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I’m getting chest pains, worried it is angina!?

February 14th, 2014 3 comments

Question by Lucy: I am having chest pains, worried it is angina!?

I am a 26 12 months old female, my grandad had angina and I have been receiving chest pains middle to left of my chest. I went to the doctors thinking it was ache in my breast but did say it was sort of in the middle too and she did a breast check but no heart check. Is this achievable at 26? what are the other indications? must I go back to the doctor?
Also my mom died age 48, she had an irregular heartbeat and died of issues….

Very best answer:

Answer by DA DUCTA Guy
you are really young to have heart issues, but it is nonetheless attainable. critical chest pains often radiate to your left arm, jaw, back, shoulder, frequently feeling heavy like stress or tightness or a “band” around your chest. Return to your household doc and have them do a cardiac verify with an EKG and potentially a tension check.

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Getting ache in my proper kidney?

December 15th, 2013 3 comments

Question by Man U: Possessing ache in my correct kidney?

I’m having sharp ache in my correct kidney. Its been like this for a day. My dad says i could have slept on my side and that’s why it hurts, but i consider its possibly its from lifting also several weights. It hurts largely when i stretch or consider to perform sports.

Ideal answer:

Reply by ELxbby
go to the medical professionals

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Who else agrees that Politicians ought to be a lot more concerned with troubles as opposed to getting reelected?

January 2nd, 2013 6 comments

Question by Red Sox 27149: Who else agrees that Politicians ought to be far more concerned with problems as opposed to becoming reelected?

Tea Party Republicans do not care about holding babies at church or “feeling your soreness.” Rep. Walsh and Rep. Ryan are a lot more concerned about issues of these days as opposed to being loved and liked. I never believe most Inner-City Democrats know who they are because they do not read through nor watch the news. Vote Republican in the subsequent General Election.

Best reply:

Answer by Devils Advocate
Ok, whatever you say!

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I’m getting undesirable signs or symptoms?

August 9th, 2012 2 comments

Query by April-ish: I am obtaining negative signs and symptoms?

2 days ago, I had genuinely intense leg discomfort in my proper leg. It was similar to “growing pains” I had when I was a kid…and it is my slightly short leg, so I imagined it could be expanding, although it felt extremely significantly like circulation difficulties. I’ve had this before. It faded away during the night but came back yet again this morning.
By the afternoon the leg pain had primarily gone away. Then I received genuinely poor fuel..felt quite bloated. It was so poor it felt like extreme menstrual cramps. Then my lower back commenced aching like nothing at all else. It was so undesirable, absolutely nothing aided.
I came to bed and beginning feeling nauseated. My entire abdomen was hurting and throbbing. I in no way fell asleep. At about 3am I threw up, a good deal. That was strange thinking about I haven’t eaten since perhaps seven:00. I did consider one particular e.s. tylenol, and had drank a lot of water..I know this could be the trigger, but it truly is in no way happened to me prior to. I took my temp and received 94.9, but I think my thermometer is funked up so I am most likely typical temperature. Then I had a very little bit of soup, and puked my guts out once more an hour later on. Now my insides are burning and stinging. I’ve also been extremely anxious and freaking out. Also, it is the middle of my PMS week, but I never truly feel this negative.
So my query is, does anyone have any concept what’s incorrect with me?

Greatest answer:

Reply by Megalomainiac
im no medical doctor but i would say see your gynecologist, and a Standard health care center for the gasoline pains and the muscle and leg soreness, that is all i could recommend unless u got Access to some excellent soreness killers momentary. hope that assists

sorry if it didnt…

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Insight as to getting MMJ (Healthcare Marijuana) or not please.?

June 5th, 2012 Comments off

Query by Jay: Insight as to acquiring MMJ (Healthcare Marijuana) or not please.?

Fast intro about me: Im 16, About 6′ 4″, 136 Lbs, Began smoking cigarettes a lengthy time ago. Began smoking weed shortly immediately after. At 1st I was in it for the entertaining, Then I observed my so named “Increasing pains” would go away while I was large. These pains frequently hit the point that I would cry, Despite the fact that even then you could hit any strain point on my physique, Kick me in the balls, Anything at all you can feel of, And it wouldnt phase me…So to my mom and other folks in the home (Which includes myself.) this was a severe situation.

I began stealing for a couple grams of some garbage a day, Rapidly worked my way up to smoking property-grown, Bubblicious and so on. Even though I had a few stoners in my family and constant provide of any high quality I could imagine. I ran out of obtainable funds and was forced to quit, Shortly immediately after that I noticed the pain was back. Though not as negative it was none the less chronic discomfort.

