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Finger get COLD, BREATHING slows down, exhausted, chest pain…?

March 21st, 2014 Comments off

Question by allie182: Finger get COLD, BREATHING slows down, exhausted, chest pain…?

Does anyone know what this cold be? Occasionally it occurs to me in which breathing becomes tough/some “dry”-feeling chest ache, and my extremities lack circulation (cold or numb) and I turn out to be lethargic. I would describe it as breathing-associated but I am out of ideas as to what it could be. All 3 symptoms take place at after and it lasts up to an hour.

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Solution by Angie
You require to see a medical doctor. It may possibly be practically nothing… it might be heart issues. No a single here can inform you… only a doc can. Do not place it off. If you go to a hospital and you say “chest discomfort”, they will deal with you extremely nicely, because chest discomfort is critical.

Call your doc and see him as quickly as you can!

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Can having a cold case your ear to get sore.?

September 15th, 2013 1 comment

Query by Leslie: Can having a cold case your ear to get sore.?

I have had a cold for a handful of weeks and a cough that I havn’t been capable to get rid of for practically 7 weeks now we have tried every medicine but its not doing work. And now my ears are hurting but I can nevertheless hear but id ike to hear alittle bit much better. My checked my ears,and stated there is no ear wax in there… She thinks it may well be an ear acke so how do I go about acquiring rid of it ?

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Response by Travis

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Q&A: Is it feasible my toes hurt simply because of the cold weather?

August 11th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Chad: Is it possible my toes harm due to the fact of the cold weather?

For the previous number of days I have had this small discomfort in my toes, and i’m questioning if it’s since of the cold climate. Does any person else knowledge this?
Any insight would be appreciated.

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Solution by izzy
A single result in might be chilblains, but you would most likely have a lot more signs than discomfort. They include i burning and itching and a modify of skin colour. In some instances, the skin may possibly turn out to be sore and blister.

To avoid them hold your feet warm, no tight socks, warm your socks and footwear before putting them on.

Stiff joints can be agonizing…
“Many folks complain of soreness shortly before or as the climate turns into great and humid. These circumstances could lead to joint membranes to broaden as air strain drops, triggering swelling all around the joints due to elevated strain on the fluids that lubricate them, which can spark ache.”

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