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I am twenty years old and my bones hurt. Could it be expanding pains?

March 18th, 2014 6 comments

Question by allhaildeann: I am twenty years old and my bones harm. Could it be developing pains?

For the past couple weeks, I maintain getting random pains in my legs, arms, chest, ribs, and shoulders, and it just feels like the bones harm. It really is not the joints but just like the bones. Nowadays I have had them specifically badly. They typically only final a couple of minutes but today it really is lasted virtually all day. I have been a vegetarian for 8 many years, even though I do drink tons of milk and eat a lot of dairy, but I never know if it could have some thing to do with that.
Anyway, do you believe I could still be expanding/encountering growing pains at twenty many years previous? I am a woman by the way. If not what else could it be?

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Reply by LovinEcon
No, def not growing pains females create prior to males and males generally completely produce height-sensible close to 18-19.

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Can particular mental disorders finest be understood as “expanding pains?”?

December 7th, 2012 2 comments

Query by SuperFun: Can particular mental issues finest be understood as “growing pains?”?

They say the brain stops establishing when a man or woman is in their mid-twenties. If a man or woman is struggling with depression and anxiety throughout their late-teens and early-twenties is it achievable that these troubles could resolve themselves as soon as the brain finishes developing?

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Reply by Ms.Factor
teenage angst & the hormonal alterations in the entire body could impact your mood, but by the late teens ought to even out. regular depression & pressure relevant to school & friends could be typical (everyone can be impacted by that), but alot of depression ailments could begin in adolescence, & in the early 20s so i would get it checked out

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Q&A: Query about “expanding pains” or some thing else??

September 10th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Crazy Mama: Query about “growing pains” or some thing else??

I feel silly asking in the first place, but figured it cannot harm to inquire. I tried the chat rooms initial so I didn’t have to waste the points right here for something this silly but they are just talking about everything else. Thanks in advance.

Allow me start off to say that with my daughter I had backlabor, hurt in my decrease back and all the way close to to my hips and harm worse when I walked. She was complete phrase every thing great.

Right now I am 26 weeks pregnant and obtaining lower back ache and my hips, but just the front portion not all the way about. I never assume I feel any contracting of the uterus and it is not worse when I walk, just feels the identical.

Is it expanding pains or ought to I be far more worried?

My fiance just went off to operate and I do not want to phone him house if it is nothing at all and I know you can not inform me genuinely over the world wide web but figured I would ask anyway.

Thanks once more!
Oh and nothing else has altered both, no enhance in discharge or bleeding. And the child is moving like insane (as normal).
Thanks, this is in fact new to me simply because about this time I began obtaining contractions with my 1st (quack of a physician told me it was braxton hicks but I got a new doctor that mentioned otherwise, excellent factor the quack doesn’t practice any longer!). So these growing pains are new. I just knew it felt almost the exact same but still Extremely various! Thanks!

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Reply by Krystal A
Sounds like developing pains.Also considering that this is your 2nd child the pains are not going to be as negative because your body is acquainted with the way it is now.So I believe you should be just fine.Congrats!!

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expanding pains??!???what is it!!! ?

July 31st, 2012 2 comments

Question by girly_girlhh: developing pains??!???what is it!!! ?

considering that i was two yrs old i would get these genuinely poor “expanding pains” in my legs to the point in which i would be screaming all by way of the evening. i went to physicians and they ran tests and every thing came back standard . my mom attempted all varieties of meds for me and the only thing that would function was motrin which has an anti-inflammatory in it. im now 16 and nevertheless get these truly negative. i dont get them at any specific time it could be correct when i wake up or the middle of the day. about a yr and a half ago i began gettn these pains in my arms and the pain goes all the way up to my shoulder occasionally . i consider motrin and they go away but they are horrible. this doesnt appear standard to me usually u stop havn “developing pains” when ur lke twelve what could it be??? ive went to medical doctors and they say its regular but i dnt assume it is.
any info would be greatly appreciated 🙂
i dont take a bunch of medicines the only medicine i consider is motrin and i hate taking that even and i havnt grown in like to yrs im at my grownup height already

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Reply by hey whoi
taking a bunch of medicines is not helpful, in the extended run its horrible for you.

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Achy pain behind my knees, like expanding pains, at 20 weeks pregnant?

October 8th, 2011 5 comments

Query by Katie&thebaby: Achy discomfort behind my knees, like increasing pains, at 20 weeks pregnant?

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and just this last week have had aches on the back side of my legs, a little above my knees. It’s dull and feels like “expanding pains” I don’t forget from becoming 12 or 13. My husband and I walk every single night and I haven’t completed anything unusual or strenuous. Is this widespread? Tylenol relieves the pain but I dont want to take it each and every day for the rest of my pregnancy. What could this be (causes?), will it final?

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Answer by catherine b
If I don’t forget properly from when I was pregnant, I think it has to do with the infant absorbing your potassium. Because potassium is stored in your muscles, they have a tendency to ache. Then, since you are walking all around carrying additional excess weight, your leg muscles may possibly hurt most. I generally ate a banana before going to bed at evening…. they’re one particular of the ideal all-natural sources for potassium. Hope I could assist:)

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