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Does anyone have any other suggestions why i could have this ache? Or what i should do? Or even what medical professional to see?

January 24th, 2014 7 comments

Query by Puglover00: Does anybody have any other suggestions why i could have this discomfort? Or what i ought to do? Or even what doctor to see?

I have had abdominal pain considering that I was 13, and I am now about to be 20. When i was 13, the doctors mentioned the discomfort was due to ovarian cysts, and I was put on birth handle. Following they mentioned they were gone, I quit going to the medical professional till I was 18, but was usually sensitive on my proper reduced side (even with kidney but in front not back). Well, I went back at 18, had to get a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. Discomfort went away for two months, then came back worse. I have been unable to take bc’s considering that (mood troubles). But have been assure my much more then one doc that endometriosis is not the lead to anymore. I have been in and out of the ER on morphine, the very first couple of “diagnosis” was kidney infection/bladder infection..then I started obtaining GI problems as properly. Following going to a GI doc, they wished to do a colonoscopy, but I could not hold down the prep kit, and I have not gone back nevertheless. They place me on methscopolamine bromide (sp) and everything appeared very good…
although I even now had decrease back and side soreness soon after strolling or swimming. Then I my ovaries quit functioning, and i was provided a hormone pill, then ended back up in the ER for ruptured ovarian cyst. That was about 3 weeks ago, I have been on a new bc for a week, but my lower back continues to harm as nicely as sharp pains in my side. I have my gallbladder,appenix,blah blah all of it checked, several blood perform, several ultrasounds, pelvic and stomach. I just have no idea what to do any longer, i dont want to be on pain med forever, and I have no notion the place to turn anymore…it would seem like no doctor offers a crap about me, and just act like im making every thing up…I never request for soreness med both. I just never comprehend any of this any longer…
I am presently only on one particular med…the bc and I experimented with the chiropracter, and it created items…I do not really feel comfy going back…

Ideal response:

Response by enomis225
Would seem like you are taking a whole lot of meds. Have you ever experimented with the natural method? Ever been to a chiropractor? A simple adjustment might alleviate some of your issues a subluxation of your vertebrae could be causing interference to the nerves that innervate some of people locations you are getting troubles with. x-rays and a couple of chiropractic changes couldn’t hurt. I’ve seen chiropractic operate miracles.

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What is incorrect with me? I have been obtaining ache like I am going to commence my period but even worse but it is

July 5th, 2013 2 comments

Query by flower power: What is incorrect with me? I have been possessing pain like I am going to commence my period but even worse but it is

not time. It is kind of in the middle of my cycle. It happens each time for the last four or 5 months. I am afraid to request the medical professional because I am afraid there is anything incorrect with me. Is there? Does anybody else have this issue? What could be wrong with me? It transpires every month in the middle of my cycle.

Greatest reply:

Solution by fishineasy
This happens to a lot of females. If you would really feel much better you require to be checked byou your medical professional and I think you must. But I think you have ovulation ache. What you are experiencing might be Mittelschmerz. Mittelschmerz is a German word which translated virtually implies “middle pain.” Other words you may hear include: ovulation discomfort, midcycle discomfort, menstrual, middle soreness, or cramps. Ovulation normally happens about two weeks right after the first day of your last time period. Mittelschmerz happens during ovulation when an egg is released by the ovaries into the fallopian tube. For about twenty % of ladies this brings about severe ache and cramps on one particular side of the lower abdomen. Though the pain could come to feel like anything critical is incorrect, midcycle soreness or cramps — Mittelschmerz is seldom serious. Occasionally, in addition to midcycle pain and cramping, some ladies may experience nausea, and/or light menstrual spotting. Mittelschmerz lasts for 6 to eight hours in most girls nonetheless, sometimes it can last as extended as twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

These are the items you can do to aid your self fell greater:
Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
Use a heating pad or consider warm baths to ease the soreness.
Use OTC anti-inflammatory medication this kind of as acetaminophen or naproxen sodium.
Verify your temperature several times a day to be positive you are not creating an infection.
Contact your physician is the discomfort is serious and these self-aid tips do not ease your midcylce discomfort.

