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Why is my left foot numb?

March 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Query by Vanessa: Why is my left foot numb?

My left foot has been numb for a couple of days now and it’s becoming a lot more obvious each and every day and more unpleasant. It really is largely numbness in my reduce foot (toe area) and the ache is working up my leg. A soreness behind my knee.

I’m a 5’0, 125 pound 18 12 months old female. I’ve recently commenced doing work total time and it includes a lot of standing and walking close to (not sure if that is of aid). It truly is not my footwear. So what is up?

the numbness is also a biiiit in my correct foot. but i could be just imagining issues.

Ideal solution:

Reply by JP
If you can, attempt using athletic sneakers at operate. If not, at least try making use of a rubber soled shoe with some arch support. The symptoms you describe could actually be indications of a pinched nerve in your reduce back. When the nerve roots in your back are pinched, at times the signs are felt as numbness on a single foot or yet another. Trying googling “sciatica ache” for far more info to see if this may well match your symptoms.
If chaning your shoes does not aid, you need to have to be evaluated by a medical doctor.

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32 Weeks and feeling Pressure and foot discomfort?

October 10th, 2013 6 comments

Question by morningtide_mondays: 32 Weeks and feeling Strain and foot ache?

I am eight months pregnant today! Nonetheless, when I woke up this morning I have felt significant strain nonstop in the reduce location. It was so agonizing earlier this morning that I almost wanted to cry. I could barely bend above to reach into my dresser drawer for outfits without wanting to cry out.

My child has been moving a minor this morning, but not as regularly as she generally does. She’s usually the most lively in the late afternoon early evening.

I have two jobs: a desk job, a job the place I am on my feet consistently. My feet harm so significantly that they truly feel numb. Final evening my kitten experimented with to kiss my feet (which I hate!) and I couldn’t even really feel her. I couldn’t even come to feel her brush along them.

Is this just a indicator that my little one is turning into the (hopefully) correct place, or must I be concerned? Why are my feet numb?

Greatest answer:

Response by op_mommy
You should undoubtedly phone your physician and let her know what is going on… it could be nothing or it could be something severe. I am certain she’ll most likely want you to commence your maternity leave quickly or at least have your job function with you to maintain you off of your feet as significantly as achievable at this stage. When you happen to be at the desk job, try out and maintain your feet elevated as significantly as feasible (also when you are at residence or any other time you can). The soreness may well just be that the infant is dropping into position (that does harm a bit) but you want to make confident there’s nothing at all more significant going on.

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Woke up with severe foot pain?

August 4th, 2012 1 comment

Query by d3v10u5b0y: Woke up with extreme foot ache?

I was awakened abruptly this morning by my wife asking if I would assist her open her meds (she sliced her hand with a pair of scissors yesterday). At very first, I didn’t observe until finally I went to go to the restroom that my proper foot was killing me. I was in a position to get up and limp to the bathroom. I limp each and every morning, though, because of plantar fascitis in Each feet, so my wife considered practically nothing of it.

When I came back I tried to lay down on my abdomen and bend my knee so my foot was behind my back, that way I could stretch and massage it and try out to feel about for swelling. When I pulled on it to stretch it, it nearly felt as even though it was dislocated, possibly severely sprained. I did sprain this foot when I was 9 by hitting it fairly tough on the peg of a scooter at my cousin’s home, and walked on it for a couple of weeks just before it swelled up adequate that my mother and father noticed and took me to the medical doctor. Probably that is connected.

The only way I can describe the ache is like when you’re a kid and you have what they get in touch with “growing pains”, multiplied by about five – 10x (my “increasing pains” have been fairly unpleasant). I’m no stranger to ache, so it truly is more of a small annoyance than a actual distraction. But, I’d like some insight, if feasible, into what the problem could be before it will get worse or leads to any permanenent damage. Mainly I’m asking here simply because, despite the fact that my wife and young children are covered my health-related insurance, I am not. I simply see no require given that I never go to the medical professional. If I can get an thought of what the issue is from here then I will check with a handful of far more sites and individuals I know in the medical area, then probably attempt to handle it on my very own.

Thanks in advance.
HA! Nope, no foot fetish, but we did go at it a couple of times final evening. Going straight to the medical doctor is probably a secure bet, but I am stubborn like that.

Finest answer:

Answer by Okram C
You had threesome with foot fetish… hehe. nicely, the greatest thing to do is to get up from that chair and straight to the medical professional

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