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How numerous development spurts do girls have?

April 30th, 2013 Comments off

Question by Tay: How many growth spurts do ladies have?

I had my time period 2 months ahead of I turned 14, so basically I got my period at 14. I just turned 15 a month ago. Here is my progress:

12 many years previous: 5’4″
13 years previous: 5’6″
14 many years old: 5’7½”
15 many years old: 5’9″

I have been possessing “developing pains” in my knees lately, but I don’t believe I have increased in height.

How many development spurts do women have? Will I grow more? I want to be 5’10”, 5’11” optimum. Is this achievable? Thanks!

Best solution:

I in no way had a noticeable development spurt. 🙁 I’m short.
A friend of mine grew how you describe, I consider that just says all are different and different people expand at different rates. Some never have development spurts.

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Lost a bet with my girlfriend, now she is giving me a girly makeover. What may well she do to me girls?

November 15th, 2012 2 comments

Question by Chad: Lost a bet with my girlfriend, now she is giving me a girly makeover. What might she do to me girls?

Hi, I lost a bet with my girlfriend on a local baseball game. So now she has to give me a girly makeover tomorrow. She is quite girly, and we also agreed to let her do what ever she wants. She also informed me that she will consider this fairly far, and that she is going to demonstrate me the “pain” that girls go by means of. So women, what may well she do to me? Thanks

Very best reply:

Response by eva
Initial she is going to shave your head so you have to dwell the rest of the day sporting an itchy wig. Then she will light the wig on fire which occurs to some girls if they get also near to a candle. After that she will poke two sticks of eyeliner into your eyeballs. She will keep them in there for about four-9 minutes. If you had been born a green or brown eyed she’s most likely going to do it to alter your eye colour. Final but not least she is going to scorching glue a broom to your hand. We constantly have to keep our broomsticks prepared for battle.

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Q&A: How do I get my girls to get along?

July 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Query by : How do I get my women to get along?

I have three canines Issabell 4yr old retriver/lab, Jessabell 3yr old austrilian cattle/beagle, & Claireabell 1yr old chesapeake bay/rottie/lab. They had been all raised by me I got them at 8 weeks old. Issy and Jessy have often gotten along and up until finally reacently they had been fine with Claire. In the last two weeks Jessy has become extremely jealuse of Claire, two nights ago they had a battle Claire goes correct for Jessys throat but Claire ends up worse she had a hugh lower on her leg from Jessys nails. Yesterday they went at it once more and Claire ended up with a large hemotoma on her encounter, there was blood every single wherever just pouring out of Claires face, I am not confident if it is from Jessys nails or teeth. My vet wasn’t in so I went to the closest vet, due to the fact I did not have my checkbook on me and only $ 50 with me ( I had to bring back a publish dated verify for the remainder, $ 63) (I only get paid every single other week) he only gave me pain meds, antibotics, & an med to preserve her calm. even though there was blood every exactly where in the office, her left cheek looks like she has a softball in it that’s all he did. The really 1st question was “what do you have on you for income to perform with prior to we begin treatment”. Also he by no means came shut enough to even see what was truly wrong with her, he stayed on one particular side of the space and Claire, myself and my sister on the other. He stated idealy it really should be opened and cleaned but since I did not have sufficient with me he wouldn’t do it. I produced an appoiment for Claire to go to her vet Saturday to get her checked out proper. But does anyony have any ideas how to cease this prior to 1 ends up seriously hurt. I do know part of the problem is that Jessy has picked me as her “person” she is quite protective of me and doesn’t like Claire to be by me(Issy put jessy in her “area” early so jessy do not mess with her). I can not give either a single away they are like my childern and it would kill me to give one particular up. Thanks for any assist you can give

Greatest solution:

Solution by laughing
Your best bets are

1) Hire an animal behaviorist/trainer to discover out wherever the roots of this behavior start.

two) Hold them separated.

A lot of owners discover out their dogs genuinely don’t like one yet another and set up gates and methods to hold them constantly separated. It is hard operate, but they get to preserve their canines and everybody stays happy.

Good luck!

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Query for guys bout girls?

May 11th, 2012 1 comment

Query by Joey: Query for guys bout ladies?

My g/f asked this query:
I am 16, I am not sexually energetic. i excersize daily, and consume healthful.I have been getting intense pain w/ my period. I have had it for like two yrs. Each and every time I get it, I get sick, really feel like I am gonna puke unbarable back ache, “curl up in a ball” stomach pain. Whenever I get it I am out of school for the entire point and am in bed unable to hold anything- the only point that doesnt make me puke is water. The pain meds the doc gave me r not functioning, and the past 2-three occasions I have had my period, I passed out a few times from the pain. Any advice will help!

OKAY I want to know how I can comfort her during her period? How can I make her really feel far better? Any guy w/ a g/f if u know pls give me suggestions on how to comfort her!

Greatest answer:

Reply by Ian M
There is genuinely practically nothing you can do to comfort her. Her period is going to take place regardless, and you just have to attempt and assist her by way of it.

The very same sort of discomfort was taking place with my girlfriend though. The doctors stored insisting that there was practically nothing medically wrong with her and she was just acquiring more severe pains than most girls get. On about the third physician she was referred to, they finally discovered out she had endometriosis which she ultimately had surgical procedure to attempt and proper. Given that then, factors have been a lot greater than ahead of.

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