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Symptoms of a herneated disc?

January 6th, 2014 Comments off

Question by Bethany: Signs and symptoms of a herneated disc?

I believe I may well have a broken disc in my lower back.

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Reply by Kym-berly B
Symptoms of a herniated disc vary greatly dependent on the position of the herniated disc and the size of the herniation.

If the herniated disc is:

Not pressing on a nerve, you might have an ache in the lower back or no symptoms at all.
Pressing on a nerve, you could have ache, numbness, or weakness in the region of your body to which the nerve travels.
With herniation in the reduced (lumbar) back, sciatica camera may develop. Sciatica is discomfort that travels by way of the buttock and down a leg to the ankle or foot since of strain on the sciatic nerve. Low back ache may possibly accompany the leg discomfort.
With herniation in the upper portion of the lumbar spine, close to the ends of the lowest ribs, you may have ache in the front of the thigh.
With herniation in the neck (cervical spine), you could have pain or numbness in the shoulders, arms, or chest.

Leg soreness brought on by a herniated disc:

Normally takes place in only one particular leg.
Might begin all of a sudden or progressively.
May possibly be continuous or may come and go (intermittent).
Might get worse (“shooting ache”) when sneezing, coughing, or straining to pass stools.
Could be aggravated by sitting, prolonged standing, and bending or twisting movements.
May be relieved by strolling, lying down, and other positions that relax the spine and lessen stress on the damaged disc.

Nerve-connected signs induced by a herniated disc consist of:

Tingling (“pins-and-needles” sensation) or numbness in one particular leg that can commence in the buttock or behind the knee and lengthen to the thigh, ankle, or foot.
Weakness in specific muscle groups in one particular or the two legs.
Soreness in the front of the thigh.
Weakness in both legs and the loss of bladder and/or bowel management, which are signs of a certain and significant variety of nerve root compression called cauda equina syndrome. This is a rare but critical problem, and a particular person with these signs and symptoms must see a medical doctor immediately.

Other symptoms of a herniated disc contain severe deep muscle soreness and muscle spasms.

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how do u know if u displaced a hernia disc?

January 2nd, 2014 1 comment

Question by Nouvo: how do u know if u displaced a hernia disc?

i was in the swimming pool and i was stretching actually hard and now my back is a aching not like a lot of harm just a little discomfort have i displaced a hernia disc?

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Reply by Peaches
You would not have slipped a disc by “stretching genuinely challenging.” You also would have a good deal of soreness, not just a “small discomfort.” Also, slipped (herniated) discs lead to symptoms this kind of as: discomfort down the back of every single leg numbness, tingling, weakness, or ache in the buttocks, back, legs, feet, or all of these, numbness and tingling about the anus or genitals soreness with motion, straining, coughing, or carrying out leg raises and difficulty controlling bowel movements or bladder function.

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Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain Disc Muscle Spasm Dr. Joseph Bogart Parkland FL Chiropractor

September 14th, 2013 25 comments

Simple and effective ways to reduce lower back pain for anyone with lower back pain. Please use with caution and have an examination by a chiropractor or phy…

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Degenerative Disc Disease Herniated Disc Low Back Pain: How TMW Got Over It!

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Q&A: i have a herniated cervical disc and am currently taking physical remedy can i opt to have the surgical procedure if im?

December 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Query by hendrix j: i have a herniated cervical disc and am at present taking physical treatment can i opt to have the surgical treatment if im?

on employees comp, my dr doesnt seem to really care about my opinion, but the physical treatment isn t actually operating

Finest response:

Answer by mistify
Initial, if you are not possessing good benefits with physical treatment, seek an additional approach to physical therapy…just like medicine there are numerous approaches to physical remedy and if you are not obtaining very good final results with one particular supplier, you might have exceptional benefits with one more. If you are not seeing 1 presently, I would advise you see a physical therapist who is credentialed in mechanical diagnosis and therapy. (Go to: )

At the extremely least, an MDT trained therapist can generally inform inside the initial couple visits if this dilemma is reducible.

Factors that lend it self to a excellent prognosis are:

one. Symptoms that are intermittent
2. Signs that do not go past the elbow
three. The ache “centralizes” on the initial check out
four. Adherence to the house exercise plan and posture correction
five. You do not smoke
6. You have an internal locus of control.

Conversely, people who will not do properly with physical remedy include:
one. People with signs and symptoms that are consistent and radiate to the hand at all times with no any second of relief even with rest
2. People whose symptoms commenced instentaneously and went to the hand quickly
3. You have an external locus of manage (meaning you feel issues come about TO you rather than you affecting your very own destiny)
four. Your injury is accompanied by neurological weakness
five. You smoke

…not that individuals who have these items are unable to get far better…it can be just that the possibilities are lessened.

It actually is greatest to avoid surgical treatment if possible as prolonged expression persistent soreness is virtually always related with surgical procedure. Therefore, you medical professional isn’t going to recommend surgical procedure unless it is completely needed and very properly may possibly refuse to carry out surgical treatment on you if you are not a very good candidate.

Surgical treatment CAN be successful, but has to be accomplished for the correct motives…not just because you request it.

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Low back pain, disc problems, causes and treatment-Everything You Need to Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

September 10th, 2012 21 comments

low back pain, DISC.CAUSES and treatment. This animation Educational video describing a general overview of low back causes and treatment methods.risk factors, sports related low, lower back pain such as in golf, golfing and horseback riding. close cauda equina, infection si, sacro iliac joint pain, tumors and fractures. lowback pain without sciatica gets better with time and a short period of rest. exercises massage yoga stretches work out rehab and pthysiotherapy a useful role brace, corset and epidural and other injection are helpful but short lived,. This video was created by the University of Toledo orthopedic surgeon