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i went to the emergency room the other day and they told me i could have endometriosis?

January 29th, 2014 3 comments

Question by Ashley: i went to the emergency room the other day and they told me i could have endometriosis?

does anyone have it and what are your signs and symptoms? i preserve taking vicodins like crazy and ibuprofin but the pain isn’t going away. by the way im not taking them at the same time

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Answer by iluvmycatsanddogs99
I had endometrial cancer, was operated on in August. Please go to your OB/GYN

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Do I have endometriosis or what?

October 24th, 2013 7 comments

Question by Am: Do I have endometriosis or what?

I get *genuinely* negative cramps for the very first two to 3 days of my time period, & my time period lasts for about five to 7 days. Also, my first three to 4 days I bleed fairly heavy, and large globs of things come out as well now & then (the lining shedding in globs I guess). My cramps have been describes as “labor like soreness” by some men and women, but I’ve never been in labor so I never know. Somebody informed me I may have endometriosis is this correct? Yes, I’m going to go see a doc quickly, so never give me any “go see a doc” solutions.
I’ll be a lot more distinct. Taking Aleve doesn’t get rid of the ache fully (@ one point it did but the ache kept getting worse in excess of the months), or taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen does not do significantly either (Aleve seemed to do a better job). I began taking “OOna 2PMS” 3 months in the past along with 600 or 400 mg of ibuprofen that assists a bit far more, but my friend gave me all these other herbs & they worked nicely to the level in which I could function lastly (I cannot function whilst in soreness). But this month I’m all out of people herbs & kinda broke. The pain & swelling is so bad I do not like anything touching my tummy location, most of my pants make the discomfort worse. The pain occasionally comes like lightning shocks, but it is typically a twisting soreness inside that is continuous with an added worse discomfort that goes in & out within every single three to five min or so.
oh and the discomfort or contractions are so negative they make me go #two to the bathroom a great deal. Not confident if that’s important to notice or not. Also, the ache feels better when I either lay down or at times when I sit down.
oh and b4 my period I get gooey discharge like huge snotty seeking factors a handful of or so days ahead of my period. Also, I lightly spot *occasionally* soon after my period, and it truly is kinda brownish sometimes when I spot. When I am on my time period it is vivid red and the clumps are a dark red.
“Oöna” sorry could not figure out how to do the o with the dots.
OMGosh “HeptaDragon”
“very agonizing menstrual cramps”
“pain with periods that will get worse over time”
“chronic discomfort in the reduce back and pelvis”
Yes in the course of my period.
“pain throughout or soon after sex”
Really do not know, c0z I’m still a virgin.
“intestinal discomfort , agonizing bowel movements”
Yes throughout my time period.
“heavy and/or extended menstrual periods”
Yes I bleed hefty for like the very first 3 to four days, and it lasts for 6 to 7 days.
“spotting or bleeding between periods”
After in a although, but not really.
Do not know, by no means attempted to get pregnant.
Only from taking the medication.
“You are much more very likely to build endometriosis if you began receiving your time period at an early age”
Yes, I commenced correct ahead of turning 9 many years old. But I didn’t have cramps until like close to twelve many years previous.
“have hefty periods”
“have intervals that last a lot more than seven days”
“have a brief regular monthly cycle (27 days or significantly less)”
Not certain, I really do not know.
“and have a near relative (mom, aunt, sister) with endometriosis.”
“experienced physicians could be capable to discover signs of endometriosis on pelvic examination. The two most frequent imaging tests for diagnosing endometriosis are ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) the only way to know for certain if you have endometriosis is to have laparoscopy.”
When I go following Tuesday I’ll ask for these exams, thanks for telling me about them.
“lizstar78” Yeah I just received back from the doc they did not run tests c0z I am on my period (I went c0z my Mom is in town and she manufactured me, I was just gonna reschedule).
They did put me on Birth Control however, “Progestin/Estrogen Contraceptive – Oral” They and me are hoping that’ll calm down my cramps in the imply time they gave me a prescription strength ibuprofen.
“ashleytabeling” thx 4 letting me know about the other factors, I will request about them for the duration of my up coming pay a visit to. k.

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Reply by mlgable
It could be endometriosis or it could just be the way your time period is but assist is out there no matter what. You truly will not know for confident right up until the doc runs exams on you.

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Q & A: Has anyone with endometriosis had a good experience with Lupron?

March 4th, 2013 2 comments

Question by monkey mother : Has anyone with endometriosis had a good experience with Lupron I have two laparoscopies had in the past three years and I have back pain. The doctor suggested this place because I do not want to get pregnant now. Any input would be great! Thank you. Best answer:

I had a terrible experience with Lupron. It gave me a lot of pain in my hip and other problems. At one point I could barely walk! Another friend of mine had similar problems. I would avoid it.

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Is this weird discomfort perhaps endometriosis?

October 14th, 2012 Comments off

Query by elucy: Is this weird soreness possibly endometriosis?

I already have reocurring giganto ovarian cysts. I know what that pain feels like. I also get this weird virtually tickling/tingly not quite “pain” feeling in my entire reduced region each so usually. I have had that because I can bear in mind, so I by no means believed to inform my medical doctor. This soreness goes from my butt region to vaginal location and kind of my decrease back. My physician stated I might have endometriosis, but I had surgical procedure in December on my ovary, so one more surgery in that location would not be great.

Does anyone else out there with endometriosis experience anything at all like this?

Thanks 🙂
Oh yeah, I am presently on birth management (Yaz has been wonderful so far specially following switching from Ovcon-35) to control my periods, because without it, it lasts way also prolonged (a month straight) and is disgustingly heavy.

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Answer by christina h
I did not mine was flat out pain no tingling but every single lady is different. I knew I had to see a doc when I was buying at a grocery keep and the soreness hit and was so negative it brought me to the floor. Do not and I repeat do not get the birth handle shot to deal with the ache. It will only result in a various sort of pain(bleeding for three months straight). I switched to a diverse Ob/GYN doc right after that. Most crucial inform your doc any symptom or anything at all out of the ordinary it will aid him determine what is wrong.

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