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How can I keep away from substantial leading canvas footwear from skinning the back of my nice feet?

November 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Query by Liu: How can I avoid large best canvas shoes from skinning the back of my wonderful feet?

I really like canvas flats and canvas shoes in standard, but they are so painful =(

So much enjoy for canvas shoes, but “Beauty is Discomfort”
Aid? Thanks!

Here is a pic for these who will not know what canvas shoes are!

Finest reply:

Solution by ♥ ♦ choco ♦ ♥
put on socks, if you will not presently?

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What could be causing my lower back pain on only one side?

December 27th, 2008 2 comments
momoftwo asked:

I had a baby 4 months ago and ever since I was pregnant I have had this lower back pain on my right side. It’s like a burning stabbing feeling. I don’t have any numbness in my leggs or feet. I also got checked for a kidney infection and I don’t have one. Could this be a pinched nerve? Is there anything I can do at home to heal it?