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Ive completed 2 pregnancy tests at my GP and 2 house pts, theyve all come back damaging but im nonetheless not sure?

December 7th, 2013 2 comments

Question by Sally: Ive completed 2 pregnancy tests at my GP and two property pts, theyve all come back negative but im nevertheless not sure?

The very first one particular i took was at my physicians but that was only one week following unprotected sex and i know pregnancy wouldnt display that early. I did 2 home pregnancy exams two weeks after unproteced sex but they have been the two also unfavorable. Its been three weeks and a couple days following UPS so i did one more check at the doctors yesterday and that also came back unfavorable. During the 2nd week following UPS i had early pregnancy signs and symptoms such as the “a single sided soreness”, lots of headaches throughout tbe day, feeling exhausted and cramping in my uterus. I havent had these signs and symptoms for a week now apart from headaches and feeling EXHAUSTED. Do these four negatives completely rule out pregnancy? or is it truly nonetheless as well early to get a constructive? the tests i did we’re the urine samples not a blood check. Im stressing in excess of it and i just want to know for certain if i am or not so i can get it from my head! My physician said yesterday that it’d be far better to do a blood check but then made a decision i should just do a urine sample, urhhh

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Response by Taylor
There”s a likelihood that you could be pregnant, it just all depends on if you’ve missed your period.. Most likey, with house pregnancy tests, they won’t show optimistic right up until right after a missed time period. Good luck!

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Q&A: Update On My Damaging HPT & Blood Test-High Amounts Of Prolactin?

August 12th, 2012 Comments off

Query by Nana: Update On My Damaging HPT & Blood Test-Large Levels Of Prolactin?

Right after the quite a few preg symptoms and the adverse exams. They scheduled me for an US for “Decrease Abdominal Discomfort”. They found a very small ovarian cyst. So small that they are not even going to be concerned about it or do something to it, it will go away on its very own, they stated. Even tho it was not a “Pregnancy Ultrasound” that they ordered, I’m assuming if a fetus was in there, they would’ve noticed it.

They have ran so several other tests to discover out the reason for my signs or symptoms & each test came back typical. Except my Prolactin ranges are incredibly higher. They explained that Prolatin amounts generally goes up when you’re pregnant or when you have a brain tumor. And considering that the preg exams have been neg, they have scheduled me for an MRI.

I will preserve you posted.

The symptoms came in this order (given that nov 18th),
menstrual like cramps
extreme saliva
metallic/sour taste
improved apetite
freq “lemon colour” urination (somedays)
achy agonizing breasts (for 3 weeks)
stomach growls, even when i just
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Answer by require a miracle
nana no that does not imply that they would have noticed the fetus trigger they wernt seeking for it. If they ordered an ultrasound to see the baby then yes they would look for it. And also what if the baby is in your back or one thing or hiding if the brain tumor is adverse you have your reply. Then you will just have to keep the faith sweetie and waite for your infant to be born.

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