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Im 14 and I am possessing reasonably poor chest pains but only close to my heart.?

December 8th, 2013 1 comment

Question by Camden: Im 14 and I’m having relatively undesirable chest pains but only close to my heart.?

I’ve had chest pains for about 6 months now but they are acquiring worse. I want to know what is incorrect but my mom says “Oh do not be a little one, it truly is only growth pains”. Occasionally I even get them on the appropriate side of my neck.

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Response by ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›
and you are coming right here for support? must you not be calling a doc? or your mommy?

oh wait your mommy is a sad sad mother or father. she should be reported!

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I’ve been depressed for close to half a decade.?

July 29th, 2012 4 comments

Question by Travis: I’ve been depressed for close to half a decade.?

Very first of all I am a 21 yr old Caucasian male, now that that is settled allow me proceed… Fundamentally I have been feeling relatively down lately “for the last year or so” for many reasons. I would have to say regret would summarize the primary reason for me feeling completely shot mentally, and no longer caring about he world close to me, I am treating existence like it truly is a waiting room generally?

I was raised in a decrease-middle class loved ones, I had NO opportunities for school due to lack of funds “my parent’s forced me to shell out half of the rent/utilities which was nonetheless more affordable than residing alone, trust me I checked every single chance that popped up” one more cause was that I was a fairly stupid teenager and obtained into all sorts of difficulty, not to rebel… or peer strain but simply because I MYSELF Loved it for some odd explanation, it felt primal and genuine I guess you could say?

1 of the large hits on my mental well-getting was when my initial Actual girlfriend moved across the country at the age of 16 “I had been with her because 13 if that aids you recognize the significance of it all… I critically cherished her and we had been certainly meant to be but fate ruined it, ever given that then I have dated in excess of a dozen ladies that were similar/various but I could not do it, in reality I haven’t even been capable to kiss an additional man or woman since my very first girlfriend since it makes me burst into tears. I even tried to discover her on the web a month ago and ended up locating her staying happily married and had provided birth to a at the moment 1yr old son. I feel satisfied for her but I could not bring myself to message her since I want her to neglect me so she can live with no regret.

Anyways back to the story… a number of months after she left “I was even now 16 at the time” I truly feel into Serious depression, I would shoplift pills from merchants each other day to get substantial and consider to erase the ache “I had no friends at that time to talk to and my loved ones was beneath the pressure of divorce due to my fathers heavy drug use at the time. One day I had adequate so I took the entire bottle of some potent ones and downed it with whiskey..I nearly died, in reality I was in a coma for more than 3 months from what I’ve been advised and I even missed my birthday, I can bear in mind practically nothing from throughout it and I have regained most of my memory from prior to… also my liver was in a horrible state, I still feel harsh chest pains about two or 3 times a day that drop me to my knees which remind me of my previous, the soreness is bearable but the recollections it surfaces are not,

Another difficulty is that I truly feel as even though I am no longer relevant in basic, I lost ALL of my buddies, I ended up obtaining my GED due to getting kicked out of school. I was always told that I was instead intelligent but I personally think they stated that to help my wavering self-esteem so it truly is moot stage. And moving on… properly as you have read over I was in Higher College for the duration of the Initial wave of the complete “emo” motion and I grew fond of the hardcore punk songs genre of which is even now true to this day. I have discovered many of the bands I cherished back then have broken-up/disbanded my favourite staying From Autumn To Ashes.

I just feel like I have lived a wasted existence, I have yet to even progress a single chapter in terms of accomplishment, in terms of despair I have written an whole series of Novels. Yes I know you will mention that it is not as well late for me and that I am nonetheless youthful, but I truly feel as although my soul has aged decades and I no longer have any willpower left, I have talked to several therapists and have taken several capsules “of which I could barely even afford” as properly nevertheless nothing at all functions. Even if I did somehow deal with to snap out of it on a random occurrence I would not know wherever to commence.

I have no formal education, I have the energy of an 80yr old brain trauma victim, I have random spurts of madness from repressed feelings that have a tendency to seem on a weekly basis, I can’t control to hold a conversation going do to continuous zoning out and narcolepsy like signs and symptoms that make men and women wonder if I am even on this planet. I do on the other hand posses decent etiquette and am great at conversations throughout the time that I am really not fully zoned out which is a double edged sword certainly….

In truth whilst I was typing this I had begun two hrs ago and just can not control to stay fully with-it. I am guessing that this is brought on by me when being in a comatose state but who knows, perhaps I just developed it following losing all hope?

I wouldn’t say that I am presently suicidal and I have not been for close to a yr now but I certainly wouldn’t care if I did die, I feel indifferent either way. Also I have been offered many references to religion for assist from strangers and doctors alike, possibly since I appear really poor, nearly like the strolling dead, my skin is in terrible form, I am afraid to ev
-even look in the mirror, and my eyes are horribly discolored and bloodshot, it even hurts to open them. Anyways is there any LOGICAL way to at least regain my happiness, I know I have no hope from social stimuli but can I at least be at peace?

