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I think my eight mth previous son is not feeling very good??

November 23rd, 2013 2 comments

Query by Nicole C: I feel my eight mth outdated son is not feeling great??

My eight mth previous son has been sleeping alot lately and earlier he was coughing and threw up all above his father . I am not certain if the sleeping is from him teething or not feeling excellent and if the throwing up is from coughing or being sick…Support!! I never want to fret!

Greatest reply:

Answer by Ava
It could be a minor cold. Children will get sluggish when they dont really feel nicely. Consider him to the ped and he must be fine.

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Is there a very good argument, backed by facts or statistics against marijuana’s legalization?

October 2nd, 2013 2 comments

Question by Henry: Is there a great argument, backed by details or statistics against marijuana’s legalization?

I never use but I do help people’s correct to. I usually believed health-related marijuana was a small bit of a joke till I realized from my aunt how horrible chemotherapy is. We dwell in Texas and my aunt is in nearly continual agony. She is not expected to dwell but we are hoping. I see healthcare marijuana individuals praise and adore it not due to the fact it gets them large but since it truly is the only thing that is guaranteed to work instantly and persistently. And cancer medication is Extremely expensive, weed is grime cheap and there’s no threat of O.D or dependency.

Every study or post i come across debunk’s the standard see of marijuana getting a poor drug. 1 research explained that small quantities of THC actually Increase one’s driving ability due to the fact you grow to be quite cautious and conscious. No one’s ever going to O.D on weed alone and even the smoke is widely believed to be harmless given that pot smokers have virtually none of the wellness troubles cigarette smokers do. Yet another review says weed decreases your probabilities of obtaining badder cancer.

The only unfavorable i come across is bronchitis but even then which is hardly anything in contrast to lung or liver cancer because it truly is not even permanent.

I think that the smoke has to have some poor result but then what do you say to men and women who use vaporizers? They’re turning into a good deal far more well-liked and every person says a vaporizer is far better than smoking in every single single way. And of course hemp can make clothing, hemp paper, hemp milk, hemp oil, it really is almost as diverse in it really is makes use of as soy.

I truthfully consider lobbyists support to maintain it unlawful as nicely. (one of the few conspiracies i truly believe) and i feel that legal weed would put Shady Carlos from the inner city out of perform. Also would not decriminalizing weed take away that forbidden fruit factor? Cigarettes are far less interesting now that people have been educated with actual details.

My aunt says if she had weed, she’d use it to consider and get some of her existence back. So I’m uncertain as to no matter whether or not i would give my own aunt pot! lol.
What do you guys believe?

Ideal response:

Response by Douglas S
There are no “statistics” or “facts”, since huge scale marijuana use in a main country has in no way been experimented with.
No 1 can response the question as no one can give information or figures for a submit apocalyptic planet.
There has been no apocalypse.
(Purposefully dramatic to make a stage.)
Health care marijuana for palliative care ought to possibly be ignored, if not condoned outright.
That’s my view.
The problem will be some snarky wit who claims we’re all going to die anyway….

As for driving stoned, I know much better.
I would guess most men and women alive in the US nowadays, know much better, as well.
It isn’t secure, and possessing a stoner holding his head and mouthing: “Whoa, Dude!” at an accident sight, is not as excellent as preventing the accident.

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What are some very good depressing songs?

July 30th, 2013 2 comments

Query by jennyy :: What are some excellent depressing songs?

I don’t want things like “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride, I want much more of like death and suicide sort of songs, like “Pain” and “The Lost” by Hollywood Undead. Something that helps make you really feel depressed and like you just want to break down and cry to. I am not a fan of screamo so please none of that. Thank you.

Ideal reply:

Response by Cherise!
its by a screamo band, but no screamo, just really unhappy.
intensity in ten cities- chidos


day old hate- city & colour

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Q&A: What are good dietary supplements for joint soreness?

June 25th, 2013 9 comments

Question by AL IS ON Holiday AND HAS NO PIC: What are excellent supplements for joint ache?

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Solution by samluvscherrypepsi_2000
a mixture of glucosamine and chondroitin.. also taking omega 3 oil or flax oil can aid.

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What word that rhyme with “me” would go very good with this line below?

June 18th, 2013 5 comments

Question by .-*mArIa*-.: What word that rhyme with “me” would go good with this line under?

I am making an attempt to publish a poem but I do not know what would go good with this line: “no a lot more soreness” it begs from me.
Can some one particular plz assist me

Ideal reply:

Reply by luminous
totally free, spree, gee, please, he, freeze,

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How come when your sore from like a work out and streching the pain feels soo good?

June 12th, 2013 Comments off

Query by allly: How come when your sore from like a work out and streching the pain feels soo very good?

like your sore and then you strech to make the ache “go away” how come it feels great ??

Very best response:

Response by Morgan
Because you have exercised your body in places that have by no means been exercised like that before and when you stretch it just feels great due to the fact you relaxing your body.

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