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Just a little support right here. Only great answers please!?

March 13th, 2014 3 comments

Question by angelwings2nite: Just a small help here. Only good answers please!? have much more detail. I charted myself on a ovulation calender and my fertile window was Sept 13th to the Sept 18th and The 18th was the day that i was supposed to have ovulated. I had unprotected sex on the 13th and 14th only. Quickly after the 18th I had discomfort in my reduce left side of my stomach my nipple was sore I am peeing more frequently than standard I got sick and threw up twice I also have decrease back ache and these signs has stopped except for the lower back pain but I am acquiring mild and sudden headaches and a tiny headed hear and there that do go away. Each and every given that this Sunday (September 21st) I noticed that my CM has been egg white but not that thick but variety of a watery variety but it has substance to it but it has covered most of my finger (sorry if its also considerably data) but my question is from the signs and symptoms and details that i offered does it sound like I could be pregnant or in the method of? But I cant test with an early response HPT till this approaching sunday…but I am quite anxious

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Solution by MrsVincent
It sounds like you very properly could be pregnant. “] You had pain in your reduced abdomen which can sometimes be known as “Plantation Pains” and if your nipples are sore thats one more excellent sign, also the frequent urination. Excellent Luck and plenty of baby dust. “]

I love that each other person that answered this was a guy, cuz you know guys would know a womans entire body far better than a woman and all.. lol

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Does any individual here have panic attacks?

December 5th, 2013 9 comments

Question by JustKc: Does anyone right here have panic attacks?

I have regular panic attacks and I’m utilised to them but right now I have only had the breathing trouble part of it. It’s truly weird. typically I will get a number of symptoms and then have the attack. I did not have an attack today but had troubles breathing all day. Has anybody had this ahead of? The breathing issue was specially when I was lying down. Please support!

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Reply by tara
yes i have them usually and have had bad days of breathing..if you spend attn to your breathing all day it by no means gets correct…see a dr. if you are stilll concerned

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What song are these lyrics from, “Come here prey, I’ve received a way to mess you up”?

November 9th, 2012 Comments off

Question by Kate H: What song are these lyrics from, “Come right here prey, I have received a way to mess you up”?

“I will tell you some thing to make you truly feel like you are in enjoy.” It is sung by a girl and it is featured on the tv display “Royal Pains”. It is upbeat also. Thanks.

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Q&A: Does anyone here have KNEE ARTHRITS? Please describe to me how it began, the signs and how you cope!?

July 20th, 2012 4 comments

Query by Bearcat Y: Does anybody right here have KNEE ARTHRITS? Please describe to me how it began, the signs and symptoms and how you cope!?

Hi, I am 34 many years old and have been extremely energetic over the final 15 many years- working, biking, wrestling and a tour of The Marine Corps… Anyway, I started out having knee soreness over the final 2 months and eventually went to see a actually great orthopedic surgeon who did a complete examination, coupled with an MRI. When the MRI came back he informed me that the only point he could see was a little touch of arthritis on the underside of my kneecap.

There is NO historical past of arthritis is my loved ones and it is challenging for me to believe that I’m previously acquiring arthritis…

I initially considered that I had a tear in my knee cartilage (medial meniscus) but was told that there is no tear. Could pain from behind my kneecap be spreading to a various place of my knee providing my “phantom ache?” Someone advised me that ache often radiates to a various are of the knee… I have no locking “catching” whatsoever. I can do leg machines fine. No limp. No swelling. At times it tends to make me uncomfortable to have knee bent. Assistance?

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Solution by snickers3501
Hi, At 40 many years old, I had reconstructive knee surgery. I had a dual meniscus tear, a torn MCL a entirely severed ACL and harm to the back of my knee cap (possibly pre-existing). Since of this and other items I have early arthritis in my knee also. My soreness radiates through out my total knee, sometimes it feels as however it travels to my upper leg and thigh. You mentioned you have been fairly active. My physician said that specific actions along with functioning on my feet on concrete could have been the cause of the injury to the back of my kneecap (The other was brought on by falling on concrete). I never assume there has to be a historical past of arthritis in your family members for you to create it. My orthopedic surgeon prescribed Naproxen so I was ready to keep awake and perform as Vicodin (Hydrocodone) place me to sleep. Now I use Aleve when the soreness flares. I also discovered that ice packs assist alot if I am just sitting all around or lying down. I hope this will help, I know what you happen to be going through. Very good Luck!

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Do You Like My Novel So Far…I Love You Here at Horoscopes!!!!!What’s My Sign by my Type of Writing?

