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What is causing my lower back pain?

September 28th, 2013 7 comments In this video, Dr. Woolner shares the most common causes of low back pain . Video Rating: 4/5

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Could heart disease be causing the intense discomfort in my throat in the morning?

February 29th, 2012 4 comments

Question by hector: Could heart disease be creating the intense discomfort in my throat in the morning?

I was a pack-and-1/2 a day smoker for a decade. I quit in Aug. ’05. I’m 31yo, I’ve been carrying out cardio physical exercise for months now. I noticed circulation probs that have turn out to be less severe considering that I quit smoking, but my arms nevertheless go to sleep very easily although in bed. I also really feel brief of breath often, when laying down & on the treadmill. The worst symptom is an intense “ache” or empty feeling (fairly difficult to describe) emanating from my throat in the early mornings after I urinate, it keeps me from going back to sleep. I think “angina” describes this ache, but it really is in the throat–not the chest. I utilized to believe this was a withdrawl symptom from nicotine. I used to get it back when I was a smoker it would go away with my 1st morning cigarette. But as I weened myself off nicotine, first with nicorette gum, then cold turkey since Dec ’05, the pains have gotten worse and occasionally persist into early afternoon, not each and every day but at least numerous days/week. I also rarely get satisfying rest.

Very best solution:

Answer by Pyro
It is attainable that these “pains” are withdrawl signs, but if they’ve been going on for as long as you’ve stated, it may possibly be best if you see a physician and ask him/her.
I hope every little thing operates out for you and you are in very good well being.
take care and blessed be ye path.

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What to do for a bulging disk causing discomfort?

October 13th, 2011 4 comments

Question by Yaya: What to do for a bulging disk causing discomfort?

So, I am Genuinely frustrated proper now. I have had several x-rays, medical professional visits, and chiropractic visits to come across out the trigger of an extreme hip and lower back pain (most severe when I am lying down). The x-rays showed absolutely nothing. I just had an MRI and my Basic physician informed me I have a bulging disk, but it is not pushing on any nerves and so it really should not result in pain. He informed me to “Exercising” and that would be the greatest remedy. When I told him the discomfort is so fierce I can hardly stroll or rest at times he didn’t assume a lot of it and responded with a basic, “I don’t know then.” I am seeing a chiropractor that is very variety and genuinely is trying to help me. He has not witnessed the MRI but, but he has advised staying off my feet and laying on my back for up to 2 weeks with ice on my back. I am so confused, getting two distinct opinions from two different medical doctors. My G.D. recommend I see a physiotherapist to work with my muscles (he thinks its a muscle difficulty . . . I do not).
I am just wondering if anyone has seasoned something similar to this and what they eventually ended up performing. I am tired of my medical doctors! Any tips are significantly appreciated! Thank you!
The discomfort IS unbearable. I can hardly walk. My medical doctor did give me a “Handicapped” parking sign, which is nice. I walk with a quite stiff limp, due to the fact my hips feel quite weak and as so they will give out at any second. When I went in for the MRI (yesterday) I was crying . . . the pain was so bad . . . and I’m not one to cry! Thank you for the advice anyway. I will appear into Physical Treatment.

Best answer:

Answer by deviousone_98
If your insurance makes it possible for it, I advise seeing a neurologist. It really is not right when doctor’s inform you that you “shouldn’t be in pain” – because that’s actually also clear. Truth is, though, that you are in discomfort. Just maintain attempting to locate a doctor that will support you to get relief. I would start off with a neurologist, though. Be sure to take your MRI with you.

If worse comes to worse, please go to the hospital if it gets that undesirable.

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