If you knowledge midcycle ovulation pain that lasts longer than 2 or 3 days, encounter heavy bleeding, or have any uncommon vaginal discharge get in touch with your overall health care provider.

This is a extremely serious problem for some women. I hope this assisted you out.


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Soreness in my decrease abdomen even though 14 weeks pregnant?

November 23rd, 2012 5 comments

Query by LADY LUCK: Discomfort in my decrease abdomen whilst 14 weeks pregnant?

Ive been feeling aches in my reduced abdomen(off to the appropriate side)it kinda feels like where my ovaries are.It comes and goes and sometimes even switches sides.Also when I lay down or stretch I can really feel it like Im pulling a muscle!?!?Is this typical or must I be worried…I havent had any bleeding or any other tell tale indicators but since this is my very first preganacy Im a little concerned.

Finest response:

Reply by Baby #1 due in October!
It truly is your uterus stretching! Acquired to make space for the minor bablet! No concerns girl – it really is standard, but just annoying.

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Assist my teacher is a bit I do not even know?

July 6th, 2012 2 comments

Question by Bionca: Aid my teacher is a bit I don’t even know?

what do you do when you have a teacher that in no way would seem to know what she is talking about. You ask for aid and she yells “i have back pain”. Properly I am talking about my Earth Science teacher. Ugh. It’s by far the hardest class. Or perhaps it is her, shes just the worst teacher. Twice each student she teaches failed her check. Does not THAT Inform US A thing! Guy i can’t modify my class, and she has mood swngs. I never know what to do. What would you do?
No wonder why children lower her class the most. All she talks about is her dog, her husband, and traveling from New Jersey. But that will take up the half the time period. Regents s in june. Assist ME PLEASE!!!
It”s not that easy to get this teacher in difficulty for her lack of teaching. Even the administrators consider to steer clear of her, as nicely as the security guard. They really say that she’s irritating. Her tests often are far more than we have discovered if you ask me. She puts added in, just to check how considerably we would get appropriate. And she’s not much of an simple teacher. She loves kicking people out of class, and gets worked up over nothing. Please Support Me!

Greatest solution:

Solution by Lola
Make a formal complaint to administration, have a discussion with your principal or vp, just make sure they know you happen to be significant. it would also help if you went with a number of other peers or had a number of other college students complain at various occasions to enforce the issue. its not fair to you to be penalized for an idiotic teacher

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Why is my back even now hurting?

November 25th, 2011 3 comments

Question by Andrew: Why is my back still hurting?

About a year ago I was riding my bike ( I am into bmx) and was practicing a trick even although my back was kinda hurting ” for no resin” and then I a thing happened I pulled a thing and it was so negative I could not move I crawled into my front yard and laid there for like 30min then it started out to get dark so I just sucked it up and got within…the pain was/is in my upper back on my proper side…proper behind the shoulder blade it would be ok if I did not move but then any motion would be Quite painful like a sharp discomfort going straight down my back….so we thought it need to have been a pulled/ torn muscle….and I just got rest….well 3months later on I felt great enough to ride..even though the ache was nevertheless kinda there…so I did…and pulled it again…this has occurred over and more than it has been about four-5months because my final ride and nothing at all has changed except it has gotten worse…my hole back now hurts reduced upper and even my spine “even to the touch in some places” now it is not to poor like I can’t move but it is bad enough that it tends to make it extremely hard to ride or do any other sports…and I am always uncomfortable and in some variety of ache…I can even sweep the floor or go fishing ( even even though I’m just standing there ) without having getting an aching back..I have been to the physicians and they can’t find anything at all wrong…but I have not however had an x-ray…i am only 14 many years old and this is generating it so I cannot do anything…I feel like il just wasting my lifestyle sitting all around even though each and every one else is out doing what they want to be undertaking….can any one assist?

Greatest solution:

Solution by Mary
you want an upper spine m.r.i.

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