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I feel i may possibly have fibormyalgia?

December 23rd, 2013 2 comments

Query by wildlesheye1: I consider i may have fibormyalgia?

I have had plenty of aching and pains and concerns with my skin and eyes and every thing…I looked up fibromyalgia and I appear to have just about every symptom there is but i want some actual input from atual suffers. Any individual who has it please give me some quite specific syptoms that you are struggling with so I can have anything to base mine on. I practically come to feel relieved to know that there could be an response!!!

Ideal response:

Solution by c h
I considered I did at one particular time but identified out I have some meals allergies. Hurting all above for no apparent explanation. Even the bottom of my feet when I would get up in the morning. My physique was just acidic. A single point you may want to attempt is taking folic acid, it assisted me. And staying away from wheat and flour. Do you notice any syptoms of hands swelling? That was one issue I discover with meals allergic reactions that led me to locate out about allergies. Your medical professional can send you in for a blood check to discover out about fibromyalgia though. There are specific protein amounts that will be greater if you have it.

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