So, Getting the aspiring scientist I am, I made the decision to do a number of tests. First off: Discomfort ranges: I purchased a half ounce of some mid grades and cataloged the ache for 30 days before and following smoking the mid grades and staying higher 24/7, I also logged the pain throughout the smoking. To say the least I was shocked. I went from nights of eating each ache pill in the residence I could find and staying up all evening in discomfort to sleeping all the way by way of the evening, Going to college the following day, No anger outbreaks, No stupid stunts.

I’d feel negative if i didnt make you laugh after reading all this so right here we go: attempting to swing from a vine above a three inch deep incredibly rocky creek…The vine broke…There was of program the race against the rental workplace of my neighborhoods 3 guard dogs….And what would it be without the attempt to dodge a bullet…Needless to say i have a hole one/two” from my knee cap now.

Anyway, That was a bit long im sorry. In short:

No weed just before = Severe leg pain, Anger troubles, Stupidity problems.
Weed ahead of = No leg discomfort, Very minimal anger issues, Note-able reduction in stupid selections

Then I stopped. Havent been to school given that 6th grade, Hiding from virtually every cop I see. Now, The entertaining part.

Following nearly 6 months I began a 2 year streak. In that time I smoked 7 grams (a quarter) or much more per day. All from illegally gained funds. Immediately after I stopped once more (or ran out of stuff to jack) I observed the very same leg pains and so on. Accept as a couple months passed I also designed ODD, OCD, Social Anxiety Disorder, And paranoia. Seeking back it seems my physique was making an attempt to re-generate the high. On a far out limb im going to theorize that my physique felt as however it was one thing critical i needed in my lifestyle. NOT SAYING ADDICTION!!! Properly, Okay, Perhaps addiction to long sleeps and ache totally free days but…

So i ended up starting out an AD HD Insomniac with anger problems and leg pain. Ended as AD HD, Insomnia, Anger problems, Later on to be diagnosed Bi-lateral Tendanitis, And unstable knee caps in both legs (to the point i can practically turn my knee cap completely to 1 side of my leg) With ODD, OCD, Anxiety, Paranoia, And minor depression.

Primarily based off my personal experiences the occasional occasions I smoke now. The paranoia, Nervousness, Anger, Everything actually. Just fades away. So to Eventually get to the point:

I reside in NC, I have a great deal of problems, Skilled advice is constantly either: A: “Consider this pill” “umm….doc…this is the 5th time iv been on riddelin….it DOSENT Work…NONE OF THEM DO…Understand A NEW Fix!!!” Or, B: “Well, Lets send you to therapy.” *1-3 months later on when either group or 1 on 1 therapy is completed* “Properly. Congradu FUCKING lations doc im a lot more fucked up now than before”

So, NC has a MMJ bill in the performs, Assuming it is passed. The present filed copy does not exempt minors from the advantages. I have discussed it and re-mentioned it, Educated and re-educated my mom about it, Went above my medical records with the insight as to when I was and wasnt smoking, Created several un-deniable and ultimately accepted and later on to be backed up factors. She has agreed that offered what we currently have obtainable to us, Educationally, Historically, Etc. That it is the greatest interest of absolutely everyone concerned if I go for it.

Not only for mental difficulties. I have physical ache that again, The tablets, And so on. Does not help, This kind of as I fell 8 foot onto concrete and shattered my left wrist (it landed below my side…yet another stupid selection…) Not only did it fail to heal appropriately. But I also broke my left ribcage all the way down, And when I really handle to run farther than my legs normally give out on me, I can feel the elevated heart rate and elevated lung expansion placing strain on the ribcage where it failed to heal appropriately due to going un-noticed (Thanks to 2 10’s of hydrocodone every single four hours masking it…but not masking the ache of a 1 year old sitting on my broke wrist the day immediately after i broke it even though im infant sitting) In turn placing pressure on the heart and lung. I have had each physician that has examined my ribs
I have been to a number of orthopedists and MD’s, I also am at present in physical therapy witch causes my toes, back, and neck to harm as the pain in my legs disapates. As for the analysis, I do it all day everyday its all I can do given my current life conditions. And with more documentation I am also operating on getting income up for another 1/two ounce, Because immediately after all, It has been awhile considering that I final documented any alterations.

I would also like to expand on my question actual fast: Would a video log type of thing be greater? Like acquire a bunch of spare tapes for the camcorder and do kind of a private video log for it.

