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15 many years old and some thing on my entire body hurts all the time. My back has hurt , my knee, now my shoulder.?

November 9th, 2013 Comments off

Question by kay: 15 years old and some thing on my physique hurts all the time. My back has hurt , my knee, now my shoulder.?

I had a MRI on my knee and shoulder but nothing exhibits up. I have been tested for rhumatoid arthritis and it was adverse. I like to swim and play tennis but have been ready to the last three months since of my shoulder. What is wrong with me? What type of medical professional can I go to for assist?

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Reply by DaveW79
Musculoskeletal pain is typically a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. It is a low-cost resolve. Sam’s club has 5,000 IU D3 x 400 caps for about $ 10.

I took 50,000 IU/day for 3 days then 10,000 IU/ day. My soreness was gone inside of a week.

Google “vitamin d Musculoskeletal pain”.

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What it taking place to your entire body when your heart ‘hurts’?

September 7th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Tay: What it taking place to your physique when your heart ‘hurts’?

Anytime I study a story about something like somebody not pondering they’re very good ample for someone else, my heart aches for them, due to the fact i have had this issue. But It truly physically aches, and I was questioning what is happening to make it truly feel like it really hurts when it really is just your emotions. My hands feel odd and my chest hurts when I read through issues like that. What’s occurring?

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Solution by Vulcan
It truly is an fascinating physiological point – but you can envision why all the previous songs communicate about “heart ache”. Not positive HOW this occurs – it would seem to be that some of the arteries get “necked down” – get smaller sized – blood stress rises – and probably it denies a small blood to your hands so they come to feel weird.

In accordance to Dr. Sarno – in “Healing Back Soreness” – (you can get it utilized off of Amazon) – the mind frequently controls blood flow in very odd small techniques to create all manner of terrible physical symptoms – but their origin is the mind. The men and women in Sarno’s book lay in hospitals in horrible soreness, and but the soreness they truly feel has been supplied by the thoughts “necking down” a variety of arteries. He says that it can be demonstrated that this pain they feel is not induced by physical damage to the body.

you just have a small edition of this phenomenon.

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Q&A: What does ache killers do to make anything in your entire body end hurting?

June 13th, 2013 3 comments

Query by I am that lady who likes to s: What does pain killers do to make one thing in your entire body end hurting?

How do ache killers operate?

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Solution by Captain Bunkum
Discomfort killers function in a number of various approaches based on the variety but in very simple terms they block the nerves that transmit the sensation of discomfort at some point along the “wiring” of the nerves amongst the component that hurts and your brain.

Some perform near the web site of the injury, other people act to quit the nerve signals being transmitted up to the brain and some block the perception of pain in the brain itself. Other ache killers both imitate or lead to the release of naturally occurring “anti-pain” substances in the physique.

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Q&A: Help! Witnessed seven experts and all my docs are stumped. My symptoms affect each part of my entire body just about.?

August 8th, 2012 4 comments

Query by : Support! Noticed seven professionals and all my docs are stumped. My signs influence each and every component of my physique just about.?

I’m fed up. I have a urologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, internist, orthopedist, rheumatologist, gynecologist and an acupuncturist… and I am only 25 many years old. My medical doctors are all dumbfounded but are obtaining fun making an attempt to diagnose me. I’m fed up even though and fatigued of getting in discomfort. Please assist.

My blood and urine tests come up fine, aside from a substantial calcium degree, but only at 13.two. My CRF is low… so it is apparently not an inflammation problem. My Xrays are fine, aside from “insignificant” scoliosis (3 curves). My MRI outcomes show an “insignificant” hernia in my neck and “insignificant nerve degeneration” in my L1 and L2 discs.

My physicians suspect endometriosis, spastic colon (IBS), interstitial cystitis, and a non-inflammatory rheumatological condition.

I have ache… and plenty of it. I have pain in my female organs, my intestines, my bladder, my rectum, my joints, my head and my skin. It varies from dull and constant aching to sharp shooting discomfort.

