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is it achievable for someone else to get your pregnancy signs and symptoms also?

November 25th, 2013 1 comment

Question by : is it attainable for someone else to get your pregnancy signs too?

.. is it

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Reply by jazzi
Lol no, pregnancy is not a condition of virus.

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Q&A: Who else thinks the painfulness of kneecap subluxation is underestimated?

September 2nd, 2013 Comments off

Query by sararah: Who else thinks the painfulness of kneecap subluxation is underestimated?

Men and women usually say to me it’s only “momentary soreness” effectively it truly is not it’s affecting my potential to dance and is painful all the time! I can not walk right after it transpires? Does that sound like momentary ache to you?!!

I have never ever been this frustrated in my life!! Has this happened to any person else?!

Greatest solution:

Solution by ~audrey~
Yes, I totally comprehend what you are talking about. Individuals don’t seem to be to recognize that it does final right after the kneecap is back in its appropriate place. They don’t get that it really does hurt for more than a 2nd, it’s truly irritating!! I am even at the level in which medical doctors are telling me, “Oh, it truly is not that bad, it only lasts a minute or two.” No it doesn’t!! So yes, I absolutely know how annoyed you are since this takes place to me all the time. I want there was a way to make them realize! Excellent luck.

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Who else loves queries from math books?

August 8th, 2013 6 comments

Query by Pemi: Who else loves questions from math books?

So in my stats guide the queries have minor titles for them, and I guess the writers weren’t satisfied with chapter 22, right here are some of the inquiries:
“Arthritis,” “Carpal Tunnel,” “Ear infections,” “Anorexia,” “Yet another ear infection,” “anorexia once more,” “teen smoking portion I,” “depression,” “teen smoking element II,” “Depression revisited,” “Cancer Deaths,” and “Pain.”
And for sh*ts and giggles here are some I imagined interesting:
“Politics and sex,” “Delicate Males,” “Surgery and dice.”

Q: Keep in mind any fascinating textbook moments?

Best reply:

Response by Aurora University Debutante
What the? O_O

None like that in my mathbook, there was this a single about Sue getting her boyfriend Hayden 60 cans of spinach for his birthday, and an additional about a guy gaining 200 lbs inside of a week.

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Who else agrees that Politicians ought to be a lot more concerned with troubles as opposed to getting reelected?

January 2nd, 2013 6 comments

Question by Red Sox 27149: Who else agrees that Politicians ought to be far more concerned with problems as opposed to becoming reelected?

Tea Party Republicans do not care about holding babies at church or “feeling your soreness.” Rep. Walsh and Rep. Ryan are a lot more concerned about issues of these days as opposed to being loved and liked. I never believe most Inner-City Democrats know who they are because they do not read through nor watch the news. Vote Republican in the subsequent General Election.

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Answer by Devils Advocate
Ok, whatever you say!

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Has this occurred to anybody else during pregnancy?

December 17th, 2012 4 comments

Question by Fretz: Has this took place to anyone else during pregnancy?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and for a handful of weeks now I’ve noticed when I wake up my entire decrease entire body, about my ovaries/uterus cramp like crazy. It can be constantly in the morning right after I’ve slept and only lasts for a couple of minutes. I do not genuinely know how to describe it, but I do not don’t forget it happening throughout my 1st, but it takes place every morning and by no means any other time, so I doubt something is wrong, just pondering about it though. Has/ does this take place to any person else?

Greatest answer:

Response by Paige S
it’s very normal. It really is your uterus streching and expanding with your new child! I don’t forget waking up every morning freakin out simply because I usually felt period cramps. As extended as it is not accompanied by bleeding or significant soreness, you must be ok. But always inquire ur doctor

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Q&A: Query about “expanding pains” or some thing else??

September 10th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Crazy Mama: Query about “growing pains” or some thing else??

I feel silly asking in the first place, but figured it cannot harm to inquire. I tried the chat rooms initial so I didn’t have to waste the points right here for something this silly but they are just talking about everything else. Thanks in advance.

Allow me start off to say that with my daughter I had backlabor, hurt in my decrease back and all the way close to to my hips and harm worse when I walked. She was complete phrase every thing great.

Right now I am 26 weeks pregnant and obtaining lower back ache and my hips, but just the front portion not all the way about. I never assume I feel any contracting of the uterus and it is not worse when I walk, just feels the identical.

Is it expanding pains or ought to I be far more worried?

My fiance just went off to operate and I do not want to phone him house if it is nothing at all and I know you can not inform me genuinely over the world wide web but figured I would ask anyway.

Thanks once more!
Oh and nothing else has altered both, no enhance in discharge or bleeding. And the child is moving like insane (as normal).
Thanks, this is in fact new to me simply because about this time I began obtaining contractions with my 1st (quack of a physician told me it was braxton hicks but I got a new doctor that mentioned otherwise, excellent factor the quack doesn’t practice any longer!). So these growing pains are new. I just knew it felt almost the exact same but still Extremely various! Thanks!

Greatest reply:

Reply by Krystal A
Sounds like developing pains.Also considering that this is your 2nd child the pains are not going to be as negative because your body is acquainted with the way it is now.So I believe you should be just fine.Congrats!!

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