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Sharp pain in my correct ovary?

February 21st, 2014 7 comments

Query by BabyHopes TTC #one has given up…: Sharp pain in my appropriate ovary?

Hey, right now is CD 25 for me… For the previous week my boobs have been killing me… They dont harm ALL the time, but most the time they are just dull and achy, then often they harm so poor I just want to cry. But now for the last few days I have had a genuinely sharp pain in my right ovary. Often it feels like its in the middle, but it hurts the worse on my appropriate side. And I suggest, it really hurts. Not like PMS cramps, just a shooting discomfort. I have been so exhausted recently too. And nowadays when I went to the bathroom (sorry TMI) there was a ton of EWCM. I am on my 1st round of clomid and the clomid entirely “dried me up” so this is the 1st time I have had any CM.

Are all of these side results from the Clomid? Could I have gotten pregnant presently? Or is it possible I’m just now ovulating on CD 25?

Thanks girls!! I really need to have all the answers I can get! I went to the physician for bloodwork final Friday to see if I ovulated, but they havent acquired back to me but! 🙁

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Reply by sheesh youre all nuts
sounds like pms

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I am receiving shotting pains down my jaw near my chin, correct on the bone what could it be?

December 29th, 2013 5 comments

Question by Feline Friend: I’m getting shotting pains down my jaw near my chin, appropriate on the bone what could it be?

It’s creating me feel fairly sick

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Solution by CjSm
too a lot of bj’s

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Appendix, in which can you feel the pains in addition to the lower correct side of your abdomen?

October 25th, 2013 1 comment

Question by Cal: Appendix, exactly where can you truly feel the pains in addition to the lower appropriate side of your abdomen?

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Answer by Hal Lancer
Appendicitis pain may possibly commence close to the stomach button, but quickly moves to the decrease correct quadrant of the abdomen. To support greater find the tiny organ, put 1 finger in the stomach button and 1 finger on the hip bone that protrudes in front on the appropriate. Two-thirds of the way across between the stomach button and that hip bone is exactly where the appendix is discovered. A check MDs will typically complete in an ER to distinguish whether or not stomach ache may possibly be appendicitis is to push down on that spot very firmly. If the discomfort increases sharply especially when the pressure is launched (“rebound ache”), that is a constructive discovering for feasible appendicitis, and if the signs and symptoms and background match, suspicion for appendicitis will enhance.

Note that in some obese men and women or 3rd-trimester pregnant females, the appendix might get pushed a few inches away from that spot. But if you happen to be asking, Can appendicitis soreness be upper appropriate or nicely above on the left side?, generally not, specifically in a individual of reasonably normal excess weight.

By far most people with stomach ache do not have appendicitis. One thing else is incorrect. Left-side discomfort is frequently stomach difficulties. Moving ache (1 day right here, an additional day there, the up coming day someplace else yet again) is typically persistent constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome. Upper proper soreness in front is often gallbladder problems. But there are a lot of possible triggers of abdominal ache, just as there are many attainable brings about of headache, so you really want to get examined by a medical doctor to get these things pinned down.

An additional consideration that guidelines out several worries about appendicitis is to note that it is practically usually an acute, short-term problem. If this ache has been persisting constantly or off-and-on for a couple of weeks or longer, it is not not possible but is unlikely to be appendicitis, due to the fact odds are that the patient would have currently had to go to the hospital some time ago. Appendicitis typically builds rapidly and comes to a head with a journey to an ER within a four or 5 days of starting and frequently significantly less than that.

Wishing you very good luck and good wellness.

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My Female Pal who is 16 Is hurting in her reduce Correct Back (Erector Spinae) Whats Wrong?

May 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Query by Ejay4G: My Female Good friend who is 16 Is hurting in her decrease Appropriate Back (Erector Spinae) Whats Wrong?

She tells me it feels like muscle spasms happen in the region, I needed to know whats wrong with her and would there be anyway to get rid of the problem . If you Do not know what and Erector Spinae Is, Search it up on google.