Bladder- It hurts and feels extremely uncomfortable. It helps make me have to urinate often. Just yesterday I peed in excess of twenty occasions… two-3 occasions per hour, sometimes much more…. and I only drank 1 glass of water. I typically drink a great deal of water, but on days like this, I attempt not to simply because it just helps make it even worse or so it would seem. This discomfort and regular urination comes and goes randomly. It is created worse by tea and coffee. No cystoscopy but because I was informed that even if it was IC, there is nothing considerably to do about it.

Joints- They harm and are stiff nearly every morning, but that also comes and goes randomly. When this occurs I normally can not do much of anything at all for at least 2 hrs… normally more. This affects every single one of my joints. Cannot grip things too nicely and it feels like my hands are swollen, however they are not. In addition to that, I’m freakishly flexible (I can push my thumb forward and touch my arm simply)… so considerably so that my shoulder and hips pop out of socket regularly (or really feel that way) and OUCH, that hurts! Aside from the morning difficulties I have the most joint ache in my shoulders, hips and knees. In the final two many years this has been even worse, but I can don’t forget these kinds of problems given that I was young. Medical professionals stated I had “developing pains” but individuals pains are nonetheless right here… grrr.

Muscle groups- Strong stabbing pain and shooting discomfort. Transpires in random muscles at random times.

Head- Headaches in particular tiny factors on my head: my temples, leading left and correct corners of the back of my head and bottom left and correct corners of the back of my head. This usually occurs in 1 of these factors at a time, by no means on both sides.

Jaw- Ouch. I wake up and my jaw hurts like hell. My dentist says I’ve been grinding my teeth. On top of that my jaw will get random shooting and aching pains from time to time that never appear to be related with grinding my teeth.

Face- I’ve had numerous staph infections on my encounter: eyebrows, chin and jaw line.

Ears- Ouch. Lots of random internal ear discomfort that comes and goes randomly, often radiates down via the side of my neck. Often I have ringing in my ears. Also, ears are super sensitive to wind and cold (even barely awesome climate).

Neck- neck soreness and soreness at the back of my neck. Regular “cricks in the neck” because childhood”. Occasionally when I make a certain slight movement with my neck to search up and I lean my head back a bit, I get Terrible ache coming from the prime of my neck/base of my skull that radiates upward about the base of my skull. When this occurs almost everything goes BLACK for a second. The discomfort from this is so sturdy it can harm for a excellent 30 minutes. Following occurring it can occur once again really effortlessly. Also, powerful pinching ache in two places on the front of my neck, on either side of my throat (on the outdoors of my neck, not deep within). I also get this pinching sensation in my thighs in 2 specific destinations.

Back- reduced back discomfort, pain between my shoulder blades. I hate massages however due to the fact it hurts when people poke me with their fingers. If I do get a massage it has to be with one’s flattened palm.

GI- abdominal and pelvic discomfort (cramping, stabbing, radiating, throbbing, electrical, shooting, boring and aching pain), lots of gas, shooting rectal pain, constipation, diarrhea, mucus in stool, daily morning cramps with Terrible soreness (like severe menstrual cramps) that has me curled up in a ball squirming about (relieved right after going to the bathroom).

…That is not all… see comments
Random weird stuff- burning rectangular patches of skin (no rash, just burning sensation) that lass from two hrs to many days. It hurts far more when I touch it, when my outfits rub up against it or when a veryyyyyy slight breeze blows in excess of it. It BURNS like a true burn. It transpires randomly with no pattern. It can demonstrate up on my arms, thights, butt, hips, abdomen, adore handles and back. In addition, I randomly get tingling sensations in my fingers, hands, feet and toes. This comes and goes randomly.

Sleep- When I wake up from a nap I really feel like I’ve been beat up with a baseball bat. My entire entire body hurts. Occasionally this occurs when I wake up from a complete night’s sleep. On leading of that I really feel Horrible since my heart is fluttering. Family and pals have place their head on my chest and felt it themselves. In reality, it was a good friend who noticed it initial, not me.

