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Am I going by means of early labor?

December 26th, 2013 2 comments

Question by Maryam: Am I going by means of early labor?

I’m 38 weeks by the way.

These feelings come and go:
– Urge to go to the bathroom for #2, but when will not truly want to go.
– Stabs in my stomach.
– A colic like soreness, related to when a single gets meals poison.
– A small queasy/nauseated.

Would you call the colic like ache “early contractions”?

Ideal response:

Solution by Amily C
All these signs are regular at 38 weeks and do not sound like early labor.

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Am i going too be pregnant if my boyfriend cums on my thighs?

November 19th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Ervin: Am i going also be pregnant if my boyfriend cums on my thighs?

my boy pal had his head of the penis in side of me but climaxed on my leg but my vagina was genuinely wet , the following day i had head ache and abdomen pains . i will not know if i am pregnant or not please aid i am truly worried , if my time period comes will i even now get pregnant

Best solution:

Answer by Invisible Pink ~ RN
“the up coming day i had head ache and abdomen pains”

You never get symptoms of pregnancy the very subsequent day – you teenagers truly require to band with each other and discover sex ed!

You could be pregnant but not from him ejaculating on your thighs – I had twins from pre-ejaculate

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Do I have some kind of depression or am I just going by means of a phase?

August 3rd, 2013 3 comments

Question by Sara: Do I have some variety of depression or am I just going by way of a phase?

I experimented with to kill myself on Christmas eve, but I didn’t realize success so I cannot have truly desired to. I believe about suicide practically every day even though I don’t believe I could carry myself to really carry out the deed, because I do not want to really feel any discomfort – if this stops me, I must not genuinely want to die.

I truly feel content sometimes, for illustration, when I am with my boyfriend, as he is a really loving particular person who treats me properly. When left alone, however, I truly feel like a zombie. I can not carry myself to go to class, even if I am currently awake and dressed. When I’m alone I feel about suicide a whole lot and the only times I will not feel like a zombie is when I uncover myself crying more than stupid issues like not becoming capable to uncover my keys or an individual not selecting up the mobile phone when I call.

In a second, my mood can soar and I can feel really good for a second, but it generally isn’t lengthy prior to I am back down yet again.

It is affecting my college and my lifestyle. Can an individual please tell me what is incorrect?
I am not a teenager.

Greatest answer:

Answer by DeAnne
If you’re a teen, keep in mind that the teen years are the absolute worst time of your daily life. I’m surprised any of us survive it. You are struggling with so a lot anxiety, pressures, alterations… Your physique and mind are striving to cope but … it really is challenging, dealing with unpredictable hormones and roller coaster feelings.

The brain is a very difficult and delicate point. It can get messed up and be unable to produce any or adequate serotonin. This is named a chemical imbalance which is easily handled, really typical and nothing at all to be ashamed of.

It can result in depression, anxiety, panic, obsession, self harm/self hatred, suicidal ideas, eating ailments, sleeping problems, aggression/rage, anger, phobias, fears, helplessness/hopelessness, hypochondria, ADHD, paranoia, OCD, headaches, lack of interest in things, lack of motivation/ emphasis and significantly a lot more.

Request a dr. for anti-depressants. Sertraline is a good 1 most people thrive on it and it has no side results. With antidepressants, you will be significantly better, happier, calmer, assured, safer and come to feel typical. What a big difference it makes!

Therapists are mainly a waste of time and income. They aren’t even allowed to prescribe suitable meds to help you get much better. Don’t end taking the meds after you commence to really feel greater. You require them, so remain on them.

But meds can do only so significantly. God is the ONLY 1 who knows what you are contemplating, how you have struggled and what you’re going thru. He loves you passionately and desires to be your BFF. He has a super-deluxe custom-manufactured strategy for your lifestyle that’s beyond something you ever dreamed of. BUT He waits for us to ask. Invite Him into your heart request Him to consider above your lifestyle and your issues.

Locate a massive, content church, attend some groups and have exciting. Speak with the pastor or youth pastor he most likely offers with this a whole lot and will have some great suggestions. God loves you a lot more than you can potentially envision!! 🙂

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What triggers emotional numbness? how long does it last? I feel like I am going crazy?

July 25th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Bring Me To Euphoria: What leads to emotional numbness? how extended does it last? I feel like I am going crazy?

I litterally just don’t care any longer. I’ve had absolutely nothing but difficulty soon after issue in my existence. I know I deliver a great deal of it on myself, but even when I try to be a very good person, it all backfires on me and men and women walk all more than me. I litterally have commenced to feel numb and when I don’t feel numb I truly feel anxious. I cannot rest, but I’m usually tired and I can barely eat till I’m starving or I truly feel like I am forcing myself to consume.
I will rather considerably be sitting there out of it, forcing myself to show emotion to other folks or shaking and breathing hard. This has been going on for 2 days now.
For the last week when I come to feel like I want to cry, I cannot and it truly is not even a lump in my throat or feeling unhappy
It really is virtually like a faded believed of “Oh, you must almost certainly cry.”
Nothing at all transpires although.
What’s going on? Has any individual else gone by way of this??
I do not care about life or those around me anymore. I do not care about anything. I’m like a robot.

