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I hold feeling hungry. Is it due to my acid reflux?

January 5th, 2014 Comments off

Question by Ryuu: I keep feeling hungry. Is it due to my acid reflux?

I’m 18 years previous and I have acid reflux, small hernia and gastritis.I believe mine is continual… I never know. Recently I typically feeling hungry. It feels my stomach is empty though I already ate. Is it due to the fact I maintain my hunger for as well lengthy? I am a college pupil and typically miss breakfast due to the fact my house is far from college and it truly is challenging for me to wake up early. I will only start to consume in the course of lunch at 12 pm. I’m quite concern. I have acquired fat since then.. 🙁 How do I steer clear of this? Any wellness ideas would be appreciated.

Also, I have doubts above my medication. My medical professional gave me 2 boxes of omesic 20mg to be consumed every month. Do I have to take it constantly without having stopping? It looks a whole lot.

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Reply by Diego
There known as ‘ hunger pains “. The place the inflamation confuses your brain that your hungry, I had it to! I had gastritis, and reflux. I went above a 12 months in hell with no aid, until finally I located cabbage. Plain previous green cabbage. The remedy is one cup cabbage/1cup water. In the blender right up until it looks like smooth green water. Hold your breath, and chug it down. Do this four instances a day. Do this every day right up until symptoms are gone, which is usually 2 weeks. But reflux will be gone that day! good luck! 😀

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I think my eight mth previous son is not feeling very good??

November 23rd, 2013 2 comments

Query by Nicole C: I feel my eight mth outdated son is not feeling great??

My eight mth previous son has been sleeping alot lately and earlier he was coughing and threw up all above his father . I am not certain if the sleeping is from him teething or not feeling excellent and if the throwing up is from coughing or being sick…Support!! I never want to fret!

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Answer by Ava
It could be a minor cold. Children will get sluggish when they dont really feel nicely. Consider him to the ped and he must be fine.

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If you come to feel a pinching feeling on 1 side could thae be ovulation and your period must be due 14 days later

November 15th, 2013 3 comments

Query by ღMomma to Mackenzie Grace!ღ: If you truly feel a pinching feeling on a single side could thae be ovulation and your time period should be due 14 days later on

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Solution by adverts
you will uncover guidelines on discovering your ovulation right here

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32 Weeks and feeling Pressure and foot discomfort?

October 10th, 2013 6 comments

Question by morningtide_mondays: 32 Weeks and feeling Strain and foot ache?

I am eight months pregnant today! Nonetheless, when I woke up this morning I have felt significant strain nonstop in the reduce location. It was so agonizing earlier this morning that I almost wanted to cry. I could barely bend above to reach into my dresser drawer for outfits without wanting to cry out.

My child has been moving a minor this morning, but not as regularly as she generally does. She’s usually the most lively in the late afternoon early evening.

I have two jobs: a desk job, a job the place I am on my feet consistently. My feet harm so significantly that they truly feel numb. Final evening my kitten experimented with to kiss my feet (which I hate!) and I couldn’t even really feel her. I couldn’t even come to feel her brush along them.

Is this just a indicator that my little one is turning into the (hopefully) correct place, or must I be concerned? Why are my feet numb?

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Response by op_mommy
You should undoubtedly phone your physician and let her know what is going on… it could be nothing or it could be something severe. I am certain she’ll most likely want you to commence your maternity leave quickly or at least have your job function with you to maintain you off of your feet as significantly as achievable at this stage. When you happen to be at the desk job, try out and maintain your feet elevated as significantly as feasible (also when you are at residence or any other time you can). The soreness may well just be that the infant is dropping into position (that does harm a bit) but you want to make confident there’s nothing at all more significant going on.

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My mom can not rest effectively on her left side coz she says she’ll begin feeling a pain in her heart.?

September 6th, 2013 8 comments

Question by Zahara: My mom cannot rest correctly on her left side coz she says she’ll start off feeling a soreness in her heart.?

She has substantial blood strain as properly. What could be the dilemma? She’s 51.

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Response by trent4kala
er she could die

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Q&A: I have a mild sore throat, clicking and an uneven feeling in my jaw, and soreness in the left side of my neck.?

August 16th, 2013 4 comments

Query by carribean cruiser: I have a mild sore throat, clicking and an uneven feeling in my jaw, and ache in the left side of my neck.?

I am truly commencing to worry about throat cancer. Has anybody seasoned these symptoms before? It is been going on for at least a month now.

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Answer by maca
this sounds like a dental issue

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