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I am twenty years old and my bones hurt. Could it be expanding pains?

March 18th, 2014 6 comments

Question by allhaildeann: I am twenty years old and my bones harm. Could it be developing pains?

For the past couple weeks, I maintain getting random pains in my legs, arms, chest, ribs, and shoulders, and it just feels like the bones harm. It really is not the joints but just like the bones. Nowadays I have had them specifically badly. They typically only final a couple of minutes but today it really is lasted virtually all day. I have been a vegetarian for 8 many years, even though I do drink tons of milk and eat a lot of dairy, but I never know if it could have some thing to do with that.
Anyway, do you believe I could still be expanding/encountering growing pains at twenty many years previous? I am a woman by the way. If not what else could it be?

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Reply by LovinEcon
No, def not growing pains females create prior to males and males generally completely produce height-sensible close to 18-19.

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Could this indicate I am pregnant if I am four weeks late and ovulating?

March 6th, 2014 6 comments

Query by annom2: Could this mean I’m pregnant if I’m 4 weeks late and ovulating?

My time period was due about 4 weeks ago, when i was anticipated to have my period, i had cramping and spotting and i thought i was beginning, but then nothing. i waited to see if i’d start off the following week, then the following week and absolutely nothing. the initial week in april was when i was scheduled to ovulate, and i am. my dr. informed me that you ovulate about a week soon after your period so does this indicate i skipped my time period? ive taken about four preg. exams because i have skipped my period and they have all came up damaging. i took a single yesterday and it was negative. we have been trying to get preg. for about six-7 months now, so im acquiring extremely hopefull, if anyone could aid me out with some advise, i would Tremendously value it!! THANK YOU!!!

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Solution by junebud8
I feel you have to wait a bit longer before the test shows positive, if you are pregnant. I would wait just a small longer, and check once more.

Excellent Luck

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Q&A: Leg Soreness..Not confident what it could be?

March 4th, 2014 1 comment

Query by Jessica S: Leg Pain..Not positive what it could be?

I know request my doctor and I will, I just genuinely do not like the physicians at all. But just curious, has any person ever had a numbness feeling in their leg? And occasionally like a quick sharp soreness, its happening about as soon as or twice a day..its tough to clarify I guess… Just not sure what could be causing this..I googled it and received nothing.. thanks
Yes specifically it often feels like one thing is crawling on it or it will truly feel quite cold… occurs when standing mainly.

Very best answer:

Solution by Gretchen Anne
Could be neuropathy, a herniated disc, Sciatic nerve…Attempt the WebMD’s symptom checker.

Sciatica- What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of sciatica consist of ache that commences in your back or buttocks and moves down your leg and could move into your foot. Weakness, tingling, or numbness in the leg could also arise.

* Sitting, standing for a long time, and movements that lead to the spine to flex (this kind of as knee-to-chest exercise routines) may make signs and symptoms worse.
* Strolling, lying down, and movements that lengthen the spine (this kind of as shoulder lifts) might alleviate signs and symptoms.

How is sciatica diagnosed?

Sciatica is diagnosed with a medical historical past and physical examination. Your medical doctor will request you concerns about your signs. And your doctor may possibly be capable to tell just by asking you these questions that you have sciatica, but X-rays and tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are at times done to help discover the trigger of the sciatica.

Leg discomfort induced by a herniated disc:

* Normally takes place in only one leg.
* Could start off abruptly or progressively.
* May possibly be continual or may possibly come and go (intermittent).
* May get worse (“shooting ache”) when sneezing, coughing, or straining to pass stools.
* May possibly be aggravated by sitting, prolonged standing, and bending or twisting movements.
* Might be relieved by strolling, lying down, and other positions that unwind the spine and lessen stress on the damaged disc.

Nerve-associated signs induced by a herniated disc incorporate:

* Tingling (“pins-and-needles” sensation) or numbness in 1 leg that can begin in the buttock or behind the knee and lengthen to the thigh, ankle, or foot.
* Weakness in specific muscles in a single or each legs.
* Soreness in the front of the thigh.
* Weakness in the two legs and the reduction of bladder and/or bowel manage, which are symptoms of a distinct and severe kind of nerve root compression referred to as cauda equina syndrome. This is a rare but severe difficulty, and a person with these signs and symptoms ought to see a medical professional quickly.

Other symptoms of a herniated disc incorporate significant deep muscle discomfort and muscle spasms.

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what could be the cause why i have a discomfort on the left side of my stomach button?

March 3rd, 2014 1 comment

Query by chelseaaa92: what could be the cause why i have a pain on the left side of my belly button?

its been hurting for a prolonged time maybe like six months? it hurts on and off.
i looked up on the internet what it could be and the only issue i have located is a hernia.
i already had one removed in the middle of my abdomen.. wouldnt they no if i had an additional 1?

Very best solution:

Answer by Izzie
It can be some thing like stomach gasoline. It truly is easy but hurts like hell.

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If this planet is the greatest that God could do, than I feel justified in saying that God is an idiot…?

January 31st, 2014 5 comments

Query by The Canine Abides: If this planet is the very best that God could do, than I truly feel justified in saying that God is an idiot…?

Anyone who says otherwise has no compassion for the struggling masses.

…nuff said.

What does that make you believe about me?

Best reply:

Response by Ev
“And do not tell me God works in mysterious approaches,” Yossarian continued, hurtling on more than her objection. “There’s absolutely nothing so mysterious about it. He is not doing work at all. He’s taking part in. Or else, He’s forgotten all about us. Which is the type of God you individuals talk about – a nation bumpkin, a clumsy, bungling, brainless, conceited, uncouth hayseed. Excellent God, how significantly reverence can you have for a supreme getting who finds it essential to contain this kind of phenomena as phlegm and tooth decay in His divine technique of creation? What in the globe was working by means of that warped, evil, scatological mind of His when he robbed previous folks of their energy to control their bowel movements? Why in the world did He ever develop soreness?”

“Discomfort?” Lieutenant Schiesskopf’s wife pounced upon the word victoriously. “Pain is a useful symptom. Pain is a warning to us about bodily dangers.”

“And who developed the dangers?” Yossarian demanded, He laughed caustically. “Oh, He was really becoming charitable to us when He gave us soreness! Why could not He have utilized a doorbell as an alternative to notify us, or a single of His celestial choirs? Or a technique of blue-and-red neon tubes correct in the middle of each and every person’s forehead? Any jukebox producer really worth his salt could have done that. Why could not He?”

“Folks would certainly look silly walking all around with red neon tubes in the middle of their foreheads.”

“They undoubtedly look beautiful now writhing in agony or stupefied with morphine, do not they? What a colossal, immortal blunderer! When you contemplate the opportunity and power he had to actually do a work, and then look at the stupid ugly little mess He manufactured of it rather, His sheer incompetence is practically staggering. It is evident. He never met a payroll. Why, no self-respecting businessman would retain the services of a bungler like Him as even a shipping clerk!”

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i went to the emergency room the other day and they told me i could have endometriosis?

January 29th, 2014 3 comments

Question by Ashley: i went to the emergency room the other day and they told me i could have endometriosis?

does anyone have it and what are your signs and symptoms? i preserve taking vicodins like crazy and ibuprofin but the pain isn’t going away. by the way im not taking them at the same time

Greatest answer:

Answer by iluvmycatsanddogs99
I had endometrial cancer, was operated on in August. Please go to your OB/GYN

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