Ideal answer:

Reply by sakura
“Emotional numbness is the inability to really feel considerably of anything. Items that utilised to make us feel pleased or elicit a smile create a weak response or nothing at all. Likewise items that should provoke us to anger or even tears consequence in an apathetic response. It is a lack of emotion in which there once was emotion. One particular of the leads to can definitely be depression. I come to feel that this symptom final results from feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by life’s issues to the level exactly where you just can’t come to feel any longer. You are as well exhausted and weary to emote. It can also be a protection against feeling too significantly as in right after a trauma. It can be the process of shock where we simply can not take in the emotional reality of what is going on. The mind is safeguarding itself from as well a lot pain.”

I was worse two many years ago. I felt like there’s a massive hole in my chest and was so depressed simply because I couldn’t realize why I was like this. Am I heartless? Am I not capable of really like anymore? I never ever allow any person know and have been faking that I am happy and all till I told a friend of mine and I imagined possibly it really is my loved ones issues that cause this. I do know a single thing that makes me content even though it really is just a small spark. Chatting and investing time with friends. At times, I force myself to do so due to the fact I will feel unmotivated. But, gradually, I feel greater despite the fact that I am still obtaining problems to truly feel, but it was a fantastic achievement to me.

Study the internet sites beneath and attempt it out. You will by no means know unless of course you consider. But I highly recommend speaking about your issue to an individual you believe in and devote time with pals or take element in any social situations. Or possibly you could try out reading a lot more about emotional numbness to recognize how it performs, what brings about these. In a way, it does help you really feel far better if you know a lot more about what’s going on about you. I hope you can get much better soon.

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What is incorrect with me? I have been obtaining ache like I am going to commence my period but even worse but it is

July 5th, 2013 2 comments

Query by flower power: What is incorrect with me? I have been possessing pain like I am going to commence my period but even worse but it is

not time. It is kind of in the middle of my cycle. It happens each time for the last four or 5 months. I am afraid to request the medical professional because I am afraid there is anything incorrect with me. Is there? Does anybody else have this issue? What could be wrong with me? It transpires every month in the middle of my cycle.

Greatest reply:

Solution by fishineasy
This happens to a lot of females. If you would really feel much better you require to be checked byou your medical professional and I think you must. But I think you have ovulation ache. What you are experiencing might be Mittelschmerz. Mittelschmerz is a German word which translated virtually implies “middle pain.” Other words you may hear include: ovulation discomfort, midcycle discomfort, menstrual, middle soreness, or cramps. Ovulation normally happens about two weeks right after the first day of your last time period. Mittelschmerz happens during ovulation when an egg is released by the ovaries into the fallopian tube. For about twenty % of ladies this brings about severe ache and cramps on one particular side of the lower abdomen. Though the pain could come to feel like anything critical is incorrect, midcycle soreness or cramps — Mittelschmerz is seldom serious. Occasionally, in addition to midcycle pain and cramping, some ladies may experience nausea, and/or light menstrual spotting. Mittelschmerz lasts for 6 to eight hours in most girls nonetheless, sometimes it can last as extended as twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

These are the items you can do to aid your self fell greater:
Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
Use a heating pad or consider warm baths to ease the soreness.
Use OTC anti-inflammatory medication this kind of as acetaminophen or naproxen sodium.
Verify your temperature several times a day to be positive you are not creating an infection.
Contact your physician is the discomfort is serious and these self-aid tips do not ease your midcylce discomfort.

If you knowledge midcycle ovulation pain that lasts longer than 2 or 3 days, encounter heavy bleeding, or have any uncommon vaginal discharge get in touch with your overall health care provider.

This is a extremely serious problem for some women. I hope this assisted you out.


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Q&A: My child be going however puberty or concern for intercourse abuse?

June 30th, 2013 6 comments

Question by JMD: My youngster be going however puberty or concern for sex abuse?

I am freaking out a bit and do not know the place to go for dependable tips about this topic. My ex told me that our daughter went to the pediatric and that there had been attainable early indicators of puberty. Considering that my daughter is only 9 and a half, about 65 lbs, and of white good (have a tendency to begin later than some other races), I find this hugely unlikely. This made me wonder if there is anything else going on. When asked what indications the response was “growing pains, headaches, crankiness, and stomach pains”. Nonetheless, there is no pubic hair or breast improvement, which tends to come way just before all that. She lately moved with her other mother or father which is full of some quite unstable males (three phase-uncles, 1 full uncle on occassion, and who is aware of what pals they bring in). I personally went to college with 1 of the phase uncles who has psychological problems, as nicely as know of an incident of the full uncle viewing kiddy porn (not to mention his oddly immature habits at 27yrs old which can be noticed in his youtube movies). I am freaking out since this does not seem to be standard for my daughter to encounter these signs and symptoms thinking about her fat, age, and race. Any thooughts? Any preteen parenting internet sites I could use?
Gabby- read once again. I did say whites begin later. You’re a kid yourself from reading through one particular of your current publish. SO please do not response and adult query. I’m not the pervert. I am hunting for solutions that may possibly protect my daughter from abuse if that is the problem she is having.
I did not send her there, it was court ordered (forced against my will). And eleven is fairly normal as normal age need to be about 9-14 yrs of age. Nevertheless, early puberty tends to come about in youngsters of larger weight and of a race other than white. She is only 65 lbs! And white.

Ideal response:

Solution by Gabby
this who factor reads like some thing from a sick pervert.

I am sixteen & I have heard that blacks start off puberty sooner, not whites. Google it is if you will not think me.

Where is incorrect with you look for pubic hair on your kid? What parent would permit a kid to move in with mentally unstable men?

You are the 1 sick and with the issue.

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