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Emotional pain that translates to bodily ache?

December 12th, 2013 4 comments

Question by Cala: Emotional soreness that translates to bodily pain?

Is it typical that when you are going via a divorce, you feel so a lot emotional pain that it physically hurts you? I come to feel so significantly soreness in my arms particularly, chest, legs. The pain type of kills my need to do other items and I lie there lifeless and empty…..and in this kind of physical soreness. How lengthy would this final? Days? Weeks? Months? Cos I actually come to feel like death is coming for me.

Very best solution:

Reply by ZIGGIE
Yes, this book known as “Buried Feelings Never ever Dies” explains it ideal, but it also explains how to cease the ache and feelings from continuing to hurt you. no means_Die

It is best if you could do anything everday at the same time of the day. Go for a walk each day following function or the pool even if you just sit in the steam area…it truly is for you.

Very good Luck.

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is depression a physical or emotional sickness?

September 24th, 2013 5 comments

Question by Jazlyn: is depression a bodily or emotional sickness?

my friend was telling me about how depression kind of chokes you to death…dont kno if thats real or not but id like to know a minor far more about it. like wat it is, how do u become truely depressed, wat age groupes get depressed the most. my major query is that if depression really chokes you to death then id like to know how and why.

Very best reply:

Answer by Elphie~*
No, but you could truly feel like you are choking. I come to feel like I cannot breathe well often.

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What triggers emotional numbness? how long does it last? I feel like I am going crazy?

July 25th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Bring Me To Euphoria: What leads to emotional numbness? how extended does it last? I feel like I am going crazy?

I litterally just don’t care any longer. I’ve had absolutely nothing but difficulty soon after issue in my existence. I know I deliver a great deal of it on myself, but even when I try to be a very good person, it all backfires on me and men and women walk all more than me. I litterally have commenced to feel numb and when I don’t feel numb I truly feel anxious. I cannot rest, but I’m usually tired and I can barely eat till I’m starving or I truly feel like I am forcing myself to consume.
I will rather considerably be sitting there out of it, forcing myself to show emotion to other folks or shaking and breathing hard. This has been going on for 2 days now.
For the last week when I come to feel like I want to cry, I cannot and it truly is not even a lump in my throat or feeling unhappy
It really is virtually like a faded believed of “Oh, you must almost certainly cry.”
Nothing at all transpires although.
What’s going on? Has any individual else gone by way of this??
I do not care about life or those around me anymore. I do not care about anything. I’m like a robot.

Ideal answer:

Reply by sakura
“Emotional numbness is the inability to really feel considerably of anything. Items that utilised to make us feel pleased or elicit a smile create a weak response or nothing at all. Likewise items that should provoke us to anger or even tears consequence in an apathetic response. It is a lack of emotion in which there once was emotion. One particular of the leads to can definitely be depression. I come to feel that this symptom final results from feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by life’s issues to the level exactly where you just can’t come to feel any longer. You are as well exhausted and weary to emote. It can also be a protection against feeling too significantly as in right after a trauma. It can be the process of shock where we simply can not take in the emotional reality of what is going on. The mind is safeguarding itself from as well a lot pain.”

I was worse two many years ago. I felt like there’s a massive hole in my chest and was so depressed simply because I couldn’t realize why I was like this. Am I heartless? Am I not capable of really like anymore? I never ever allow any person know and have been faking that I am happy and all till I told a friend of mine and I imagined possibly it really is my loved ones issues that cause this. I do know a single thing that makes me content even though it really is just a small spark. Chatting and investing time with friends. At times, I force myself to do so due to the fact I will feel unmotivated. But, gradually, I feel greater despite the fact that I am still obtaining problems to truly feel, but it was a fantastic achievement to me.

Study the internet sites beneath and attempt it out. You will by no means know unless of course you consider. But I highly recommend speaking about your issue to an individual you believe in and devote time with pals or take element in any social situations. Or possibly you could try out reading a lot more about emotional numbness to recognize how it performs, what brings about these. In a way, it does help you really feel far better if you know a lot more about what’s going on about you. I hope you can get much better soon.

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Why these emotional pains only when I just fell asleep?

July 11th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Wisen Sensible: Why these emotional pains only when I just fell asleep?

Transpires only if I take a nap, not at night. It is so weird nevertheless true and quite scary. Happens 1 out of 5 instances that I lay down to consider a nap. Just when I am falling asleep, this sensation of “emotional ache” right in the center of my getting wakes me up, my heart racing, break out in sweat, the most horrible ideas get a hold of me to t he point exactly where I just want to hurt myself to both cease the ache or kill it forever. I do not wish this feeling to my worse enemy, I just want to die at that second. Lasts for about thirty seconds. If it lasts any longer, I would not be writing right here, for positive.

I am preparing on seeing a psychiatrist. Practically nothing else occurs any other time. I do have OCD which I have lived with all my life, no difficulty genuinely with that.

Very best solution:

Reply by B
Could be a negative situation of nervousness. Try out not to consider naps, if which is what triggers it. It sounds to me like you had been having seanxiety attacks, I get them all the time.

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Q&A: Does the silent treatment amount to emotional abuse and then go on to physical abuse?

April 7th, 2013 6 comments

Question by No R: Does the silent treatment amount to emotional abuse and then go on to physical abuse?

