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Is it typical for a individual that gets to be disabled to also turn out to be swift tempered/mean to people they really like?

July 26th, 2013 8 comments

Question by sattice: Is it common for a person that gets disabled to also grow to be quick tempered/mean to those they love?

Somebody that has just lately turn into disabled-is now really rapid to anger and bossy/imply to family members. Why is this and what can we do to assist?

Greatest reply:

Answer by PlainJane
dealing with a disability can make a particular person angry at himself or at the circumstance simply because of the modifications to their existence. if they are no longer able to be independent, they can knowledge feelings of depression & reduced self esteem. the alter in mindset to loved ones members can be their way of acting out due to the disability. if it is attainable, touch base with the medical doctor concerned and tell him/her about the character adjustments you are seeing. also, if there is a support group for their certain disability, assist may possibly be found there, also.

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Q&A: hearing gets quiet and ear starts to ring out of nowhere?

May 30th, 2013 2 comments

Question by Mike: hearing gets quiet and ear commences to ring out of nowhere?

Hello, my names mike i am 21 years old, i have been struggling from jolts of discomfort in my head the past four months. They come to feel like swift jolts of discomfort and my neurologist has me on migraine medication. Recently tho i also observed that out of nowhere occasionally my hearing will get genuinely low and my ear or ears will commence to ring for just a couple seconds then every little thing will go back to regular…i know for a fact that there is no wax construct up in my ear and no ear infection due to the fact i was just at my ENT about a week in the past and he explained every thing looked excellent…what can this be> can this be from the migraines? thank you!

Ideal solution:

Response by John Death
Ive had that ring for as prolonged as I can keep in mind. I will just be walking along or sitting there and it is usually in just a single ear and it will get loud and following a minor whilst it goes away. I have had the pain spikes too but they fade quick so I never concerned about it.

I have had complete head MRI’s for other issues so I know it truly is not a tumor or anything at all. Just takes place to some of us for some cause.

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I am in the method of become sick with the flu. Anyway to cease this ahead of it gets worse?

March 16th, 2013 4 comments

Question by Craig: I am in the process of become sick with the flu. Anyway to cease this just before it will get worse?

My pal has infected me I consider.
Yesterday I noticed my throat feeling somewhat scratchy, right now it has gotten somewhat worse and despite the fact that I wont call it “ache” the irritation is now spreading to my sinuses.

Is there anyway I can stop this considering that I look to be catching it early?

Ideal reply:

Solution by Britney S
call the dr or go to the er and they will give u some sort of medison to aid u

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If a cats ear gets torn, what are the signs it could encounter?

March 1st, 2013 2 comments

Query by Blood Princess: If a cats ear gets torn, what are the symptoms it could encounter?

I creating a book and I need to know.

Look…i didn’t harm my cat….but in my guide this cat will get her ear torn

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Answer by Mo

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What kind of hurting gets slowly more unpleasant?

November 12th, 2012 Comments off

Query by blackwinterday: What variety of hurting gets steadily more distressing?

I had an accident when i was riding bicycle last week. Immediately after i hit the ground i didn’t truly feel significantly discomfort but immediately after a week i sense a undesirable ache on left side of my rib (just over my belly). Specifically when i bend or attain on my left side. What type of hurting must it be? Ought to i have an x-ray or one thing?

Finest solution:

Response by Steph
It could be a broken rib, they tend to be very distressing. Sometimes, adrenaline acts as an “anti-discomfort” hormone and could have induced you to truly feel fine for a number of hours. Broken ribs, assuming you have no breathing troubles, can heal on their very own. Refrain from hefty lifting and take it simple for a few weeks.

It could always be muscle soreness. At times, if one lands incorrect or falls, muscle aches can occur days later. Abdomen muscle tissues are typically perplexed with “stomach pains” because how infrequently they ache.

If you really feel it truly is actually significant, then perhaps you ought to have an x-ray. At this point, it does not sound as well critical given that it is been a week. Take it straightforward, and wait a few a lot more days.

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