Other- I get sick easily and I usually get fevers when I’m sick. People fevers are Terrible simply because my total body burns like I’m
…on fire.

Oh, and I also black out during roller coasters. I did not employed to, but in the past number of years half way through every ride I black out for a minute or so and just dangle there with my head flopping to the side (or so my buddies say).

Please support. I’m tired of investing 1000’s of dollars on doctors who can not support me. I’ve observed just about each and every expert I can believe of and that I’ve been referred to. This Thursday I have a sleep examine with a neurologist… we’ll see how that goes. My rheumatologist suggested it. I just want to be properly once again. I’m worn out of getting sick, in soreness and feeling like I’m 80 years old. I’m only 25 years old!

Greatest answer:

Solution by formerly_bob
Your signs and symptoms are common for someone who has joint hypermobility syndrome. Joint hypermobility syndrome is not genuinely an explanation of what’s wrong – it’s just a acknowledged pattern of signs, and the diagnosis of this syndrome is relatively subjective. By most definitions, you seem to meet the requirements for this syndrome. Treatment options for this variety of situation usually involve treating every single variety of symptom independently. Therapies are not intended to cure the different troubles since the result in is not recognized.

There is possibly no easy solution for your circumstance. You almost certainly know much better than the docs what appears to make you really feel greater or even worse. If i have been in your situation i would seem for an osteopathic doctor and see if you could produce a combination of physical treatment, spinal manipulations, diet program, and drugs to deal with the signs and symptoms.

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What the f&#k is incorrect with my entire body? It’ truly irritating and a very little depressing!?

July 14th, 2012 1 comment

Question by : What the f&#k is wrong with my entire body? It’ genuinely irritating and a tiny depressing!?

So this has been extended term. My parents don’t give a damn about me and they feel it really is “Expanding Pains” but I’ve put up with this for extended adequate.

So I speed skate and I also just perform out at a health club in common. I have not gotten any better or really sort of gotten worse in the previous two months. I utilized to be capable to final for 9 laps while only acquiring a tiny slower, but for the past two months, I have not been in a position to go far more than 7 laps, and individuals who I’m on typical a 2nd more rapidly than normally lap me. Some even lap me twice. I don’t know what takes place. My legs just do not hold up and I get so exhausted. Just in basic it looks like absolutely everyone is obtaining better but me. Then when I was in the fitness center, I could barely breath right after doing suicides. I commenced off operating at the very same speed as someone my age, 15, and then ended up operating the same speed as a tiny 8 year old girl by the finish of the 4 suicides. I received so exhausted.

The second element of my horrible physique is off the ice. I feel actually tight in my thighs and below my knee all the time. The issue is when I ice my thighs, the discomfort moves to my lower legs, and when I ice my lower legs, the ache moves back to my upper thighs. I attempted yoga, but that didn’t actually assist.

So what the hell is incorrect with me? I’m attempting to consume healthier, but that hasn’t really made a big difference but.

Finest solution:

Reply by Pookie!!
I’m no specialist, but it sounds to me like you happen to be above-education and have injuries from in excess of-instruction also.

The only “cure” is to back it off and get some rest, but I would check with a sports-specialist physician to be sure.

Great luck!… 😀

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Q&A: Benchpress, not excellent for your entire body?

November 23rd, 2011 5 comments

Query by Sub Poofy: Benchpress, not great for your physique?

I’ve been benchpressing recently with the two heavy weight and 5 reps (3 sets), and much less excess weight with 8 reps (five sets)
So lately i’ve been experiencing back pain simply because of that, even although I’ve performed pullups regularly and it shouldn’t be a dilemma for my back.

So I hit this web site:

Read the element that says “Picking the wrong work outs”
Is it really genuine that benchpress can cause body imbalances and problems for your bones and such, as claimed in this web site? They’re saying it’s the worst exercise there is.

Very best solution:

Answer by DAVE

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