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Stomach difficulties – please help?

February 2nd, 2014 5 comments

Question by Persephone’s Charm: Stomach difficulties – please help?

I’ve been obtaining a whole lot of discomfort in my abdomen because yesterday. It has been like this. First of all, I truly feel hungry, but I never feel like eating, even bread toast. Whatever I consume soon goes sour in my abdomen, and i begin burping quickly after, and the sour taste gives me a nauseous feeling. The nausea has been there continuously considering that the discomfort commenced. I truly feel extremely tired and thirsty and I have fever as properly. Although I am taking medicines for it, the nausea and discomfort doesn’t look to go away. What ought to I do to truly feel a tiny greater?

Best solution:

Reply by Kirs10
It sounds like you need to have to consider a trip the see your medical professional.

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do i have back difficulties cuz my massive boobs or epadural?

May 1st, 2013 4 comments

Query by Hailey M: do i have back issues cuz my huge boobs or epadural?

my lower back is killing me i hate it? is there anything i can do to get rid of it or atleast calm it down?

Ideal response:

Reply by LaTrice B
I had back difficulties for years simply because of my breast, I ended up acquiring a breast reduction, but nonetheless has ache every single now and then. I both take ibuprofen or a muscle relaxer prescribed by my medical professional. Your ache may possibly be triggered by your breast, but considering that you had an epidural you may want to talk about your worries with a medical professional to be certain.

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Can a person support me with an problem relating to legal difficulties over a auto accident?

June 7th, 2012 3 comments

Question by sportsfan24: Can a person help me with an problem relating to legal difficulties more than a auto accident?


–I am in my vehicle driving and I have a friend with me. I’m waiting at a red light and out of nowhere comes a vehicle that rear ends me. I go outdoors to talk to the driver, but he runs away ON FOOT. Anyways, I call the cops and so forth. they compose a police report of the accident and my pal complains of “back discomfort” so I take him to the ER (just like he stated) and he turns out to be fine just that his muscle tissue were pulled.

Anyways, my insurance coverage company (state farm) is covering all of the healthcare costs, they give the passenger $ 2,500 to use on health care associated troubles. My good friend goes to the Chiropractor to get a lot more “therapy carried out” and the bill will exceed $ 2,500 that my insurance coverage firm has stated to supply him (they told him prior to he went to the Chiropractor btw).

Anyways, now he’s complaining that he requirements much more money, and that he’s going to fight with my insurance business. On the other hand, the guy who is responsible for the whole accident has a crappy insurance coverage policy, not to mention he claims that his car was “stolen”, when he by no means filed a police report prior to the accident stating that his automobile was stolen(my primary suspicion is that he was drunk at the time of the accident, that is why he ran on foot). Anyways, my insurance organization informed me pal that he has to either pay by way of his well being-care, or he has to fight with the other guys insurance organization if he needs his health-related bills paid. My major concern is, am I liable to spend his health care expenses even however I was not at fault for the accident? Or would he have to sue either my insurance company or the other guy’s insurance organization for his health care expenses to be paid off?
REPLY: I live in Texas, so does strict liability still count in the direction of me?

So you guys are all agreeing that it really is NOT my liability to shell out for his health-related expenses (if my insurance organization doesn’t) ? Due to the fact the accident itself wasn’t my fault, and my insurance firm provided anything they could. I AM Completely INSURED BTW.

Best solution:

Solution by Charlie79
You are not liable, you legally have no responsibility toward the passenger (since you have been entirely insured).

The passenger will have to either battle your insurance compay, the driver at faults ins. co., or his personalized ins. firm..or just shell out the health-related bills himself.

You are 3rd party.

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Extreme back difficulties, please support!?

March 30th, 2012 Comments off

Question by : Extreme back troubles, please support!?

My dad has Actually negative back troubles and I have asked a question like this earlier, but they’re genuinely negative, to the point in which he cant stroll, and has to go to bed because of how considerably pain he is in. He is only in his early 50s even though. He says people back “remedies” this kind of as patches will not support, he may well go to surgical treatment because it has been truly bad recently and he doesnt know what to do.

It really is because of a damaged disc or some thing…IDK as well a lot about this subject but his medical professional said it was. It is mainly when he is standing up, and it is in his decrease back. My mom is going on holiday this week and he is taking a week off of operate to stay with property, I dont actually know why but he desires to do even more housework…so anyway I need some speedy things that may hold off the ache until my mom gets back in a couple of weeks, when he would be ready to have the surgical procedure. Also he is going to be property by himself and what occurs if he cant move or cant get himself into bed, I truly assume he must get some a lot more aid. But he refuses so any ideas from earlier experiences.?

Very best solution:

Answer by Cherokee Billie
it really is extremely challenging to get a parent to listen to you. They nevertheless assume that they know much more than you do. So you do have a battle on your hands. He needs to be resting instead of undertaking more housework. Do not know how you’re going to quit him when he’s determined. Wearing a back assistance would support particularly doing operate. These can be picked up at any drug keep.

I suggest he have an examination by chiropractor to see if there’s a thing they can do to support them before he goes for surgical treatment. Also acupuncture can be of excellent aid for back issues.

Also the following will aid:
Take a hot bath with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts. Soak for 30 minutes. The Epsom salts will help get rid of the lactic acid that types on the muscles from more than exertion.

Massage an analgesic cream into the sore muscles.

Dehydration can result in severe ache in the muscles. I advise you drink purified water mixed with Mineral Water 50/50. This will change the minerals that are exiting your physique constantly. You must drink past your thirst to get the positive aspects of hydration and the true important is the Mineral Water.

I suggest that adults and youngsters drink 40 ounces of water per one hundred pounds of entire body excess weight every day. Realize that physical exercise, ambient temperature, and state of health have an effect on the water needs of your physique.

500mg of calcium and magnesium, taken twice everyday, can aid with diminishing the discomfort.

Advil liqui capsules operate very quickly on ache. Take them 4 instances everyday.

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