Is it true that giving someone the silent treatment amounts to emotional torture if done after a very long and extended period of years and also to give them the silent treatment is like ostrocizing someone? Because then ostricizing is like causing somebody pain and physical pain that is, because it affects a part of the brain that detects pain and therefore it is goes on to be like physical abuse. Anybody ever heard this and can agree with a story? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by eden grace anderson
yes it is very very true. the brain does detect pain but it doesn’t go straight to physical abuse.

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Does this qualify as emotional abuse?

October 4th, 2012 4 comments

Query by Jack: Does this qualify as emotional abuse?

In your opinion, does this qualify as emotional abuse?

Right after being buddies with this specified somebody for no trivial volume of time, I seen they were struggling from significant depression. At some point she opened up and told me about her home life. Apparently her mom and father harshly criticize her for small shortcomings (Her room being messy, failing to do a chore, and so forth.). To be more certain, they yell at her and call her a “Effing bit ch” and “Effing pig” (They say the 4 letter F word, which yahoo censors) and fling other insults. Rather than raise her voice to her mothers and fathers in anger, she shies away to a corner and tries to cry silently, understanding that they’ll criticize her for crying (I’ve observed this). She sometimes tries to run away, but they demand her return.
I urged her to mentally achieve deep and dig up the very first occurance. Apparently the very first incident happened when she was 11 or 12. It was morning, and she had to get prepared for school. Her mother called out to her to hurry or they would the two be late. When she rolled out of bed, got dressed, and went outdoors to join her mother, her mom firmly grabbed her by the arm and yelled “You little bit ch!” although seeking at her with a crazed seem in her eye. Its crucial to note that my friend says she didn’t increase her voice to her mom or speak back in any way prior to her mother’s aggressions.
I attempted to tactically confront the dad and mom and speak them into getting a psychiatrist for their daughter’s depression. The father quickly fired back with what appeared like rehearsed, scripted responses. He told me that she was, in truth, NOT depressed. That she had usually been a pleased, carefree woman. And that IF by some slight opportunity she WAS depressed, it came from an “outside impact”.
They later on claimed that I had brainwashed her into thinking that she suffered from depression.
Considering that my pal is 18 now, I recommended that she seek out out a psychiatrist on her own. When she attempted to get her medical insurance’s member card, which is necessary for establishing an appointment, her mother and father refused to give it to her.
An additional couple of notes
– I suspect she could have a communication disability, possibly Asperger’s syndrome. She was diagnosed with ADHD at a extremely young age, but the observed signs and symptoms could simply be interpreted as indications of Aspergers. A communication disability would seem really obvious when she converses with her peers.
– Her father has explained frequently “If you were a boy, I’d beat you”
– She is not lying. I’ve questioned her numerous occasions and looked for indications of fabrication. She even has a tendency to defend her parents at instances, repeating particular phrases that they’ve told her.
– There have been three small accounts of physical abuse. Twice when she was crying, her father was trying to speak to her and slapped her challenging on the thigh out of anger when he felt like she wasn’t having to pay interest. She repeated the phrase he informed her “I (He) was just attempting to get your (my) consideration”. On the 3rd account, throughout the finish of an argument, her mom interlocked fingers with her daughter and bent her daughter’s hand back, inflicting what my good friend described as “intense pain”. When my buddy asked her mother why she did that, her mother stated “To display you that I am not weak like you feel I am.” I view these incidents as minor, and whether or not or not they qualify as physical abuse is debatable.
I understand now that I’ve typed all that out that the question is nearly absolutely rhetorical. I feel most individuals would classify this as emotional abuse. If there’s anybody who does not, please give me with an instance of what would be emotional abuse.
For the men and women who DO feel its emotional abuse, please offer you some advice as to what me and/or my friend could do to place an finish to it.
I have to react to an absurd answer:
“”her father was attempting to speak to her” and “slapped her challenging on the thigh” out of anger when he felt like she wasn’t spending attention. She is is fortunate that she didn’t have a father that would have beat the sh-t out of her! He did eventually get her consideration!”
She was crying uncontrollably with her hands on her encounter! You condone the father’s conduct!? And you imply it would have been understandable if he “Beat the sh*t out of her”!?
Every 11-12 year old kid is told that they are a “Fucking bitch” just because they got a little lazy and did not get dressed in time for school? I am glad I missed that phase of life!
You have made so a lot of disgusting assumptions with absolute certainty.
“~her mother mentioned “To present you that I am not weak like you assume I am.” What did the girl do, or say, to provoke such a response from her mom?”
My good friend mentioned nothing at all! Not
*Nothing at all about her mother currently being weak! It was completely out of the blue!
My good friend has continually expressed thoughts of suicide, and but her parents are deliberately barring her from acquiring a counselor! You don’ assume that raises any red flags?
Your stance is absolutely unjustifiable.
You called my friend a “Spoiled brat” when in reality she is the nicest, kindest, most compassionate man or woman you will ever meet.

Ideal answer:

Solution by Ll
Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!! She demands to get counseling and perhaps her dad and mom shouldn’t have custody of her. That’s way beyond discipline, that’s out appropriate abuse. Aid her instantly. You’re a very good pal for looming out for her:)

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