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Is it typical for a individual that gets to be disabled to also turn out to be swift tempered/mean to people they really like?

July 26th, 2013 8 comments

Question by sattice: Is it common for a person that gets disabled to also grow to be quick tempered/mean to those they love?

Somebody that has just lately turn into disabled-is now really rapid to anger and bossy/imply to family members. Why is this and what can we do to assist?

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Answer by PlainJane
dealing with a disability can make a particular person angry at himself or at the circumstance simply because of the modifications to their existence. if they are no longer able to be independent, they can knowledge feelings of depression & reduced self esteem. the alter in mindset to loved ones members can be their way of acting out due to the disability. if it is attainable, touch base with the medical doctor concerned and tell him/her about the character adjustments you are seeing. also, if there is a support group for their certain disability, assist may possibly be found there, also.

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Are you legally disabled in the State of New York if?

May 26th, 2013 1 comment

Question by Revenge: Are you legally disabled in the State of New York if?

Are you legally disabled in the State of New York if you have an eating disorder?
Can you gather disability and why?
If people in bodily pain are not able to show that they are hurting and as a result cannot get disability even with MRIs and Xrays to show injuries thus leading to ache why could (if so) a depressed or anorexic and or bulimic get disability if they can not see or show their “ache”?
I agree, except to me it is pathetic much more than unhappy.

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Response by Sans Deity
They would have to demonstrate to a psychiatrist/psychologist that their eating disorder is so undesirable that it prevents them from consuming.

I call BS.

It’s so unhappy that there are folks with eating issues. There are men and women who are starving to death in this world or are so sick they can not hold meals down and but you have weak willed men and women who starve themselves or throw up their foods intentionally.

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