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Answer by kitty in the sink
This is a sad story, and 1 that points to medical depression, but I cannot locate a question right here.


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HBK passed it to Y2J, Jericho is coming close to Retirement, at WM 27: Jericho ought to pass it to John Morrison?

December 27th, 2011 6 comments

Question by The Animalistic-Viper LP23: HBK passed it to Y2J, Jericho is coming close to Retirement, at WM 27: Jericho really should pass it to John Morrison?

About Royal Rumble time, Morrison wins the Royal Rumble at #one. John Morrison challenges WWE Champion Chris Jericho in a “Ladder Match” at WrestleMania XXVII.
Jericho tells Morrison, he desires to make Historical past & Pass the Torch to him if he wins at WM. Jericho tells Morrison, HBK pass the Torch to him, and He’ll Pass the Torch to Morrison. He tells Morrison he can see him primary the WWE into a New Era. Note that Jericho is Face. Jericho then tells Morrison, if you don’t defeat me, then you failed. Which signifies, he can’t pass the torch from HBK, to him to Morrison. Morrison tells Jericho he’s prepared to make Background & Second.

At WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta, Georgia, As the match gets into a conclusion Morrison reverese Jericho’s “Codebreaker” & Hits his “Nitro Blast” (Sweet Chin Music) & Goes on best of the Ladder and hits “Starship Discomfort” and gets back up and grabs the WWE Championship. Also in the course of the match Morrison landed on Jericho with a Beautuiful Moonsault onto the annoucers table. Morrison’s Dream came accurate, and he is in the Middle of the Ring, on his knees crying, looking up in the sky. Then he goes on the ropes and does his pose holding up the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho tells Morrison the torch has been past and get ready to lead the WWE, Morrison smiles and shakes Jericho’s Hand. The crowd goes wild and Morrison gets his WrestleMania Moment. Jim Ross on commentary say’s it looks like Morrison’s Boy Hood Dream Came Accurate. Morrison goes backstage celebrating content and see’s HBK, and provides him a Handshake. Morrison is New WWE Champion. Micheals tells Morrison he’s see’s a Youthful Him inside of Morrison, Morrison tells Micheals, he’s the Greatest Ever and desires to have a Match with him. Micheals says possibly, but Morrison say’s this is the Biggest Moment in my Profession and I will cherish it until the finish. WrestleMania XXVII, New WWE Champion John Morrison.
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Solution by Shaddy Haze

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Ought to I do something about my back injury (its my close friends fault)?

December 13th, 2011 1 comment

Question by : Ought to I do one thing about my back injury (its my close friends fault)?

Commonly, I am not a single to blame. Even so, I was at my close friends last night who understands that I have bad back discomfort. She was with one more girl who I didnt even know and I was kinda like the third wheel (in friendship terms) simply because they were playing xbox and I was just attempting to go to sleep because they had been playing for like three hours. Anyways. I wasn’t asleep when they have been done playing, but they thought I was due to the fact I had my eyes closed. They started by slapping my face, pinching me, ect. It wasn’t that undesirable, and I pretended to be asleep due to the fact if they knew I was awake it would only get worse. So anyways then my friend sits on my back and hits it really hard. To her it produced a “funny noise” So she kept hitting me. I told her “Dude I have terrible back discomfort!” But she just kept doing it realizing I was awake. I feel like my friend is in fact a little messed up since she’s pushed me over a stairwell, and slapped my fingers in a door on function, but not my back really hurts. I have troubles with my back and my knees and I feel like I actually injured it since each and every time she pressed down my pack cracked even much more. I just don’t know what I should do? Should I tell my mom? She often over reacts about this stuff but I experience like I want to go to the medical doctor. Is there any workout routines that will aid with my discomfort? And what must I do about my friend? Btw, Im 13 and a girl.

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Answer by Douglas B
Your back pains and problems are induced by pinched back muscles and you can get rid of individuals problems by freeing up your back muscles and here’s how to totally free them up:
(do from a sitting position)
Location your left hand on your left leg following to your entire body. Location your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers above the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds gradually lower your physique forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm relatively straight as you do. When you attain your lap stay there for an additional 10 seconds, release the strain but rest there for yet another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your correct side.
For best results unwind your entire body 1st by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

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does “heart discomfort” that moves close to deal with heart attack?

October 8th, 2011 Comments off

Query by Kris: does “heart discomfort” that moves all around deal with heart attack?

I have had for a number of days a discomfort in the middle of my chest occasionally down my back and it type of moves about. It was poor one particular day and is nowjust much more of an annoyance. Is there a possibility this offers with my heart? There are no other problems and no higher. Blood pressure.

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Answer by aziz
it sounds like non cardiac chest pain.

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