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kidneys tender to the touch but no discomfort with urination?

December 11th, 2013 1 comment

Question by lisa r: kidneys tender to the touch but no soreness with urination?

for the final couple of days my kidneys have been tender to the touch but i have no discomfort when i pee, just frequent urination.i also have pancreatitis could this be linked with that? i’am scared it could be some thing far more i do not see my dr. right up until up coming month,what must i do?thanks for your solutions an time

Best answer:

Response by ella
i once had a kidney infection and it felt this way. no discomfort when i pee, just genuinely sore in my kidney region of my back. the doc gave me antibiotics and the ache was gone within hours of taking my first one particular. I think it was MAcrobid, I rememebr them creating me super nauseous tho…its a prettty strong anti biotic.

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Q&A: Extended phrase shoulder pains/intense discomfort?

November 21st, 2013 Comments off

Query by thdms9211: Lengthy term shoulder pains/intense discomfort?

my shoulders have been in “discomfort” for a genuinely extended time. It’s not always painful, but they come to feel overwhelmingly unpleasant, and when I “row” my shoulders backwards, i can hear my joints. I utilized to have my sister massaging my shoulders to ease the discomfort, but other than that, my back/shoulders have been feeling like this for about 2-3 years. I went to get it checked by a massage therapist a 12 months in the past, but I didn’t really proceed on with it simply because it didn’t support.
ANY recommendations to help with my shoulders? thanks so significantly!

Best solution:

Reply by pelican
It actually depends on what the damage actually is, so you need to attempt to determine the injury. It could be a rotator cuff damage or tear, or it could be anything else totally. It is crucial to make an accurate diagnosis of the lead to of your signs so that appropriate treatment method can be directed at the lead to, not just the signs and symptoms. Examine these internet sites to try to decide specifically what is going on. You must really see a medical doctor for an precise diagnosis and therapy prepare.

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What precisely triggers ovulatiOn discomfort?

November 14th, 2013 Comments off

Question by Dandelion: What specifically leads to ovulatiOn soreness?

I have woke up this morning to EWCM, tender boobs and ovulation pain.. I get this every single month with no fail! I significantly get much more symptoms when i ovulate then i do for the duration of my time period!
I will not have cysts or anything at all I had a scan accomplished when I went for a examine up about irregular periods. It does not final a lot more than 24 hrs but it truly is just so annoying! What brings about the pain?
Thanku for any answers x

Best response:

Reply by Doom
Fundamentally each and every lady will get a small cyst on their ovary each and every month, and when you ovulate that tiny cyst bursts to release the egg. That is what women feel as “ovulation soreness”. The tender breasts and other signs and symptoms are all down to the hormone fluctuations.

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32 Weeks and feeling Pressure and foot discomfort?

October 10th, 2013 6 comments

Question by morningtide_mondays: 32 Weeks and feeling Strain and foot ache?

I am eight months pregnant today! Nonetheless, when I woke up this morning I have felt significant strain nonstop in the reduce location. It was so agonizing earlier this morning that I almost wanted to cry. I could barely bend above to reach into my dresser drawer for outfits without wanting to cry out.

My child has been moving a minor this morning, but not as regularly as she generally does. She’s usually the most lively in the late afternoon early evening.

I have two jobs: a desk job, a job the place I am on my feet consistently. My feet harm so significantly that they truly feel numb. Final evening my kitten experimented with to kiss my feet (which I hate!) and I couldn’t even really feel her. I couldn’t even come to feel her brush along them.

Is this just a indicator that my little one is turning into the (hopefully) correct place, or must I be concerned? Why are my feet numb?

Greatest answer:

Response by op_mommy
You should undoubtedly phone your physician and let her know what is going on… it could be nothing or it could be something severe. I am certain she’ll most likely want you to commence your maternity leave quickly or at least have your job function with you to maintain you off of your feet as significantly as achievable at this stage. When you happen to be at the desk job, try out and maintain your feet elevated as significantly as feasible (also when you are at residence or any other time you can). The soreness may well just be that the infant is dropping into position (that does harm a bit) but you want to make confident there’s nothing at all more significant going on.

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Q&A: What are some causes for extremely mild chest discomfort?

September 8th, 2013 5 comments

Question by Smile.ツ: What are some causes for really mild chest pain?

Best solution:

Response by Kiki L
I have stomach issues, and i get chest ache if i have also significantly of these factors below:
candy (gummies, lollipops, pop rocks and so forth.)

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How undesirable is the discomfort when you first get braces?

July 12th, 2013 10 comments

Question by .:Jazzi<3:.: How negative is the pain when you 1st get braces?

1. How poor was the ache?
two. How lengthy did it last?
3. Was it enough to make you cry?

I’m receiving braces tomorrow morning and I am genuinely nervous so I just desired to know.

Ideal reply:

Answer by Jema
one: It depends how negative and overlapped your teeth are,I will not don’t forget feeling considerably soreness but it is just stress.
two: It hurt when I ate issues and it lasted for not even a week.
three: No

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