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Q&A: If Im not pregnant then WHY is this happening!?

January 3rd, 2014 13 comments

Query by Tannya M: If Im not pregnant then WHY is this taking place!?

I had sex 13 days ago and lately my breasts have been quite tender and swollen and it has persisted. I suspected I was pregnant but nowadays I received my time period. I have not gone out and acquired a test but, and I know thats the only way to uncover out for positive. But why would this be taking place? I am a 15 year old girl, and I dont consider It would be some healthcare issue, and I dont think its the “soreness” from them even now developing since I havent had that for a 12 months or two and there would be no purpose for it occurring now. Please inform me why what this is/ and if u think I could be pregnant?

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Response by sugarplumfaerie52686
swollen tender breasts are also a symptom of PMS, so they almost certainly felt that way becuase you were about to commence your time period. i dont think you are pregnant, but if you have to test then go for it.

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