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Q&A: What would take place if you woke up in the course of surgical procedure?

July 29th, 2013 3 comments

Query by Mortymight: What would happen if you woke up throughout surgical procedure?

I want to know what they’d do, and what YOU’D do.

Very best answer:

Reply by rwinnie2
they would give you added anaesthetic to place you back to rest

and anaesthetic also has the impact of wiping your memory so you would not remember

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Dehydration in the course of pregnancy creating reduced abdominal discomfort???

April 22nd, 2012 6 comments

Question by Panda: Dehydration during pregnancy creating decrease abdominal discomfort???

I am 21 weeks pregnant. Earlyer I went to the ER, with extreme abdominal discomfort (felt like time period cramps). I was hooked to fetal moniters, provided an exam to see if I had dialated, and a urine sample was taken.

The babys heart beat was fine, I had not dialated. All of these tests have been performed by a RN, she also informed me that my urine was “best”. There was no OB physician in the hospital, and the RN paged the medical professional for more instrucitons. After three pages and 1 cellphone call, the medical professional had not called back. Ultimately, the doc named, the nurse came back in, and informed me that the doc mentioned I was “Probably dehydrated, causing my abdominal ache” also to “go home and rest, and no intercourse.”

So, my question is, if my urine was “perfect” how could a diagnosis of dehydration be given? I have seasoned cramping throughout my pregnancy, and none of the other spells have come close to this a single. I say this because I felt that a thing was really wrong.

Any ideas? Ever heard of this?

Finest reply:

Solution by JPO
dehydration isn’t measured in your urine, only by symptoms. dehydration causes uterine contractions which causes cramping. you should drink a lot more water!

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Back and Bladder Pains In the course of Pregnancy?

January 22nd, 2012 1 comment

Question by I♡Kαү∂εη™: Back and Bladder Pains In the course of Pregnancy?

I am at present 11 weeks pregnant, have had an ultrasound and heard the heart beat (two seperate visits). My doc mentioned my infant is increasing quite effectively and I have had no infections, everything appears wonderful so far.

Properly 1st, I dont feel excellent.. I know they say the child grows twice its dimension from week 11 to 14. Nicely my hips sense like someone is pulling them apart. I continually experience strain in my hips and it spreads to my back. Is this some thing that ought to be talked about to my doc? I currently asked her about it and she just explained “ya thats excellent, their developing pains.” But they look kinda painful for just being increasing pains.. Has anybody skilled some thing like this? Could it be a bad point?

My other question is, it hurts to hold me pee in for too extended. Like, in the middle of the evening I dont know I have to pee and by the time I wake up my bladder hurts. It doesnt harm during just just before I pee when its full. Does any person else have this?

Thanks for your assist girls! XoXo

Very best solution:

Answer by Natalie
Yes, my bladder would experience and nevertheless feels sore if I hold in my pee, particularly during the night. I do not assume its nothing at all to worry about. I believe you ought to constantly mention everything to your doc just to get some peace of thoughts. I had a great deal of growing pains in the beginning, specifically on my side and they truly Really hurt so never fear significantly about it.

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Q&A: Anybody else get up in the middle of the night to eat in the course of pregnancy?

October 8th, 2011 7 comments

Question by Eliese: Any person else get up in the middle of the night to eat during pregnancy?

I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and just lately I have had Strong hunger “pains” in the middle of the night (generally amongst 130 and 230 am) and I just have to get up and eat some thing usually a bowl of cereal. I am then satisfied and go back to rest. Am I the only one particular out there performing this odd behaviour?? My husband thinks it really is hilarious. I’m not obese at all, I just want to eat in the middle of the night! Anybody else out there like me??

Greatest answer:

Answer by ASHLEE M
well then I am funny as well cuz i do that too i did it before i was preg and now its just worse but thankfully I am not obese either

great luck ash…

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