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What’s incorrect with my hands? The sides of my hands from thumb to about the wrist hurt so badly.?

October 26th, 2013 4 comments

Query by tracis327: What’s wrong with my hands? The sides of my hands from thumb to about the wrist harm so badly.?

Each hands are bothering me, they are very tender to the touch. If I even bump them towards anything, it hurts badly. It virtually feels as if they are bruised or have been smashed with some thing. Quite, really, tender and really weak now. I never know if it is a problem with the joints or if it may possibly be arthritis or what. None of my other fingers hurt, just seems to be along the sides of the thumbs and the puffy component underneath the thumbs (on the palm). Any suggestions?

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Response by Claire
Could be carpal tunnel or arthritis each of which can be cured with medicine and therapy early on. You must see your medical doctor for diagnoses. You don’t want to finish up letting it go too extended and lose the use of your thumbs. Great luck, hope this aided. Claire

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Is there such thing as nerve damage in the hands?

August 7th, 2013 2 comments

Query by Ryan M: Is there this kind of factor as nerve injury in the hands?

Is there this kind of point as nerve harm in your hands from constantly currently being poked by needles? My dad has alot of health issues and he is always in the hospital for some thing. He can barely grip on anything at all (like opening a bottle of pop or jar of pickles). Just lately he had gout in his proper hand. It was swollen up and he was practically crying in ache. He takes this medicine for his gout, which he doesnt like to consider simply because it tends to make him sleepy. He has took it every single other day for the past 2 weeks. Today he was went down for a nap at 3-4 and got up at 6-seven. He isnt confident if he took the gout drugs or not right now simply because my mom was in charge of his drugs nowadays and filling them up.

Wwll, nowadays he claims that in his appropriate hand he feels this “electrical pain” feeling in his hand. Could it be from “diabeties, Nerve Damage, or the Gout?”

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Answer by knittinmama
Yes, it could be from any of these. It could be short-term, due to the swelling from gout or if he also has diabetes it can be permanent. Individuals who go by means of chemotherapy can also have nerve damage.

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What is incorrect with my hands?

September 2nd, 2012 3 comments

Question by Luy H: What is incorrect with my hands?

In august last yr I commenced feeling a prickling sensation in both my hands(now reduced and upper arm as nicely, though significantly less), lost power in my appropriate hand and it was usually painful. Currently being an artist, I fear alot about my hands, so I went to the doc and asked if I could have carpal tunnel. He mentioned it wasnt carpal tunnel, and since then I have been to a naurologist, MRI scan of the brain, x ray of my back and neck, physical therapist weekly for thee months, but practically nothing has worked.

Now I cant even stand upright although I function on canvas, ’cause repetive motions with my right hand makes it paintful and a minor numb after 30-50 seconds, generating me work alot slower due to numerous breaks.

My medical doctor doesnt seem to be ready to discover a remedy to this, and since its an “invisible soreness”, not a bleeding bullet wound, I have a difficult time obtaining him to consider me seriously (of program, he tries, but doesnt rather grasp how crucial it is for me to have total management of my hands).

Any tips?
I’m new right here so I dont know if I am deleting my query by including specifics.. Anyways, my medical professional has examined me(january this yr), and I was not diabetic.

Ideal answer:

Solution by Heather Honey
are you diabetic? could be neuropathy…

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