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i am 1 one/two wks post ovulation and have had only symp of reduce abd cramping (for the last wk) could i be preg?

January 23rd, 2014 1 comment

Query by lucky # 27: i am 1 1/2 wks post ovulation and have had only symp of lower abd cramping (for the final wk) could i be preg?

i lately had two surgeries for a tubal pregnancy about two-1/2 months ago, had a regular time period the 1st month, three days of spotting followed by truly poor, hefty, and unpleasant period the 2nd month (it felt like a miscarriage) and am now striving to get pregnant… the issue is that i am 1 one/2 wks publish ovulation and have had only signs of reduced stomach cramping (for the last wk). i guess you could say i have the other symptoms of fatigue and occ constipation/gasoline/nausea, but the cramping is the only “new” symptom for me…. it would seem to be lasting longer than my typical “ovulation pains”. what do you believe, could i be pregnant? i heard that soon after a d&c, obtaining pregnant is a great deal less complicated…

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Solution by dm kiss
Go to the hospital ASAP!!! Good luck

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I am 11 weeks pregnant and cramping?

January 4th, 2014 Comments off

Query by TexasAngel: I am 11 weeks pregnant and cramping?

Is it normal to nonetheless be cramping at eleven weeks? I’m not bleeding or anything every thing else is regular.

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Solution by Kathy
yes it really is standard. The uterus is stretching and growing, so ‘growing pains” are normal. As long as you do not have any urinary tract infection signs, that can make the uterus cramp. That would be ache when you pee, urgency (not frequency, that is typical in pregnancy). As extended as no bleeding and hopefully you have witnessed a well being child on ultrasound, then no worries.

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Is cramping standard in early pregnancy?

November 5th, 2013 1 comment

Query by carolina: Is cramping typical in early pregnancy?

I am receiving cramps… They come and go… Is this a pregnancy symptom? Aside from all the other symptoms I have.

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Response by Jessica
Yes its normal,will not fear. Only fear if you’re bleeding. Congrats and great luck!

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Q&A: Does ovulation arise the day you knowledge ovulation kind cramping?

April 2nd, 2013 1 comment

Query by Chrissy: Does ovulation arise the day you encounter ovulation sort cramping?

On the 21st, cycle day 13 of my 27 day cycle, I experienced sharp, crampy pains in my lower left abdomen, and slight reduced back achiness, but mainly the ache in the decrease left abdomen.
would ovulation have occurred this day?

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Reply by eleven:28
It really is feasible… but I wouldn’t go by that alone. Have you been charting cervical mucous and temps? Also have you attempted ovulation prediction kits?

Very good luck and Baby dust!

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Q&A: It is Typical to have unbearable cramping a day or two following ovulation?

February 21st, 2013 2 comments

Query by Jacks: It is Standard to have unbearable cramping a day or two soon after ovulation?

I feel I ovulated two days in the past but today I have the most terrible cramps, virtually like time period cramps. Is this noraml or is there something incorrect?

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Reply by Kris
I am getting the very same troubles and we had intercourse 2 days in the past and yet again last evening….and today i am really crampy….i posted some thing also so possibly we can swap answers we get.

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Q&A: discomfort & “bubbly” feeling & cramping underneath proper ribcage?

March 25th, 2012 Comments off

Query by : pain & “bubbly” feeling & cramping under right ribcage?

For the final 3 months or so, Off & on, I have been having discomfort in my upper appropriate quad appropriate under my ribcage & cramping in my upper abdomen. The cramping is so poor at occasions, that I cant even stand up straight with no it doubling me over. The discomfort sometime would seem to radiate to my shoulder. In the final week or so, I have been feeling a gurgling bubbly feeling in the identical spot. Has anybody ever had anything like this? Anyone have any tips what it might be? I went to the ER last week because the pain got sooo unbearable but they genuinely didn’t have any answers, all they did was an xray & blood operate. They informed me they thought I was constipated & gave me some mag citrate to drink & the complete following day, I didnt get far from the toilet & was going pretty much all day. But if that was the problem, would it be back already so soon?? Thanks for the aid!

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Reply by Massive Deal Maker
See your Medical doctor in the morning. Sounds like it could be serious. Be confident to drink plenty of water.

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