 9th, 2013 Comments off

Question by kay: 15 years old and some thing on my physique hurts all the time. My back has hurt , my knee, now my shoulder.?

I had a MRI on my knee and shoulder but nothing exhibits up. I have been tested for rhumatoid arthritis and it was adverse. I like to swim and play tennis but have been ready to the last three months since of my shoulder. What is wrong with me? What type of medical professional can I go to for assist?

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Reply by DaveW79
Musculoskeletal pain is typically a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. It is a low-cost resolve. Sam’s club has 5,000 IU D3 x 400 caps for about $ 10.

I took 50,000 IU/day for 3 days then 10,000 IU/ day. My soreness was gone inside of a week.

Google “vitamin d Musculoskeletal pain”.

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Why does my stomach hurt so negative?

November 1st, 2013 Comments off

Query by AmberHarrison: Why does my stomach harm so negative?

I’m a thirteen year outdated lady.
For the previous couple of weeks, my stomach has been hurting frequently. Each and every day, I feel discomfort in my abdomen, sometimes so much that I can not move or I want to cry or yell. It does not have a specific time. Often I have to skip meals simply because it feels genuinely undesirable and eating appears like it might make it worse. It’s typically in the middle of my abdomen or much more to the right side. Nowadays was the worst it had ever been, I couldn’t move or stand for about 3 hours. My dad virtually took me to the hospital simply because I was shaking and felt quite weak. It comes very out of the blue, and seems to get worse each time. It feels like scratching, or pulling, or fire.
I don’t know if my information will aid a lot…. But if you have any suggestions, it could be helpful. I would also like to know if I must see a physician or not?

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Solution by Jobosno
It could be gallbladder difficulties. My sister had gallbladder difficulties for many years up till just lately when it was taken out. She has had persistent “abdomen pains,” specially plaguing the right side. Verify out this list of signs and symptoms:

Reasonable to serious discomfort underneath the appropriate side of the rib cage
Ache may radiate by way of to the back or to the proper shoulder
Extreme upper stomach pain (biliary colic)
Burping or belching
Attacks are frequently at evening
Attacks frequently happen after overeating
Discomfort will usually but not often follow a meal with fats or grease
Pain may possibly be worse with deep inhalation
Attacks can last from 15 minutes to 15 hours

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What’s incorrect with my hands? The sides of my hands from thumb to about the wrist hurt so badly.?

October 26th, 2013 4 comments

Query by tracis327: What’s wrong with my hands? The sides of my hands from thumb to about the wrist harm so badly.?

Each hands are bothering me, they are very tender to the touch. If I even bump them towards anything, it hurts badly. It virtually feels as if they are bruised or have been smashed with some thing. Quite, really, tender and really weak now. I never know if it is a problem with the joints or if it may possibly be arthritis or what. None of my other fingers hurt, just seems to be along the sides of the thumbs and the puffy component underneath the thumbs (on the palm). Any suggestions?

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Response by Claire
Could be carpal tunnel or arthritis each of which can be cured with medicine and therapy early on. You must see your medical doctor for diagnoses. You don’t want to finish up letting it go too extended and lose the use of your thumbs. Great luck, hope this aided. Claire

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Q&A: Is it feasible my toes hurt simply because of the cold weather?

August 11th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Chad: Is it possible my toes harm due to the fact of the cold weather?

For the previous number of days I have had this small discomfort in my toes, and i’m questioning if it’s since of the cold climate. Does any person else knowledge this?
Any insight would be appreciated.

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Solution by izzy
A single result in might be chilblains, but you would most likely have a lot more signs than discomfort. They include i burning and itching and a modify of skin colour. In some instances, the skin may possibly turn out to be sore and blister.

To avoid them hold your feet warm, no tight socks, warm your socks and footwear before putting them on.

Stiff joints can be agonizing…
“Many folks complain of soreness shortly before or as the climate turns into great and humid. These circumstances could lead to joint membranes to broaden as air strain drops, triggering swelling all around the joints due to elevated strain on the fluids that lubricate them, which can spark ache.”

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Does it hurt when you lose your virginity?

August 10th, 2013 9 comments

Question by : Does it hurt when you lose your virginity?

I’m very young and I’m undoubtedly not organizing on losing my virginity any time soon, but does it actually harm when you drop your virginity? and if so how badly? also is there a possibility that your first time can be pleasurable?

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Response by Sinsun
it will truly feel like an individual is shoving a searing sizzling poker up your vagina
good luck
individuals who dont die from the original ache will increase to be content individuals who enjoy sex all of the time

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