Finest answer:

Solution by Neodyuist
I can’t say I have data on MMJ in NC but you did very good research and you have proof. What is lacking perhaps is information on the leg discomfort. A blocked vein or artery, a tingling, how the discomfort feels, back difficulties. Smoking assists you not feel the pain but might it be surgical treatment you might have to look into also?
Get a 3rd or fourth viewpoint and record a lot more of how you act inversely whenyou smoke. You need a excellent sum of proof tht you need this particularly given that you happen to be 16.

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Q&A: Why am I getting such poor abdominal discomfort and no one can inform me why?

February 24th, 2012 Comments off

Query by dancinlesh: Why am I obtaining such undesirable abdominal pain and no one can tell me why?

I am writing this to find some assist for my partner.

We visited the ER of a hospital we occurred to be near (not our “regular” ER/hospital) final Sunday. She was getting discomfort in her stomach in intense episodes to the point of tears and inability to walk.

The discomfort is in her decrease abdomen, just above the pubic bone. The discomfort also radiates to her back, upper groin, and down her legs.

The medical doctor we saw was concerned, as this pain was diverse than any other abdominal pain she had experienced. She has IBS, but her issue presented with NO digestive signs and symptoms of any sort.

They discovered, in the doctor’s words, “a slight urinary tract infection,” and Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, which normally happens in kids and teens, most usually immediately after or during a “stomach virus”. She is 27, and has had no stomach virus or digestive problems.

They discharged her with discomfort meds and Cipro for to treat the problem. They also gave her Levoquin just before we left the ER.

He told her she must not function until Wednesday, but ought to most likely be fine by then. She rested, took the meds, and went back to teaching ballet on Thursday.

Thursday evening, an additional exceptionally intense episode of equivalent discomfort drove us back to our “standard” ER. The physician we saw was exceptionally rude, and mentioned she just had “chronic abdominal discomfort,” and there was nothing anybody could do to aid or deal with her. All she did to follow up with the other hospital’s CT scan and urine screen was blood tests and yet another urine screen. This urine screen came back clean, and she mentioned all the bloodwork was “fine.”

She informed my companion she just required to go property and rest, change her diet, and continue taking discomfort meds, even even though they have been not helping at all, only making her much more tired. She said that she should not be working, as my partner teaches dance, but the classwork she had been performing prior to Thursday’s go to was light ballet with preschool kids, not Zumba or a thing. The degree of activity was no far more than standard walking.

We are at the finish of our rope! I am listing her symptoms under. If any person has any thoughts, please allow us know. The discomfort episodes are getting far more frequent, and it is not finding any far better if anything, worse.

* Intense episodes, as effectively as constant discomfort in the reduce abdomen, just above the pubic bone

* Continuous drowsiness

* Elevated liver functions, to the point that the medical professional she was seeing did not truly feel at ease placing her on medicine for higher cholesterol.

* Back pain, radiating from the abdomen and down her legs

* Excessive thirst, despite drinking much more than the common needed daily water intake

* Regular “hot flashes”

* Sensation that she is going to pass a large blood clot (as 1 may well for the duration of menstruation), still with no any bleeding, and not in the PMS or period time.

* She is on many drugs, some really not too long ago prescribed. The new drugs are listed in all CAPS.

* Metformin
* Celexa

Please help! If you have any thoughts, please share them with us.

Thanks so much.


Very best answer:

Answer by inkydink81
I wish I could say what specifically was leading to the difficulty, but I can not. What I CAN tell you is that I, for the lifestyle of me, CAN NOT figure out why she is on Potassium dietary supplements AND Spironolactone. Spiro was originally produced as a medication for large blood stress and is basically a diaretic. Most diaretics are Potassium depleting, nevertheless Spiro isn’t. It’s truly a Potassium sparing medication, which indicates that if you do not preserve an eye on your diet plan in terms of your Potassium intake, it could attain toxic levels and actually be fatal. I am on Spiro & Sprintec for acne, because spiro is also productive in controlling hormones and is finest utilised w/ a birth handle pill. I would see another medical doctor ASAP and present to them the list of meds she’s on. She wants another blood check and never leave until finally you have some reliable answers, this doesn’t sound like a “virus,” and “Persistent abdominal pain” is just rediculous. It doesn’t come out of the blue w/ no trigger and pain meds are just going to mask the symptom of possibly a greater problem. Good luck, I hope she gets greater soon!

Oh, By the way, if Potassium levels get to a toxic degree, they can cause Kidney damage as nicely as heart harm, that is how critical it is.

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