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Hello i was wondering for the previous yr or so i have been acquiring sharp pains at the extremely top of my head?

February 27th, 2014 Comments off

Question by kim: Hello i was wondering for the previous year or so i have been receiving sharp pains at the quite prime of my head?

Generally its only when my heart starts to race I get them mainly when I am asleep often it wakes me up out of my rest but the ache only final for a number of seconds but now its starting to last longer I would just like a bit of a insight on what it might be , thank you

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Answer by Nicky
I would go and talk about this with your medical doctor. There are numerous causes why this kind of signs happen. I am tempted to suggest that a good deal of this may be in your mind since you are now expecting this kind of discomfort. You indicate that these “pains” are right after dreams. How do you truly know you have this kind of pains when you are asleep?

Yes, go and see the Doc and discuss this. Meanwhile, I would recommend rest treatment. A racing heart suggests anxiety anyway, and fear is enough to give any individual a headache (and a racing heart also!)

Hopefully, someone much better informed on this can supply a much better reply. Meanwhile, end worrying, do deep breathing and chill!

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Q&A: What are some causes for extremely mild chest discomfort?

September 8th, 2013 5 comments

Question by Smile.ツ: What are some causes for really mild chest pain?

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Response by Kiki L
I have stomach issues, and i get chest ache if i have also significantly of these factors below:
candy (gummies, lollipops, pop rocks and so forth.)

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Okay so I really feel extremely awkward for asking this, but my boobs hurt and I have no clue why.?

July 21st, 2013 1 comment

Query by Mia: Okay so I feel really awkward for asking this, but my boobs hurt and I have no clue why.?

I come to feel like a comprehensive weirdo for asking this but I am starting to worry. Does any one know why they harm and are tender? Please please please aid. Sorry for the awkward query.

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Answer by Bravo My Buddy
You’re developing up :’)

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Q&A: what to do: i have extremely negative lower back and leg discomfort and have been provided 4 diverse answers!!! what could it b?

December 22nd, 2011 Comments off

Query by : what to do: i have quite negative reduce back and leg pain and have been offered four diverse answers!!! what could it b?

ok so i asked a question on here about two weeks ago about my reduce back pain and a couple of of the answers had been quite helpfull properly now im stuck in a thought: i have been offered 4 diverse answers
one. I was told it was a compression fracture
two. I was told that it was a compression of the L1
3. I was told it was the nerved being compressed by a “peek-a-boo disk”
4. i am now becoming told it is just genuinely undesirable muscle spasms

now this is all coming from 1 medical doctor as to wich why i am now stuck in thought today upon my go to with her she told me very frankly ” i dont have magical powers, i cant make you much better” and whilst telling her about the ache and how it effects on on what i do on a every day basis she says “oh just move about that will get you going, and make you greater” i was sent to physical therapy by yet another medical doctor the one who told me it was doable nerve compression. and when i told that to the doctor i saw nowadays once again “there just physical therapists, they cant inform you what the discomfort is coming from”….. so soon after not being satisfied with seeing her she ultimately refered me to a back specialist whom of which i am hoping to recieve accurate outcomes from i am a 24 year old woman who has gone from no back pain a day in my lifestyle to now have non quit back discomfort that radiates up and down my spine and into my left leg. (and due to the fact i could not pin point a single particular place of the leg she mentioned she was 100%confident that there was practically nothing other then back spasms) so if any of you can offer you suggestions i am in excellent need of some thing any thing usefull that could much better assist me get to the bottom of this is greatly appreciated
i am currently being given a number of medicines ranging from oxycodone to 800mg ibuprofen, to hoydrocodone with aciteminephin(viacodin) cyclobenzaprine (flexeril). i have just started physical treatment these days was my second session but my medical doctor suggested me to probably stop going seeing as how it is “possibly just muscle spasm’s” once again any and all assistance is appreciated at this point im so wanting to get to the bottom of this and get back to my standard every day actions!!!

Finest solution:

Solution by SGT V
Time to change medical professionals as yours sounds like the M.D. behind her name stands for “Mentally Deficient”! In reality it appears you have gotten two different answers. Things 1,2,three are all variations on the very same theme that it is connected to the vertebrae. 4 is a separate, factor blaming it on the muscle tissue. It could be a compression (type of) fracture of L1 which refers to an anatomical place the 1st lumbar (area) vertebrae. You have cervical (neck), thoracic (upper to low back), and lumbar vertebrae. There are 5 lumbar numbered from top to bottom L1-L5. A compression fracture would call for at bare minimal an lumbar spine series of x-rays or far more likely an MRI of your lumbar spine. I believe the “peek-a-boo” they refer to is a problem recognized as spondylolisthesis where the vertebrae moves (most likely when you bend above or twist) and compresses on the spinal nerve which would cause the problems of which you complain. It does not sound like physical treatment (PT) helped you which would make me discount “just muscle spasms” statements. The orthopedic (bone) or neurosurgeon (nerves and spinal cord) should get to the bottom of the dilemma. Pain is a symptom of a issue. Radiating spine ache is probably either brought on or aggravated by nerve compression.
I suffered a “burst/explosion” fracture of C-6 with associated injury to my spinal cord (SCI) when I was 21 years old. I have a situation named Brown-Sequard Syndrome which refers to motor loss (paralysis, which subsided) on 1 side of the entire body and sensory loss (discomfort and temperature in my situation) on the opposite side.I have been being handled for serious, chronic ache for almost 30 many years as a end result of this injury and resulting anatomical adjustments. I was also a medic in the USAF. My educated guess would be there is a very good possibility that you have compression of your spine at L1 most likely with muscle spasms. You don’t mention any drugs but you could try a thing like Ibuprofen (it has ache relief characteristics along with an anti-inflammatory). I would attempt using a topical analgesic (Ben Gay, Mineral Ice, Tiger Balm) it will help ease the pain if it is even partially muscular in nature. You can purchase hydrocollator pads from a Walgreens or comparable spot. You take the pad and heat it up in water on the stove best, remove it with tongs and enable the excess water to drain off and spot the pad in between two towels. Spot the towels on your back and as the heat dissipates take away one particular of the towels. An easier way is to put the topical analgesic on and then right after about 20 minutes take a hot shower and let the water pulsate on exactly where it hurts and that should alleviate some of the ache. It sounds like your sciatic nerve might be involved which would make clear the discomfort radiating down the back of your leg. Hopefully the specialist will get to the root difficulty rapidly. Hope this aids you. Best of luck.

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