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Can your mind genuinely make you truly feel pains that aint there?

November 8th, 2013 3 comments

Query by : Can your thoughts genuinely make you really feel pains that aint there?

Like say an individual asked you if your head hurt then you say no but then it starts to harm or if your reading through sythoms of anything and theres one thing you dont have then a lil even though later you all of a sudden have that…can this genuinely happen??

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Response by LadyRoxi
panic attack.that typically transpires with individuals that have panic attacks or hypochondriac. folks told me one thing and i really feel what they have told me. but i did that like as soon yeah its true.

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is having a clamp when piercing your tongue genuinely necessary?

August 24th, 2013 5 comments

Query by : is getting a clamp when piercing your tongue truly essential?

I’m going to pierce my tongue. I have a needle & an ring but not a clamp. I’m asking yourself if it is actually really worth obtaining or if there are any residence-hold items i can use instead.

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Answer by mmasoldierlovestaryn126
uh yea…. DO NOT DO IT Your self!!! are you crazy!? did you know that if you mess it up… you can split your tongue… and if you hit a vain…. you can die… or go paralyzed… I am an EMT. Okay… honestly… get it accomplished legally and professionally… it may be expensive… but its much better then messing up your life…

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I had a genuinely scary dream. Can you assist me understand it? ( Sorta aLong read)?

February 11th, 2012 1 comment

Query by : I had a truly scary dream. Can you help me understand it? ( Sorta aLong examine)?

I was in my space. My dream space was just like my very own. The exact same mess and every thing. My mom and stage dad had been talking downstairs for very sometime. Then i heard my mom call me. So i went downstairs. My mom stated to me, “son, i’m so Sorry. But Its for the very best.” it was clear what there strategy was. I was about to die. I was sacred, but calm and accepting. I knew it was for the best. I am the oldest of 5 and the most expensive and we, at least in my dream, were poor. So my stage dad set up a chair in the middle of the residing space. Towels were spread of all over the place to soak up the blood. I sat in the chair. I looked out the window i saw the sun set. And out of impulse i stated, “can you do it with the gun, to the back of my head? I dont want to really feel ache” he agreed, it was my final want. And my mom watch my stage dad load the pistol, and she wept.

Then my step dad placed a blind fold close to my eyes, and secured a towel in location about my head to soak up the blood. As he did this i believed about where i’d go when i die. Hell? Or heavan? I worried result in i am bisexual. My last thoughts were on my soul. Then i heard my step dad whisper to me, “i really like you, son” and i heard the gun co-ck behind my head. And then absolutely nothing. At that point i knew i was dead. My mind just fell in a darkness. Black shrouded my mind for a hour in real time.

Then i awoke. In my dream i woke up. I was on a challenging surface, the table, covered by a blanket. I uncovered myself and got off the table. I was dazed and light headed. My head felt compressed. I felt like i just woke up from a lengthy nap. My mouth was dry and it harm to breath. I felt numb all above. My hands felt cold and lifeless. I looked close to. No one was downstairs so i headed to my area upstairs. I stumbled up the measures Then as i walked into my room i observed it hadn’t been bothered. Not a speck of dust had been moved. I touched my bed. I didn’t feel it. I could not feel texture. Only pressure. I then had a empty feeling inside. I place my hand to my chest. I had a faint heartbeat. And i felt i was missing a thing. I did not have a soul.

At that point, i took my lifeless physique to my dad and mom room. My mom was there weeping on her bed. I said, “mom, i dont feel so good.” i produced her jump. She looked at me baffled and then she realized i was alive. She received up and she said, “How can this be? Your…” then she touched my encounter. I did not experience the warmth of her fingers.

Then i walked to the rest area. I walked into and i went straight to the mirror. There i was. Lifeless andrew. I did not believe it was me. That encounter wasn’t mine but it was mine. My skin was gray and flawless. My hair was flat, brown, and limp. I attempted a smile. It wasn’t my smile. The andrew i looked at wasn’t the real andrew.

I walked back to my mom. I asked her, “why do i truly feel so numb and my head feels like Its becoming compressed. Why?” she explained it was due to the fact of i was dead. “dead? How lengthy?” she hesitated, and answered, “prolonged, son, days lengthy.” “How several days?” i said. “i need to know.”
“39 days, andrew, You’ve been dead.” then i flashed back to the day i died. I touched the back of my head. I didn’t experience texture but i felt a hole. I had a bullet in my head and but i stroll. My mom just stared at me.

I ran back to my space. I stood there contemplating. “I am dead. I feel so empty inside. I am missing something” my physique had by no means felt so cold, so empty, so incomplete just before. I then saw a shadow, or what looked like one fly by my door. It looked like a tiny dog, black fuzzy spines covered it. It was most gray and black. It passed by so rapidly. Then i took off operating in dread to my mom. My experience had been bare and i slipped out my space yelling, “mom! Mom! Mom!” my soulless physique by no means got to her.

And thats in which i woke up, for actual. I just opened my eyes. I didn’t yell i just calmly i opened them. I am really spooked by this dream. It been playing all day in my head. I am actually afraid i’ll have it again. It genuinely scares me. Any interpertation is beneficial. I dont realize why i had it, or what it signifies. Can you give me your thoughts on it? Thanks.
Btw i am fiftiteen.

Very best solution:

Answer by 80’s kid
Whoa dude, sounds like you could be an writer some day. Tons of representations in this dream, but most are really apparent: 1st and foremost, sounds like a classic Oedipus Complicated: This the Freudian theory of supressed resentment toward the father figure, and enjoy toward the mother figure. In your dream, the father is making an attempt to kill you, and you happen to be running to your loving mother for protection – really common.
I find it interesting that your stage dad said I adore you prior to he “killed” you, that means you have a good feeling about him total, and he to you.
The bulk of the dream is your travell through death, and the struggle of pergatory (the inbetween daily life and death state). In the finish, interesting dream, and just a classic dread of death, sub-aware strain of being the oldest sibling, and the calmness of providing yourself up to shield your other siblings was extremely selfless and safeguarding.

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