Ideal response:

Reply by Ellie P
Let us solution one particular question for confident, the “erector spinae” are the muscle groups that start off at the reduced back and operate there way up the spine and their perform is the extend the spine (bens backwards) as well as offering counter stability to the abs. They are one of your “core” muscle tissue.
As far as your friend’s pain, it could be a muscle spasm, but it could be many other things as effectively. Normally,with a muscular difficulty, there is both a distinct damage or you rest wrong, and so on. Some thing is accomplished to result in the muscle to contract abnormally, but there are other factors in the decrease right back.
It could be a kidney difficulty, ache from a UTI or bladder infection, even from menstrual problems. Sometimes, a dilemma in one component of the entire body has “referred soreness” in a fully other portion of the physique. If you have a spleen dilemma, it can lead to your left shoulder to be painful?!?!
Get a small much more info from your friend as far as was there an injury? Any fever or chills? Any pain while urinating? What makes it worse/greater? In the imply time, she could try ice if the discomfort is much less that 72 hrs outdated, or heat if longer. She can also, if there’s no issue, consider advil or aleve, but make confident there is no purpose for her not to.

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I have had a hysterectomy in 2005, no likelihood im pregnant, but I have nausea and mid line correct side discomfort?

September 5th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Missymae: I have had a hysterectomy in 2005, no likelihood im pregnant, but I have nausea and mid line appropriate side discomfort?

I had my gallbladder eliminated when i was twelve due to an infection I had in it. Above the final week-ish.. I have felt nauseated very frequently, like when your pregnant. When I wake up, when I am standing at the kitchen sick doing dishes anytime. I have attempted OTC antacid meds. It doesn’t support. These bouts come and go. Then yesterday, I was nauseated for 100% of the day. I actually had the ” I do not really feel good feeling.” I have a boring achy feeling about mid-line right side, and in my back identical region. this “pain” feels like someone is poking me and wont move their finger. I would say it is even with my bellybutton. It becomes much more noticeable when I am up moving. It bugs me a small more then standard. I also had very watery diarrhea. that was fairly continual yesterday. Nowadays it isn’t so bad, but the dull ache is still there. Today I have a headache that is not becoming relieved by tylenol. I will phone dr tomorrow, just don’t honestly have the one hundred.00 for urgent care today, when I have dealt with most of these signs and symptoms for a week. Any Concepts as to what it could be? Thank you all

I googled appendicitis, but the pain is not excruciating. its just boring and achey

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Reply by Bobby D
If you’ve had the signs for a week, then it is certainly not appendicitis, cos you’d be dead by now.
Have you been to a physician?

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Q&A: Neck pains, c3 pulls to the correct, how to fix?

August 17th, 2012 Comments off

Query by : Neck pains, c3 pulls to the proper, how to repair?

My C3 pulls to the proper and causes me continuous headaches and pains. I have been to chiropractors and when they adjust it, it feels better for a number of months, but then goes back to being poor. None of their other “treatment options” do anything at all for me. I do neck stretches and my husband massages it each and every evening, but it doesn’t seem to support. Just before spending far more money on an adjustment that is only temporary, I was questioning if any individual has any suggestions for a long phrase fix?
I tried utilizing the mouse on my laptop or computer with my left hand for a couple of weeks, but it didn’t make any difference. I have altered the height of seats, and so on at operate, so I just need a way to preserve the proper spinal position.

Best response:

Response by Ellie
If the adjustment lasts a few months, that is fantastic! My muscle energy strategy adjustments in physical treatment last about two days, but that is because I am hypermobile and have a prevalance to spinal and joint discomfort/subluxation. The cause the adjustments don’t final is since you aren’t complementing the changes with workout to strengthen your neck muscle tissues. I would ask your doctor to prescribe some physical therapy ONLY with a therapist specializing in spinal ache/weakness. It requires operate, but this is the only way that C-3 is going to thoughts its manners and keep in place. Also, if you can get a physical therapist that performs muscle power technique (http://www.spine-overall or craniosacral massage ( I’ve discovered that for persistent joint/vertebral subluxation or misalignment, these two methods are significantly a lot more productive than chiropractic remedy, are much less agonizing and work even much better when supplemented with exercises!

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