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Q&A: Doctors Please Response This Question and Give me Some Tips?

December 1st, 2013 4 comments

Query by Lindsay: Physicians Please Reply This Query and Give me Some Suggestions?

What are some signs that you have apendicitis(I know I spelled it wrong).
My side has been hurting alot latly.
Please give me some advice

Greatest response:

Solution by the crusader
The discomfort begins about the belly button and, soon after time, will radiate over to your lower right side. You will be in excruciating discomfort and you will be nuaseous and will probsbly be vomitting. If you think you are having a dilemma with your appendix, you need to have to have it checked out. You never want it to burst since that could be daily life threatening.

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Doctors and nurses please response?

October 18th, 2013 4 comments

Question by AJ: Medical professionals and nurses please answer?

ok, for the past 3 many years i have had heart “problems”. i’ve been to the hospital 3 occasions, and they’ve carried out x rays and ekg’s but mentioned that they all demonstrate up standard. they said i do have a slight abnormal heart beat, and that my left atrium ( i think thats what its called) had enlarged. but they explained they discovered no complications? although they said i should go see a professional, but my insurance ran out prior to i could. i am having these pains right now, they arent serious soreness, but more of discompfort and my left arm gets numb and heavy, but that all took place the three previous instances. so is there one thing wrong? i do suffer from anxiety, but they stated that probably isnt the issue b/c of what they identified on the ekg (the enlargement of the atrium) so please if you can give me any advice whatsoever i would really actually value it.
oh im 19 by the way, it commenced on and off considering that i was 16.
thank you alexandriagirl. i apprectiate the prayers 🙂

Ideal solution:

Reply by Alexandriagal
I am sorry that you aren’t feeling nicely, honey. Please go see a physician! That doesn’t sound excellent. Please get some aid for your pain and nervousness.

I pray you will get much better, but DO see a doctor.

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Actual heart pains induced by acid reflux? Are medical doctors scamming individuals?

April 18th, 2013 6 comments

Query by Memetics: Real heart pains triggered by acid reflux? Are physicians scamming individuals?

I went in the emergency area right now due to the fact I have been obtaining chest pains for the last three days.

Soon after tests had been accomplished I was told its just acid reflux, but I hardly ever get heartburn.

Nonetheless, following a fatty meal I do get sharp stabbing pains in my heart (left side of chest).

How can a physician equivicate heartburn, which is a burning sensation, with sharp stabbing pains like heart attack signs. My left arm has been hurting also.

All this and Im only 21.
Whats weird is that it has lasted for 3 days. How can acid reflux be leading to continual discomfort for 3 days when I have no signs and symptoms of normal heartburn (i.e. burning sensation)?

They did blood exams, the Electrocardiogram, they did chest xray, and ultrasound on my gallbladder and liver. But they did not locate anything at all abnormal.

The ache even now persists, when I get a deep breath I get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my heart. Its as although I have a clogged artery and when my lungs increase with air it puts better strain on my heart area causing the discomfort in the heart. Thanks for the help so far, these answers have been valuable.

Best solution:

Solution by firemedicgm
Acid reflux or other digestive problems can mimic cardiac chest soreness. There are a lot more conclusive methods to establish if your soreness is cardiac in nature.

Initial of all, did the physician give you a nitroglycerin tablet in the ER? If he did, did it help? If the pain is resolved with nitro, that’s a great indication that it may possibly be cardiac.

Second, did he do an EKG? This would indicate any feasible cardiac occasions. If absolutely nothing showed up on the EKG, then issues are pointing much more toward a gastrointestinal issue.

Third, did they draw blood samples? The lab can verify different enzymes in the blood (troponin I & CKMB) that turn into elevated following injury to the heart. If these enzymes are not elevated, then there apparently wasn’t an occasion that triggered any damage to the heart.

Fourth, did they give you a “GI Cocktail” (at times named a “green lady”) to drink? If so, did it resolve the ache? This drink is produced of an anesthetic agent, and antispasmodic, and an acid neutralizer. If you get relief from this drink, which is a genuinely excellent indication that it was heartburn.

Let me know what you uncover out.

P.S. – Just re-go through your publish. You describe the soreness as “sharp, stabbing soreness”. That’s not typical of a cardiac issue. Of course, there are no one hundred%’s in medicine, but normally, cardiac chest discomfort feels more boring, or probably not even agonizing, but rather “stress”.

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Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose, and doctors are reluctant to do this?

April 17th, 2013 4 comments

Call rosefox8 ? Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose, and doctors are reluctant to do I have experienced many symptoms of pain since the summer of 2006 (widespread chronic pain, soft tissue pain, tenderness, fatigue, weakness, pain, pain, sleep problems, concentration problems , brains fog migraines and muscle cramps). I have cerebral palsy on my left, and epilepsy. A friend with fibromyalgia suggested I see a doctor because they suspect I have fibromyalgia. When I saw the doctor, she prescribed me Cymbalta, took my blood and told me that it was “non-specific widespread chronic pain”. She was reluctant to say anything about fibro because “it can be anything.” The blood tests are fine. The Cymbalta helps somewhat. My friend still feels that it could not be anything else. My gut instinct, my intuition says it is fibro. But I do not want to seem hypochondriac, especially since I have several other diagnosed conditions. I’m just afraid that the doctor will remain reluctant to diagnose best answer.

Reply by Heather K
Oh, I believe that the repercussions of the whole ‘trash’ diagnosis thing. Many doctors were criticized for diagnosing fibromyalgia for issues that had not been thoroughly examined. I would ask to see. A rheumatologist If you’ve seen one, get a second opinion.

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Q&A: Do doctors dislike it when sufferers propose drugs for themselves?

April 13th, 2013 5 comments

Question by EvK: Do physicians dislike it when individuals suggest prescription drugs for themselves?

I was diagnosed as bipolar II, 3 weeks in the past. My psychiatrist prescribed me lithium and I hate it, it brings about me countless nausea and stomach ache.

I have go through great items about Lamictal, how can I request my docotr to switch without sounding like a know-it-all?

Thanks in advance!

Best response:

Response by Dr D
Not at all.
Just say:
“I have read excellent items about Lamictal, do you feel it would operate for me?”

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Is there a law in the state of Oklahoma that requires doctors to treat pain adequately?

February 10th, 2013 2 comments

Query by Lynette: Is there a law in the state of Oklahoma that requires medical doctors to treat discomfort adequately?

I have fibromyalgia and each and every medical doctor I go to refuses to assist me with my soreness. This discomfort is fully existence altering soreness and I can no longer operate and my daughter has to aid me with all my pursuits of everyday residing. I know that pain medicine will assist me with some of this and make my lifestyle somewhat much more produtive.

Very best solution:

Answer by GramNegative
No- they use their very best judgement when identifying who demands it. I would attempt a ache management physician or someone who specializes in treating fibro. I would also propose retaining a ache journal every single day (maybe the dilemma lies with how you are talking to the physicians- not explaining how a lot ache you are in or how it’s affecting your existence). Good Luck

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