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does anybody no anything at all about detoxing from oxycotin?

October 21st, 2013 1 comment

Question by Emily D: does anyone no something about detoxing from oxycotin?

ive been off of oxycotin for alittle longer than a month….does anyone know if component of the detox is genuinely sore joints? my legs are killing me adequate to be limping its greater then it was a month in the past but even now rather undesirable. if someone is aware of please let me no.

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Reply by painfredoc
If you’re detoxing ‘cold turkey’, the discomfort you took it for may possibly return as the drug ‘leaves’ you. If you are currently being helped by a professional, inform them & they can support ease it an additional way.

You can get assist at your city-county Health Dept.
If you happen to be beneath 18, it could be a dilemma for you with no parental permission in creating.

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