April 3rd, 2012 1 comment

Query by Phyllis: Do You Like My Novel So Far…I Really like You Here at Horoscopes!!!!!What’s My Sign by my Type of Writing?

Clarence decided to wait in Chloe’s bedroom anticipating her arrival. He knew she moved and was carrying one more man’s little one which upset him even more. He dumped a substance on her dresser and started to snort line following line. Creating him a lot more anxious for Chloe to walk by way of the door. As far as he was concerned Chloe was the explanation his life was crumbling just before his eyes and his wife was in the hospital for an overdose. He knew he partially was the result in of his wife’s meltdown.

Chloe was going insane attempting to figure out in which Lawrence was. When her mom went to bed she made the decision to consider her car and go seeking for him. She knew it was risky and folks wanted her man dead but it was a risk she was inclined to take. It was 11:00 at night. She went to his parent’s house who hadn’t seen him but they did tell her his best good friend was murdered tonight and they have been worried sick about their son. She did not want to go back to the hotel that they shared together due to the fact of their home getting blown up simply because she knew the security he had on her would deal with her like a prisoner. She make a decision to just go residence and hoped Lawrence would find her there. She named her very best good friend Shannon simply because she did not want to be alone but she didn’t get an answer. She left her an urgent message telling her to come more than as quickly as she could because she didn’t want to be alone. She entered her residence and sat on her couch calling lawrence repeatedly. She was crying her eyes out. She had to have left him over a hundred messages ranging from “I enjoy you and I am worried” to “I detest you how could you leave me like this”. She felt a sharp discomfort in her abdomen and a gush pf water down her legs.
“Oh God my water broke”. She said to herself. She heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She was shocked and scared dropping her cell mobile phone in the middle of a voicemail message for Lawrence when she saw Clarence producing his way down the steps. He looked like he had been up for days and underneath the influence of some thing. This was not the blue collar Clarence she had met.
“What are you undertaking here” she held her stomach in discomfort.
“I see you have modified the locks.” “Am I not welcomed here any longer Chloe right after all we have been via” he shook his had as if he was disappointed.
“I can see you’re progressing nicely in your pregnancy”
“The place is your low daily life baby daddy?”He left you previously?”he laughed hysterically.
“Please I need an Ambulance” Chloe cried my water broke she felt the wetness in among her thighs.
“And I want my existence back, we don’t often get what we want Chloe”he barked.
“You positive are glowing” he stated getting rid of his jacket and strolling towards her.
He positioned his gun on the table and started unbuckling his belt and pants.
“Please do not harm me Clarence I am pregnant with twins” She backed away from him not taking her eyes off of him and the gun.
“Congradulations” he smiled which turned into a smile which followed with a challenging smack across the face sending her flying onto the couch.He yanked her wet sweats down and violated her as she screamed in ache.
“Shut up!” he yelled choking her and raping her. “You know you like it you dirty whore” he pumped her more challenging. she was crying so challenging that she began vomitting.Clarence was so lost in the second that he didn’t hear Shannon come in. She dashed above and jumped on his back and started biting, kicking, every thing she could probably do to get him off of Chloe. His was significantly too robust throwing Shannon into the glass table. He rapidly picked up his gun and fired one particular shot into Shannon’s head. Chloe took off operating upstars. her tremendous ache turned into miraculous strenghth. She was thinking about the wellbeing of her babies. He was on her heels but she manufactured it quick sufficient to lock her bed room door. She ran to her window screaming for support as loud as she could. She could hear Clarence cursing her and making an attempt to get by way of the door.
“Open this door B*tch I am gonna kill you and those bastard young children of yours”
Chloe was terrified but relieved when she saw lights coming on in a number of houses on her street.
“Get out of right here Clarence the police are on their way” She cried.
He could hear the sirens. The beating on the door stopped and Clarence ran out of the home. He received into his automobile and scurried away. Chloe ran downstairs to her friend’s lifeless physique laying in a pool of blood. Almost everything seemed unreal. “I am so sorry” She cried holding Shannon in her arms. The paramedics rushed in and saw that Chloe was pregnant. getting her to relax even though they received prepared to take her to the hospital. The lady paramedic examined Chloe.
“We have a infant on the way appropriate now she’s in labor!” She shouted to the crew. “Two infants” was all Chloe could say before passing out.

Lawrence Checked his voicemail messages he somehow lost his telephone in the scuffle he had earlier which left his finest good friend dead. It felt so good to hear Chloe’s voice. he listened to everybody of her messages and froze at the final a single. He heard Chloe crying and a male voic

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Solution by Distance
wow, gripping stuff….i’d guess you’re a Scorpio with some Taurus in your chart somewhere…with an Aries moon, maybe?

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